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The Pax Dtoid Meetup Group says:

Pax East 2011 Preparations, Panels, and Member List

// Submitted @ 3:30 PM on 02.21.2011

Hello again, Dtoid members. We are only a little more than a few weeks before PAX East and it is time to begin preparations. While there are some formal plans in the works, if you have any ideas of places to visit or events to attend in the Boston area, let us know in the comment section and in our Google Group.. Check out the Google Group for any lodging help and up to date info on the meetup group's plans for the weekend and

Also, if you are attending the show, let me know in the comment section below. Please tell me the Dtoid region from where you are traveling from as we begin to prepare the list of Dtoiders who are going.

Also also, Hamza is on Panel on Friday. Check out the panel schedule for more details.


The Pax Dtoid Meetup Group

Those who have come:

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