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I've been into games since I was able to reach the joystick on the Pac-Man arcade cabinet. That was 1982 - ever since that day I knew gaming and I would be bound by fate in some way, shape or form that I've still yet to figure out.

Until then, I've decided to just play games, enjoy them, blog about games and otherwise not shut up about them. Well, I do think about other stuff, I just keep coming back to the whole games thing.

Metroid is probably still my all-time favorite series. Its the one I keep coming back to year after year despite which version it might be. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime 2 are my favorites of the series and I also often enjoy anything Metroid-like. I enjoy the solitude and exploration of such games.

I also enjoy Shin Megami Tensei, Fallout, Deus Ex, The Elder Scrolls - pretty much anything with a lot of solitary exploration and a large world makes me a rather happy camper. To contrast this I usually need some lighter and happier games as well, which could be anything from a Pokemon game to a fashion game. Retro games of most stripes are something I still enjoy. Sometimes you just need that sort of contrast to keep going.

My platforms of choice tend to be handhelds, I'm starting to consider dropping any non-Nintendo console in favor of PC since Sony's IPs don't appeal to me and Halo just ends up on PC at some point anyway. I don't hate Playstation per se, I just hate what its become under the current Sony.

I do keep a PS2 handy to revisit Playstation's glory days. Great console, easily one of the best platforms aside from SNES, DS and Dreamcast.

As for other things about me, I guess we'll find out, won't we?

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I thought I would try something new today - blogging on the go since I just got an iPhone4 and all. Just some thoughts as I wander around work. I often have a problem with being concise when I blog and it starts to cut into other things at home, which is kinda counterproductive since I would like to at least be on New Game+ for Dark Souls when Skyrim and Zelda are out.

So when I have a moment to spare I will pull out my iPhone and draft away in Notes.

Where to start...

Ah, yes the the big three, in the name equality I have a bone to pick with each. Let's begin.

Sony is the only company that can lose a war and pretend like they didn't. Usually we see this in politics, you know, because politicians only ever have good ideas. And if the ideas suck, its never because its bad, it's because you don't understand them well enough. Even though you do and just think it sucks.

That's Sony. It doesn't matter how draconian saving save data from one flash cart to another is or how Sandisk is market leader on flash storage or that iOS 5 has cloud storage now - let us be more backward than Nintendo is about most things while being as frustrating and arrogant as EA.

OK, on to Nintendo.

Well, more like on to Reggie. 

It's almost like Sony except it's just Reggie. Everyone else is working to salvage 3DS or give Wii a nice send off except him, as he sees no issues and does no wrong in his head.

Now, the ship isn't sinking, but if it was he wouldn't be doing ANYTHING about it. He thinks it better to make a good impression with your mom than get around to releasing The Last Story... or anything in the Wii's twilight.

I mean, it's only already in English, how hard can it be?

As for MS (yes, none shall be spared) its all about IPs.

I'll never understand why MS gets a pass on just putting out Halo or Fable or re-animating the corpse of Rare to make some Kinect shit while people rail on Nintendo "milking" their IPs.

Nintendo has a universe of IPs. MS has downsized to two because it would apparently kill them to do a new MechAssault or Crimson Skies. Or anything new.

Sony and Nintendo have tons of IPs, I don't care for most of Sony's outside of the Team Ico stuff, but they at least keep trying.

I'd just like something without a space (SPAAAAACE) marine in it or something that didn't continue a legacy of disappointing RPGS fans. 

Just saying.

Wow, that turned into a rant as I look over what I pieced together. I usually think happy thoughts at work because people are cool here. Its not even that amazing of a job.

But now that that's out of my system I can focus on not dying in Dark Souls tonight after I slap some pics on this.

This was fun, I'll try it again sometime.
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