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The Silent Protagonist avatar 10:25 AM on 11.21.2012  (server time)
Fill your ears w/ win #4: I leveled up!

I leveled up today. Level 35 human, level 30 gaming enthusiast, This means I have to play this song first:

Now I'm going to destroy everything and build my own empire of death, just give me all your magicite (and cake) and no one will get hurt.

I'd write some sort of deep, reflective and retrospective kind of thing, but maybe I'll do that next week. That's too involved for pre-holiday madness (and I have the Black Friday megaboss to deal with, it has lots of HP). Recent gaming events for me have been finishing Halo 4, starting a new Fallout New Vegas campaign, seeing Wreck-It Ralph and picking up Adventure Time for 3DS.

Since I mentioned all that stuff, I guess it wouldn't do if some of it wasn't in today's playlist, eh? Let's get to it!

I'm only passively familiar with Adventure Time, seeing animated gifs of it around and such. I really got the game because WayFoward and Jake Kaufman can do no wrong in my eyes, so it not surprising that even a derivative version of the TV show's theme speaks to the heart of the game. I take this song to mean the Ice King is a real jerk!

I think Fallout New Vegas may be my favorite game of this generation. There are a lot of reasons for it from how well it implements player choice to its setting, stellar casting and the greater balance in gameplay. Then there's the cowboy vibe and soundtrack. I've yet to get around Red Dead Redemption, but this just feels almost like more of a western at times than it does a post-apocalyptic game full of raiders and mutants.

There's a song that encapsulates all the problems you have, from Guy Mitchell, "Heartaches by the number."

WayFoward hit us with two games this week! Aside from Adventure Time there was also the Mighty Switch Force HD update for Wii U. I think I'm a bit more partial to the 3DS version, but its still a great game I look forward to getting when I do get a Wii U. Here's some love you love you love from Andy Kaufman.

When i played Lollipop Chainsaw's arcade level earlier this year, the fact that Buckner and Garcia's "Pac-Man Fever" was included in the game put a huge grin on my face. I had that .45 when I was a kid. When I heard a a mock tribute to Wreck-It Ralph during the credits billed by the same group, I was really happy. Sadly, Garcia was only present in name, as he recently passed away, but I think it says a lot about the folks behind the movie that they wanted this level of detail put into the movie's universe and sound.

Aw, hell, let's throw in that classic fever as well.

While I'm on video game themed songs. Did you know Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff did one? This song is actually about their beatbox guy, Ready Rock C, who is apparently a human video game.

Speaking of beatboxes, before SSX was a like a cold war going downhill apparently Rahzel did some other work with EA Sports games like NBA Live 2000 (You know, back when EA wasn't so chickenshit about competing with the NBA 2k series).

OK, I said I was going to include Halo in here somewhere. Can it be done after veering off-track into hip-hop and beatbox territory?

It can, because this is the internet!

I found a guy, apparently part of TheBeatboxHitmanTwo - who beatboxed to the main theme to Halo: Combat Evolved! This is good because I was initially worried I was getting the Beyonce "Halo" song instead.


We started with Final Fantasy, Jake, Finn and then a country song and wound up here.with beatboxes. This is what happens when I let people into my head. Let's go back to Final Fantasy, but I'll pick something with a beat to it. This happens to be my favorite take on the "Prelude" theme from the series, from Final Fantasy X.


Now back to dungeon grinding out another year. You may send all hi-potions, ethers, ammo and stealth boys into the comment section below.

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