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1:45 PM on 12.17.2010

The 2010 Lame of the Year Award!

So many gaming shows and sites have been preparing their list of the 2010 Game of the Year award. Now this is considered a tradition by many gamers, but I got to thinking, what about the absolute bottom of the pit, the worst games of 2010? So here we are now, the new Lame of the Year Awards! This is where we take the biggest disappointments and just plain terrible games of the year and see which one conquers all! Now I know that many may disagree with this list, so what you can do is post your Lame of the Year in the comments and I will add it to the list, or if you feel one game should be removed from the list, I'll remove it. Once all that is done, we will have a final vote for the 2010 Lame of the Year! So, here are the first 5 Lame of the Year contestants!

Number 1: Final Fantasy XIII

How could anyone make a Lame of the Year award for 2010 without this game? It seems to be a love/hate relationship with many gamers, but still, this game left a bad taste in many peoples mouths after a few minutes of playtime. Including a certain someone in the Destructiod website. Either way, inb4 "inb4 shitstorm" comments.

Number 2: Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

Not only did we lose so much potential with this squeal, we also got terrible graphics, vomit inducing cameras, bland as cardboard characters, and 4 hours of gameplay! Truly we were blessed by such a masterpiece of a game.

Number 3: Vanquish

Many people will disagree, I can tell, but remember, these are the worst games and also biggest disappointments of 2010, and by god was this disappointing. Some fun can still be had with this game, but very few will fin the effort required to reach it.

Number 4: Alpha Protocol

Man, did this game just tease you. You can tell that it could have been a fantastic game. It could have been the new Mass Effect. It couldn't have had 10,000 glitches and terrible load times and graphics. It could have been a game that felt finished, but instead, we got this:

Number 5: Fable 3


So that's the first list for the 2010 Lame of the Year awards. Not what you wanted? Post it in the comments and I'll change it for you!   read

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