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TheAngriestCarp's blog

22 hours ago - 1:35 PM on 10.05.2015

Goddammit, Brett! It's a pictograph, not a hieroglyph. Learn to archaeology, dammit! [IMG][/IMG]


2:48 PM on 10.04.2015

Being an asshole, watching this Star Citizen debacle unfold and seeing Cloud Imperium's meltdown about the whole ordeal is incredibly entertaining. Even if the allegations ARE false, CI's official statement comes off as wonderfully bitter and petty.


7:49 AM on 10.04.2015

I took a homeopathic shower this morning. I used extra water.


2:55 PM on 10.02.2015

Apparently the Elder Beings of the gaming world decided now was the best time to update six of my games on Steam. So that's fun.


12:05 PM on 10.02.2015

Man, I started playing STALKER SoC for the first time in years. Great game. The only problem is that the poorly aged graphics make the game look pretty muddy. Are there any modern-ish graphics mods that don't severely alter gameplay like Complete or AA2?


2:55 PM on 10.01.2015

The Juggalos come. Lock your doors. Hide your children and precious metals.


7:22 PM on 09.30.2015

We all have a Waluigi inside of us, just waiting to come out.


5:57 PM on 09.28.2015

Hoping Fallout 4 isn't as simplified as the trailers make it seem. I guess that's just because they're trying to put a ton of information into a just a few minutes, but I wouldn't put it past Bethesda to oversimplify an RPG series. *cough*Skyrim*cough*


11:14 PM on 09.24.2015

I can't sleep, so I decided to watch an anime a friend recommended. I asked him for more details, he told me to go in blind. This is the most goddamn bizarre shit I have ever seen. Screw you, Patrick. You knew what you were doing.


1:48 PM on 09.24.2015

That will not necessarily stop me from playing the game, but having to grind for characters is a chore, and I'd probably lose interest in it pretty quickly.


1:45 PM on 09.24.2015

Part of me hopes Overwatch will have a Counter Strike-esque pricing model where the base game is $20-40 and cosmetics are microtransactions, but I'm expecting one closer to HotS. eg: Free, but pay hundreds of dollars or grind to unlock all the characters.


1:22 PM on 09.20.2015

What's with this crap all of a sudden? Is anyone else seeing this? [IMG][/IMG]


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