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The Rotting Zombie avatar 5:48 AM on 10.23.2008  (server time)
Gongora - A Defence (*Lost Odyssey Spoilers*)

Spoilers aplenty probably, so be warned. Gongora is the main bad guy in the fantastic RPG 'Lost Odyssey'. Many many people love the Lost Odyssey game, and many people see the main bad guy Gongora as a weakness on the part of the game. Let me don my geek specs...

Last night I drempt that I was sitting at a table, I was having a debate about Gongora with 2 ex-friends of mine. I wasn't able to get my point across as I was being shouted down. So when I awoke I decided I would get my point across via a blog post.

I will admit Gongora's aim is a stereotypical one, or at least first it seems to be. He is power mad, and wants to be ruler of the world. It is apparant at least to me that he has much better true motives, and that maybe none of it is his fault anyway.

Gongora and a lot of the main characters are all 'aliens' from a different dimension. They were all sent to the world of the game via some type of magic mirror. They were given 1000 years to achieve thier goal (what ever it was), they are immortal, unable to die, and unable to age.

The game takes place at the end of thier 1000 year mission. All the immortals feel the pull of the magic mirror, as the beings from the mirror's world call for the immortals to go back home to where they belong. None of the characters want to go there, not least Gongora, he has a plan to destroy the mirror so that he will never have to leave the world he loves so much.

Part of his plan involves wiping the memories of the other immortals, so that he can carry his plan out unmolested. Sure a part of his reason to destroy the mirror may be so he can be a self proclaimed God and ruler of the game world, but also he is angry at the unrelenting urge to leave the world. What right do the other world have to drag him back home when he is having so much fun? Kaim and the others also have no wish to go back, they all have people they love in the game world. It isn't fair in my opinion that they got to defeat Gongora, but also got to stay where they wanted.

The next part of my defence of the coolness of Gongora is his personality. It is suggested through the game that when the immortals where in thier own world they had no emotions, no form, no personality, nothing. Thier experiances since arriving in the world has shaped them and moulded them into what they become. While Kaim for instance discovered the power of love, Mina discovered the power of wanting to protect her people, Gongora seems to have just become really angry and bitter about everything. It is not his fault, the world made him into this person.

Gongora can't be killed, so Seth drags him into the magic mirror and back to his own world before it explodes. I like to imagine that when they returned they lost everything, that they went back to being formless emotionless beings, and that they were able to report back on thier mission with neutrality.

The world is at fault for making Gongora power hungry, he is not a bad person, so isn't the stereotypical RPG bad guy he's been made out to be. At least thats the points I tried to make in my dream last night.

I will remove my geek specs now.

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