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The Scholarly Gamer avatar 3:58 PM on 06.18.2014  (server time)
Jeez Louise Nazis!

Just finished playing Wolfenstein: The New Order recently, and was nothing but fully impressed with the game.  It was an amazing revamp of the series, and a great combination of action, stealth, and Nazi-killing goodness.  

At no point during the game did I hesitate before knifing, shooting, burning, or just generally maiming the various Nazis.  It's an interesting thing, isn't it?  Nazis have arisen again as the major antagonist in a video game, more than 60 years after the fall of the Third Reich, and we still love to kill them in every way possible.  Do you ever hesitate before shooting a Nazi, and wonder if he is just following orders? Probably not. 

How do you feel about killing Nazis some more? Besides zombies, Nazis are the tried and tested villains of the last decade in gaming and are some of the only (human) enemies you can go up against and not feel bad about killing, no matter how brutal it is. (We all know how much fun it is to combine the 2 though, thanks Black Ops!) Can you think of any other enemies that compare?

Repetitive enemies or not, I have to say that it was pretty entertaining to send the Nazis goose-stepping back to the history books in Wolfenstein, maybe the best use of the Nazis in a game in a long time.  What is your favourite game with Nazis? 

The Scholarly Gamer

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