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The Incredible Edible Egg avatar 6:08 PM on 09.01.2009  (server time)
Weekly Musing: Suck less, Smoke more!

Note: The author does not condone the consumption of illegal substances, masturbating in public, or pedophilia. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you do though, except those pedos. Burn in hell!

Everyone knows that there's a lot of people that have smoked weed in their lives, whether it be legal or otherwise, and there is an even larger 'stoner' community on games. Hell, just look at the names of some people online, many people using the '420' tag to express their devotion. And what about the user 'Ascythopicism'? I can't dream to pronounce that on my best day, let alone come up with that, definitely something born of drugs.

Anyway, without further adieu, here's a few reasons to roll up a joint and why that would help the community.

10. It's not a handicap if you're already suffering from the symptoms.

Most of the gamers I know don't know what the hell they are doing in the games they are playing right now.

"Well Joe, you must have a lot of stoner friends" you more than likely didn't say to yourself. Well guess what? They are the sober individuals!

Now what in Gods holy sack does that have anything to do with anything? When you play an overly-complex game that pulls you in a million directions mentally, you are prone to losing track of a few things. When people are confused, they generally get frustrated and mad. After all, you don't want to be this guy, right?

9. Chill out and take a hit

Obviously, games can be frustrating at times, as previously mentioned, but you should never let them get one up on you. It's just a game. So how do you find this zen spot? Some of the most enlightened people have devoted years of intense meditation to achieve this bliss. If you can't find a Sherpa that can lead you to Nirvana, smoke a bowl. You'll more than likely forget to find peace of mind whilst giggling about nothing, but as long as you're not fuming, you've won!

8. Sing a song together

What does this have to do with weed? Nothing, It's not always about weed, ya hippie!

7. HAHA, this video is awesome!

6. The Dude

so that's what you call me, you know. That or uhhh, dudeness or duder or uhh El Duderino if you're not into the brevity thing.

Aww, damn you Cataract, now I want some fresh tasty pancakes! I'm going to Waffle house tonight!

Man, I'm really hungry, brb!





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