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TheBrent's blog

3:02 PM on 01.23.2009

Oh Nintendo, Where Art Thou?


A strange chemical gas has engulfed Nintendo HQ. Suddenly and unexpectedly, the higher ups rush to their
meeting room. The gas seems to have everyone within the room teeming with excitement as all of them have
an amazing idea at the tip of their tongues. A strange feeling of awesomness has entered their 8-bit souls.

"Let's make a 2D side-scrolling game for WiiWare!!" One man cries out.

"That's what I was just about to say!" A female voice shrieks from behind.

"We could even do it starring our most beloved characters! Like.... Mario... and Link!!"


Is some crazy-ass scene like the above going to have to happen for Nintendo to jump at the possibilities of
making NEW Mario, Zelda, etc. games in the vain of what was done with Megaman? I mean c'mon now. How
awesome would it be to have good old-fashioned sequels of Super Mario Bros. and whatnot in pure
orgasmic, beautiful 2D?

For one I am sure the fans would LOVE the idea and for two I am positive money will be made. Or maybe I
myself have been hit by the crazy 2D loving swamp gas and am on a lonely road? Anyone else agree that
making new 2D games of our favorites would be amazing? Hell, I'd take a remake with some extra goodies.

Make it happen!!

/end story

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