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7:36 PM on 03.18.2010

The End of Vengence. My thoughts on the end of GOW3 (probably spoilers)

Yesterday I beat God of War 3, which I have to say I was very impressed with, but while do like the God of war series I have kind of grown to hate Kratos. I guess maybe because I'm to much of a "boyscout" or something but Kratos anger towards the gods just seem like he just went to far on very thing.Almost kind of like Hitler stubbing his toe on a Jewish made door or something. It just seems to me that he went going to go a little to far and the game made me feel that way though out the game. Rather then feel like most people excited and astonished by how brutally Kratos killed people, I was felt most of the time pretty down about it. A few of the gods to me seemed to feel for them when they died often begging for their lives. Kind of made me feel angry at Kratos, but still the amazement of this story and curiosity of where this would all end made me compelled to see it to the end. Watching him kill people I kind of thought were innocent because they were in his way felt messed up, but in the end I was overall happy with his final actions, and I guess if anyone was going to do what he did, no one could do it as hardcore as Kratos can.   read

9:43 PM on 02.25.2010

Quick Blog: Stop drop and roll

Thankfully I've never had to figure this out in real life, but while playing Army of two the 40th day, my character caught on fire. Freaking out because I didnt know anyway to extinguish but then my kinder garden days hit me and I was like "wait a minute what if I roll?". Sure enough the fire went out. i'm so glad to find that some logical things work in video games. Can anyone else by any chance think of a moment where in a video game a everday thing in life that was never hinted in the video game came up that assisted you in a problem in game?   read

10:15 AM on 12.24.2009

Mass Effect Revisted (What I hope is fixed for 2)

I only went through Mass Effect about one time and kind of actually sped through it because there was so much I wanted to play. At some point in the last year or so I turned into a Bioware fan. Original I wasnt much into Mass Effect or Jade Empire because they felt like Knights of the Old Republic but in China, and in a more Star Trek universe. Anyway I wanted to have a save file for ME2 one where I made better choice in the game and character that is overall a better one. But after playing I saw a lot things that I just can't help grip about which I wouldn't if I hadn't seen IGN's top 25 360 games (Mass Effect was #1). So I built up a list of things that bother me.

#1 The Makko - If they couldn't get rid of it, please just make less areas where I had to use it. First the Makko felt like a tiny Rc car when in suppose to be the size of a tank, I mean I know your in space but because it was so light weight the vehicle felt like it would tumble jump up to much if I hit a hill, it felt almost like a uncotrollable horse or somethig. Aside from that I feel like I play more action in the makko then in fire fights in the game. Thankfully I heard the Makko was gone in this new game which makes me feel like alot of the items on this list will be gone hopefully.

#2 The game often felt unstable when playing, often I felt the game tried to slow me down so the game could try to load the areas a head of me.

#3 Something that lately bothered me was that just kind of as visual is that Shepard and his crew seem to wear backpacks full of weapons. As cool as they are it just bothers me to see Shepard having to wear a shotgun, pistol, sniper rifle, and assault Rifle (especially when I can only even trained for Shotguns and pistols).

#4 Now this is just a on the side wishful thinking type thing but I wish they had a melee weapon in there. I know its all military and having a sword in there would be ridiculous but I really hope to have maybe a tactical knife. I mean it just annoyed when my gun would over heat and they have just enough heath that probably the easiest way to kill him would be to run over to him and hit him over the head with my gun, which kind of just seems awkward.

#5 Please let the weapons accessible to all classes. Let me clarify this I know you can use them all, but my first class I ever picked was Vangaurd (I like shotguns and powers) but at some point in the game I kind of wondered how it felt to have a the assault rifle after trying to fire it at a enemy with the lack of a zoom it became a hopeless cause and I was so far in the game it would be meaningless to start a new game and use different equipment. By that time I had beaten the game I moved on and wasn't even interested in going through the game with a different gun.   read

1:31 PM on 12.06.2009

Castlevania Lords of Shadow (Where is the hype for this?)

Ever since vampires became the big theme of the current time period (True Blood, Daybreakers, Vampires Assistant and of course /sigh Twilight) I have been looking into the Castlevania series. Awhile back I got to try out Symphony of the Night which got me interested in the series. After reading up on the series I bought Order of Ecclesia which turned out to be really fun but pretty hard and hoping to try out out a 3d castlevania game I tried lament of Innocence which turned out to be very disappointing (After spending 20 mins trying to jump on a ledge that had a bad camera angle I quit).

Recently I started looking back into Castlevania after seeing a comic on Ctrl+Alt+Del ( ) i saw a page on Lords of Shadow and immediately thought to myself "Wow, how could I have forgot about this game?". I mean when this trailer was first announced at E3 who could not get excited about it. Lords of Shadow has everything
going for it and could be a major hit (Or atleast it is what its aimed to be).

First off this game has Hideo Kojima working on the game, that alone brings the attention of the thousands of Metal Gear fans. Bringing Kojima into the spotlight as far as I can tell means the story will be filled with complex emotions and filled with awesomeness. I'm sure with Kojima even just producing the title I can guarantee the story couldn't be summarized into a 5 min cutscene. My hope is that he throws in some Metal Gear easter eggs and some old Castlevania stuff aswell.

The voice acting is another astonishment to this title. They went all out to get some amazing talent from Hollywood that even few major titles get. For starters we have Patrick Stewart as for what I can tell as the "Wise man/tour guide" of the game. How awesome can a game get when Professor X is going to narrate the game. Just his 5 seconds in Oblivion was great enough. You also have Jason Isaccs who from what I've seen is a pretty good as well. Isaccs role from what I can guess is the main antagonist (Dracula I can only hope) is just fantastic and from the trailer you can already heard the relationship between his character and the main character.

Now another thing we can see from the trailer is that game takes a lot of influence from Shadow of Collossus and we can't argue with that. How better can you show off awesome graphics and textures of monsters when they stand fifty feet taller then you as you scale up them bashing them with your holy whip. Being like Shadow of the Colossus tells me that the people who are making this game know what we (the mass audience) want, which can make me think they will at least be able to please the mass audience, if they can only insure to keep the fan base happy then they could have a really good game on their hands.

Because of all these factors I've had to figure out why this game has been unheard of since early Spring. From what I can tell it Dante's Inferno probably is part of the reason. Dante's Inferno has the main character going through hell (literally) to resurrect his wife. This plot sounds almost identical to pretty much Lords of Shadow and just about all Castlevania games. So maybe Konami is just holding out on showing the game off till EA throws out there game. After all with all the insane advertising that Electronic arts is doing for the game to try to fight that wouldn't be smart, besides with both games so similar probably both games would be neglected by the mass audience.

Overall I just want to say that this game looks amazing, and I hope anyone who reads this gives a look at it and maybe considers trying it out when it is released or atleast gets you talking.


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