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The Incredible Edible Egg avatar 3:41 AM on 03.30.2009  (server time)
insomniatoid: spark of nostalgia

writers note: I'm tired and sometimes it helps me to sleep if I get this out of my head. I'm not in a mood to edit any of this, so I apologies for any grammatical errors, redundant points, and lack of pictures. Wheres The gHost when I need him?

Tonight I had some trouble sleeping as I often do, so I decided to turn on RetroForce Go! and try to fall asleep to the sound of the RFGO gang fapping. Turns out it's kinda hard to fall asleep when Chad bursts out laughing.

Anyways, while listening about current and past puzzle games, it hit me that the first game I remember playing was Tetris on the Gameboy. I enjoyed it quite a bit, as many others did, but I also happened to play it with my Mom. I don't get to see her much nowadays since she works halfway across the country, and she would prefer that I play less (or no) games, but it's because of her that I am who I am.

My father was in the military when he met my mother, who at the time lived in Seoul, South Korea. She knew barely any English and I don't really know much about before I was born, but I do know that I learned how to speak with her. What I mean is she would watch Sesame Street with me and put things together while trying to teach me at the same time.

When I grew up a little bit, my parents got my sister and I the previously mentioned gameboy which helped us bond further, as well as a CD-I that we used to play the crap out of chess. My mom now hates me playing games now cause I overdo it, but back then it was something special that we shared and something I will cherish forever.

Thanks RFGO for stirring up these memories except Dyson who wasn't there this show. A pizza roll with a semi-frozen center for you.

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