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The Scientist avatar 1:02 PM on 05.15.2008  (server time)
NIN gave us The Slip.

Well, while it isn't that time again ( 2 months ), Nine Inch Nails offers the music gods 'The Slip', a full length studio album for the price of FREE. Yes, Reznor has gone off his knockers and released 2 albums for nothing in a span of 3ish months. In many ways this is a mash up of sounds attributed to his older albums. Oh you thought I was talking about Pretty Hate Machine and The Fragile? Sorry, no I was speaking more about with teeth and Year Zero .

The album starts with a usual instrumental intro that lasts a minute and a half A.E. Hyperpower! , but 999,999 (Yes that's it's name.) makes for a better intro and transition than the former. The next piece 1,000,000 (see what he did there?) makes a subtle transition, yet an aggressive one at the same time and it keeps pace through measures. I swear this man is a walking metronome. The usual static synthesizer sound solos (which are still awesome) make their appearances, though not as prominently as YZ's "solo a minute" route they seemed to take.

Going through Letting You , the next track on the 'album' takes that angst and numbness that the Rez seems to have and elaborates on it a bit more while sounding all the more angry at what he is doing. When I get to Discipline I see a pattern in the beginnings of the songs in how they all start with a percussive beat that permeates throughout the entire song.

The tone seems to settle down in the track as it moves to Echoplex , a "matter of fact" tone that The Great Rezino seems to go with during the piece almost gives off a bit of sarcastic vibe. Kind of just makes me want stop doing everything knowing that whatever I do in life won't really amount to anything. Yeah... this review had it coming anyways. I'm off to smoke some pot and "expand my mind"...

Alright, so I might as well finish this off, Head Down's Lyrics make it sound like someone is getting raped, really. It just sounds so good though! It easily makes my favorite song on the 'album'. Yeah, that's as much explaining as you'll get for that song. You just have to listen to it to understand >_>

Lights in the Sky is basically Something I Could Never Have 2, a dramatic piano ballad about some sentimental stuff. Eerie and chilling to the bone, the notation is as good as Rezzy will get, until he surprises me again. It serves as a masterful intro into the next two songs Corona Radiata and The Four of Us are Dying , both are instrumental and I won't dig into them for the sake of Tl;dr. Just be ready for a cat somewhere between the two.

No really, I'm serious.

Demon Seed finishes off the collection which is free if I haven't told you yet. He gains his angst back after cooling off, seemingly impatient with everyone around him while something, then it just ends. Yes, it just drops off at the note and ceases to exist. Sounds just like NIN to me.

This album is anything short of generic. In the influx of crap, an artist devoted to his fans releases a varied and riveting sound for nothing but a thanks and a bit of help passing it on to others. He only attaches a single comment to the release "thank you for your continued and loyal support over the years - this one's on me". Well that's one less thing I have to buy this year.

Get it from Here

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