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TheBigFeel avatar 4:09 AM on 09.02.2009  (server time)
Building the Brutal Legend Bus: The Middle [photoblog]

Meet the build team. From left to right: Luke, Sean (me), Christine, and Andrew. Tea parties are hardcore.
But you aren't interested in molten tea, you've been wondering how the build is coming. Are you ready for more?

We used a CNC mill to cut shapes our of foam for our body mold. We're cutting it out in two inch thick pieces, but they should all line up perfectly because we modeled them in the computer beforehand.

Pyew pyew pyew.

All the pieces are cut out and ready to be glued together. This seems like a good time for a test drive... in my mind. Yes, I'm making my own racing sound effects here. Vroooomm... skrrrtch!

After gluing the pieces into one solid unit, we use filler to close any gaps that are left between the pieces and sand everything to a relative smoothness.

While we we sanding at the shop, this happened. Metal.

It's primetime, baby! The polyester resin that we are going to use for the fiberglass body will erode the polystyrene foam, so we need a thick protective layer. Remember, when you are dealing with the pink, always protect your junk.. or you junk might melt off.

While the primer is drying, we take it outside and test our fancy new ackerman steering (where the inside wheel turns tighter than the outside wheel). What? you want video?

We've made pretty extensive use of this CNC mill. But there's a lot of sanding involved. The Tour of Destruction just wouldn't be complete without its signature pipes, which need to be smooooooooth.

The pipes need to be primed before glassing. I can't wait to see these things when they're reflective!

Now we cut the fiberglass fabric to the sizes we need for the body. This shit is itchy as hell.

But we look like mad scientists when using it, so who cares? Here we're mixing the resin and its catalyst together.

We've got about 15 minutes before the resin hardens to the point that we can't work it into the fibers anymore, so we lay the glass on quickly.

We dab the fabric a lot to mash out the bubbles and seams that occur.

For our last layer, we dye the resin red. We thought maybe this will help as a base coat. We were wrong; it's all getting sanded off anyway.

Removing the body from the mold is a very delicate process.

Sand. Sand. Sand. Grind. Sand. Sand. Gotta get it smooth!

Checking it out on the frame. Everything fits nicely, but will be even better once we cut out the hole for the fenders.

We really need to get our brakes tuned to stop this thing from thirty miles per hour within a couple dozen feet. Protip: always wear a helmet. That reminds me! I have more lasing to do!

Fuck. Yes.

Who's got Doublefine's back? The fans, and the publisher that didn't try to stop the metal. This is going in as the seat back.

Want more? We're posting pictures (nearly) daily on our facebook page

This has all been a freakin' ton of fun. We've got a lot to do before the Los Angeles race on September 26th, but we're as excited as you to see this thing complete! What kind of video game racer would you build if you were to enter the race next year? You should, because I'm sure your ideas will kick ass.

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