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TheBorbes 's blog
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Good morning,

I'm Bob Forbes, or if you're having a moment of stupidity in your grade nine science class and write those two names together, I'm Borbes. I've decided to start up a Destructoid blog simply because I want a space to write about games on an impulse. If I think of something while playing Halo 3 or Rock Band, I'll probably post it here. If anyone ever makes a program that will let us decode our Brawl replays, you better believe Youtube and Destructoid will see'em.

So, not much more to know about me. I'm 23 years old, hail from Toronto on the sunny beaches of Canada. I currently write for the Science and Technology section of The Excalibur, The York University Community Newspaper. Pretty fancy stuff. I also had a large hand in during the summer, though I no longer contribute for the site. Since my newspaper articles are often restricted by space, they tend to be shorter than I'd like, so you might expect to see some full-length stuff here.

Thanks for reading.

Bee Tee Double You

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Mario Kart DS: 390942 761642
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