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The Rotting Zombie avatar 3:05 PM on 10.04.2008  (server time)
Super Mario RPG - A review by Lord Happyhead

Whew, I've just completed Super Mario RPG, so can finally move on to one of the billion other RPG's I have yet to do.

I had only ever played this via a ROM on my PC before, and had soon given up on it. I had the impression the game was too serious and boring, and I didn't realise it was the first of the Paper Mario style games (obviously the whole paper mario bit doesn't feature in this). But still I got it as soon as it appeared on the Virtual Console. It had been a game I had long been waiting for.

The game is much better than my memories of it. The game is very funny, laugh out loud funny in places, one of my favourite things about the Paper Mario series is it's unique goofy humour. I was pleasently surprised to see a lot of the mechanics which turned up in the Paper Mario games originate here. Things such as the ability to increase attack and increase defence by pressing a button at the right time, sound effects, and some music.

The graphics have dated really badly. I know at the time it would have looked fantastic, but now to me everything just looks so ugly.

The characters are cool, it's great having Bowser on your team, and not having to rescue Princess Toadstool for a change (well you do, but it's not the main plot of the game). I found the magic to be next to useless, only Toadstools healing magic I used, other than that I found it much easier just to attack with my strongest characters. One thing I really liked was that characters not in your party leveled up at the same rate as your main ones. Also if anyone died in battle they would still get all the experiance points come fights end.

I really enjoyed the game, it was cool seeing the origins of the Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi games, the plot was decent, and funny, combat interesting, and was an enjoyable experiance.

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