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The Gameslinger avatar 12:50 PM on 06.10.2012  (server time)
There Will Be Some New Additions to Games Obscura!

Greetings, followers, newcomers and, in general, readers of Games Obscura. Games Obscura has only been around for a few weeks, but I find myself dedicated to this blog, and have already been thinking of ways to make Games Obscura better. In particular, additions to this blog that will add variety, and keeps things fresh and exciting, while still remaining proudly dedicated to its focus on the obscure, forgotten, strange and underappreciated side of gaming. On that note, Games Obscura will be remaining strongly focused on my “Second Look At” articles for particular games, but there are also a couple of new sections and varieties of articles I will be working on, which I feel will spice up this blog and add variety, and be of great interest to readers of my blog and fellow lovers of the “obscure” side of gaming…..

In particular, there are two new “sections” or varieties of articles I will be writing, in addition to my “Second Look At” articles. The first of these new additions is something I’ll be calling “Consoles Obscura.” Essentially, second looks at particular consoles from the past which, for one reason or another, were unsuccessful, forgotten, or otherwise unappreciated. In these articles, I’ll take a look back at the history of a particular “obscure” game console, the console itself and the company behind it, its library of games, the reasons why it fell into obscurity, and what about it still makes it interesting/what games on it make it worth a second look.

Many consoles have shot for greatness, but fallen into obscurity. Pictured (left to right): Sega Genesis w/32X and Sega CD, TurboDuo, and the Neo Geo.

The second section I’ll be adding is “Future Obscura;” articles focused on in-depth previews and examinations of games that are upcoming, not-yet-released, or caught in limbo. These games aren’t receiving the attention of big-name releases for one reason or another, are odd or different, or perhaps are even having trouble getting out the gate, but are titles which fans of the obscure may find interesting to learn about. As such, these articles will shed some light on future obscure titles, and examine what they are, what’s interesting about them and why they are worth keeping an eye on.

Some upcoming games seem destined for obscurity, or may even be caught in limbo due to development troubles or lack of a publisher. Pictured: Eternal Light, aka "Witches."

So, curious and adventurous gamers, keep an eye out for future entries in Games Obscura! My “Second Look At” articles, to be clear, will remain the bulk of this blog. But I feel that these new varieties of articles will excite and inform fans of the obscure, add variety and excitement to this blog, and work well towards the focus and goal of Games Obscura. As always, if there is a console or game in either of these sections that you feel deserves attention, feel free to make requests or recommendations via PMs, email, or the comments section. Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out, I’ll be updating soon!

*edit/update: I've decided to change the name of my preview articles from "Future Obscura" to "A Look Forward At." It seemed to fit better alongside my "Second Look At" articles. "Consoles Obscura" will still keep its name.*

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