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The Silent Protagonist avatar 9:11 PM on 04.08.2012  (server time)
Sparkles, rainbows, lollipops and a whole ton of breasts... er... QUESTIONS!

Do you find Juliet Starling's portrayal to to be sexist?
Have you ever played No More Heroes?
Have you ever played Shadows of the Damned?
Do you even know who Suda 51 is?
Did you swear up and down that you'd buy his games if they came to PS3 or 360?
Did you you swear your dollars if you got his games in a coat of HD frosting?
Did you not turn out for Shadows of the Damned and skip No More Heroes Paradise?
What if I told you Ubi Soft hardly promoted No More Heroes?
What if I told you EA didn't bother to market Shadows of the Damned at all?
What if I told you Warner Bros. as shown more faith in Lollipop Chainsaw than either of those games?
What if that's a good thing?

What if I told you that No More Heroes and Shadows of the Damned were layered with sex appeal?
What if I told you their protagonists were male stereotypes as much as the women?
What if I told you that Travis Touchdown is an otaku loser than becomes the best assassin ever?
What if I told you his motives were more about getting laid than getting revenge?

What if I told you Garcia Hotspur was a Mexican badass demon hunter?
What if I told you he was really passionate about his girlfriend, Paula?
What if I told you he had a demon sidekick named Johnson and the game was layered in dick jokes?

What if I told you No More Heroes on the Wii sold more copies than PS3 and 360 versions?
What if I told you Shadows of the Damned didn't sell more than 24k between 360 and PS3?
Don't Suda's games deserve better, all things considered?

Is it really surprising that Juliet Starling is sexualized given how Suda's other games are?
Is it really worth being offended by it?
Do you really want to be the gamer that complains about a stereotype in an iconoclastic role?
How often would she be replaced by a male character in other games?
Wouldn't that be expected?
And would a member of the high school football team be better?
Would a "strong woman" really be that interesting instead?
For men: could it be that Juliet's girlishness take you out of your comfort zone?
Are you scared to play a girl character?
For women: do you harbor resentment because she embodies the pretty popular girl you never were?
Follow-up; Do you think teenage girls are really going to compare their bodies to Juliet's?
Isn't Juliet just a charming spoof of everything women hate anyway?
How seriously can you take a girl with a talking decapitated head for a boyfriend?

Why are people being so serious about a cheerleader that kills zombies with a chainsaw?
Did they miss the sparkles and rainbows coming out of zombies as they die?
Or that Juliet goes to a school named after a zombie movie director?
Isn't this really just a game spoofing movies and games the writers and directors loved growing up?
Why so serious, gamers?

So many questions...

Lollipop Chainsaw is a Suda 51 game that finally has a shot at beating the odds that were stacked against Suda's previous games. Ubi Soft and EA put very little marketing into his previous efforts, but the promotion for this game has been amazing when you look at the gameplay videos and behind-the-scenes footage. its a shame people would take issue with this game's promotion. They clearly don't get the joke.

The game is more parody than anything else. Most people that walk into a Gamestop and see this game seem to get it and thing its awesome, yet every now and then there's someone that misses the parody and gets angry.

Parody isn't meant to glamorize, but to mock social conventions. If we put a "strong woman" or bookish shy girl in as the lead, Juliet would never have the opportunity to defy her stereotype in hilarious ways. She's gaming's Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a world where zombie games are a dime a dozens and women fawn over movies about romances with vampires in high school. It pays tribute to classic B-movies while openly mocking what's popular or acceptable.

In other words, despite all the glittery rainbows and perky breasts, its punk gaming. Maybe more Green Day than Suda's games usually are, but still punk. If you get angry about Juliet, you basically lose.

Between this and Mass Effect 3, I'm starting to question if gamers ever take a step outside their own medium or things related to it. I'm as guilty of it as anyone, but at 34, I'm old enough to see the references and get the jokes. The people making these games are around my age. I grew up with the stuff they're talking about and referencing.

How is it with the tools we have at our disposal today that people can play all these zombie games and not know who George Romero is? How is it the works of Issac Asimov and Blade Runner can come up in Mass Effect discussions and people new to that never stop to consider checking these things out by way of Hulu, on eBooks or Wikipedia?

I'm starting to think gamers are becoming immensely sheltered or just looking for an excuse to show some righteous indignation.

But you know what? Once the game is out this will all blow over. Once the game is out there and played, people will start to get the jokes that were always there. It happened with Bayonetta, after all. People will stop getting mad for no reason and move on to the things that really offend them - like Dante being given black hair and Sonic having green eyes.

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