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A Belated Introductory Blog

Well. This is a bit awkward. Might as well just get things rolling. Hi there, I'm TheAngriestCarp. I know that this is probably a pretty inopportune time to be posting a c-blog introducing myself, but after reading Hosse...


About TheAngriestCarpone of us since 4:09 PM on 04.10.2013

Hey there, stranger! I'm TheAngriestCarp. I'm a gamer, art hobbyist, and frequenter of Destructoid. When I'm not slowing draining my intelligence on the internet I'm out and about outside, be it hiking, biking, camping, or kayaking.

Please excuse the empty nature of my profile page. I'm currently getting it up to spec and I plan on possibly starting to write some blogs.

Primary Methods of Gaming:

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