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The Rotting Zombie avatar 11:26 AM on 09.21.2008  (server time)
Genma Onimusha - A Review by Lord Happyhead

I brought a hell of a lot of cheap games lately, so each one I complete I create a new review with my thoughts. I got Genma Onimusha for £2.50 on X-box (was in a 4 games for £10 promotion). I didn't really know much about the game, I knew it was a survival horror game set in fuedal Japan made by Capcom, but that was about it.

The game is quite entertaining. You play as a warrior called Samonsuke who is on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess. The game takes place all in one location - the house and grounds of the Princess's place. Your character has 3 different types of magic he gets - wind, fire and electric magic. This magic is very powerful, and there are many recharge points for it.
The game kinda feels like a lite version of the Devil May Cry games which is good, as I'm absolutly dreadful at those so a slimmed down version was much appreciated! The enemies are quite good, there were a few annoying ones, but mostly they all looked good, and were fun to fight. I also love the soundtrack to this game, excellent.

The static backgrounds are a problem as always in these types of games as it can be hard to see what your attacking, and especially with the bigger enemies I found they would often obscure the screen so that you couldnt tell where you were on it which was very annoying.
Another annoying factor was it was easy to see when an enemy was gonna do an unblockable attack, but near impossible to avoid, a quick back step button would have been useful.
Last thing; the floating Japanese doll has to be one of the god damn most annoying enemies in history! The damn bitch followed me everywhere, and is invincible, gah!

Fun enough, a little bit dated, but still looks good.

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