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Working for the Government of Canada, DJing and writing about video games in my spare time.

I also work for Gamework Canada (, bringing competitive gaming tournaments to Canada!

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I am not entirely sure where to start this.  It's been fun writing in a community instead of just for my Facebook friends and Twitter followers, but I have found there to be several issues, at least for me, and I wanted to take the chance to reach out to the community on this. 

The blogging recommendations say to write analytically, add substance, and to provide general insight to provoke thoughtful discussion.  It saddens me that I only see this discourse every once in a while (shout out to bloggers like Elsa who generate amazing discussion) and that more often than not, articles that seem to be getting attention are 2 line failblogs.  

Not complaining by any means, because this has been a great week of writing for me, but it causes me to wonder how/why some troll who intentionally copied the DO NOT BLOG LIKE THIS text as his first post, has received more attention that any of the analytic pieces that I have written.  

I figured I'd try a plethora of different styles too, see what engaged.  Review?  Not too bad, but Dtoid doesn't want reviews from us, they have that covered.  Ok then, short opinion piece posing questions to the community?  Nope, nothing, even with a controversial subject.  Alright, let's go with academic-style analytic paper  to provoke discussion then. Still nothing, and probably the least popular of all of them.

And this isn't just talking about my blog either, I have read others that are generally thought-provoking and very well written, that receive 1 or 2 hearts, and a couple comments.  And then there are others that are extremely poorly written, don't provide any insight or personal reflection, and manage to start "Rising". 

So then my questions are:

1. Are people reading our blogs and just not bothering to comment or like us?
2. How many people are actually checking out the community blogs?  I seem to see the same few names quite often. 
3. What does the community actually want from us to read?  
4. And lastly, will someone please e-punch all these one-line blog trolls in the mouth?

Thanks for reading, just was feeling frustrated and wanted to get my thoughts out to the community on this, maybe get some insight.  This is in no way an attack on other bloggers (except you trolling douchebags) or Dtoid, but general curiosity. 


Edit: Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful responses.  It is very encouraging to see that kind of response and all of your recommendations and insight.  I look forward to blogging with you all. :)

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