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The White Rose avatar 11:53 AM on 04.14.2012  (server time)
Looking Elsewhere

Today's Let's Take a Look and future week's Let's Take a Look articles will no longer be posted on the Dtoid community blogs, my tumblr, or Moderately Oversized Hats. Worry not though, (or don't celebrate yet), because I will continue writing them, they've just moved! I've been lucky enough to recieve a job writing for the new gaming website, Awesome Out of Ten! Awesome/10's current writers are made up of interns and community members from Destructoid, and aims to deliver reviews that ditch numbers, and features that aren't glorified advertisements! If you enjoyed my weekly series of observations, then you'll be able to find them on Awesome/10 before you know it! Due to publishing times, I don't know if I'll be staying on my Saturday schedule, or maybe moving it to another day, so if you don't see my newest one on there this week, keep your eyes open for it next week!

While it is a great opportunity to work with some of Destructoid's great writers on this promising new venture, I just wanted to thank the wonderful and supportive community of Destructoid! Your guys' wonderful comments and words of encouragement have given me the drive needed to continue posting week after week, and to work on improving both my writing and game design skills. Despite my moving my articles, you'll all still be able to find me hanging around Destructoid, normally in the Outer Heaven chat, but I will do my best to continue reading and commenting on all of the fine articles present in the community blogs! I've also applied to a Destructoid internship, so with any luck, you may even see me writing another series or feature for Destructoid!

Once again, thank you guys for your continous support and uplifting comments, don't be afraid to be a visit me over on A/10, I'd love to see you guys over there too! Always remember, everything can be made better by simply taking, a closer look.

Special Thanks:
Arttemis, for his constant lengthy and intelligent discussions tangental to my articles.
Elsa, for her continued support and cheery comments.
Knutaf, for helping me realise I was in dire need of an editor.
The C-Blogs Recap Team: For the honor of having Let's Take a Look promoted to topsauce for six weeks in a row! Seriously, thanks guys!
The Destructoid Interns-A/10 Writers: For having me on your site and support!
Everyone Else- For reading!

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