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TheBongDonkey's blog

5:20 PM on 07.03.2007

Being Politically Correct in Video Games = Teh Sauce

Ok, i know this is my first blog, but i have had severe headaches from all the rules for Naming characters, places, even yourSELF in the video game world.
This all starts with one of my most hated Foes, MLGPro.
HOE K, they recently, at the start of the new season of their Pro Circuit YAE! ROCK ON *gouges out eyes* had issued naming rules for participants that wished to give money away to uber Halo addicts and private airplanes for the owner of the company. The problem arises when u actually look at what their naming policy states, as well as their sponsorships policy states; but thats a whole different ball game.
Totally makes gaming fun when you can not create names like, "hahaIrapedYou" or "Poontastic" and things so on the edge as "HolyBells" and yes, that is offensive to blizzard, some how, so DONT DO IT, haha.
Seeing as any name that might some how offend some human being somewhere on the planet who will most likely never hear about BXRs or Master Chief, will not be allowable, there new policy goes as follows:
Acceptable Characters in gamer-tag

Acceptable Languages for gamer-tag

Acceptable, oh forget it u understand

Simplified, you shouldnt bother making a name or u could b in trouble
Even my tag, BongDonkey, which has NO STREET SLANG definition or inplies illegal activities, is not allowed any longer
as well as others, like Poon, which is a actual name of a type of TREE!!!! But it is street slang, so yea, its a no go.

But does this madness end with a company owned by a guy named SunDance? hell no!!!!
Blizzard is as much a villian as anyone else, with their nameing rules which do not allow for any possible racism, or sexism, or being a normal human -ism, as well as not allowing any charecter they have copyright of, or face the WRATH of typing in a new name, repeatedly, because your new name, wont be allowed either.
Celebrities are saved from embarresment though, seeing as you can not use their likeness as your chars name ( and yet Haris Pilton and her dawg Tinkerbell walk around a bar in Shattrath and she is called a socialite )
Naughty Naughty!

My biggest problems are with these 2 companies, that while they support mocking people, and helping the world grow obese and lazy, they are on a righteous mission to wipe out the ability to be someone you are not in a virtual setting because that is not right, to get away from the world you live in to have some fun being something else, thats just preposterous!!!!! Also please note that blizzard has made an attempt at getting people to go outside with their "Its ok to bring your friends to Azeroth, but also go outside of with them as well" helpful hint on loading screens so they may held unaccountable for someone playing the game for four days straight then standing up and having a heart attack cuz he read that and decided to go outside. "If you aren't ganna play our game and have fun else where, YOU SHALL PAY!"

as a side note, if your name makes no sense, you also must rename yourself, so AKLHAHGALF is not allowed. This is great for any non chinese farmers because there is no way to dechiper the farmers from the normal players until they roll need on everything.

Please let me know of any other games that make u have no control over the name you use because there is a possibility that some one some where will see it and file a law suit, so i can go point and laugh and then scream and shoot a Sleepy Willy pet in the big dumb eye it has.   read

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