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The GHost avatar 6:51 AM on 02.15.2009  (server time)
Why Intimidation Can Kiss My Ass

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Ever hear someone tell you that they wonít play a game because they donít think they can handle the pressure? Maybe you went to hand someone the controller and that person told you that he/she wasnít interested because he/she didnít think that he/she was smart enough or had enough coordination to handle the game? I know I certainly have. And it isnít always my non-gaming friends that I get it from either. There are plenty of people that I would consider to be fairly well seasoned gamers that refuse to play certain titles because they see someone else play and think to themselves ďIíll never be able to do thatĒ.

All together now: YES YOU CAN!

Of course thinking like that is complete crap. But more times than I care to count Iíve had to really insist that someone play a game, because whenever I hear the old excuses about not being able to handle the pressure or whatever I get pissed off. I really hate it when people assume that theyíre no good at something before they try it. Years ago I let my intimidation get the best of me and I was denied many great games because of it. These days I walk into the arcade and proudly fail at DDR with crowds looking on, I push myself to play difficult games that I know will be great fun once I get over the hump and understand the game, I also try genres that I used to assume were ďtoo complex for me to understandĒ. The only difference between the average gamer and some gaming virtuoso is practice.

The take-home message is to not be intimidated by any genre or game. Whatever it is; you can play it, and youíll probably find that it takes a lot less time than you thought to get into it. Those 90 hours spent playing Persona 3 or even the 20-30 hours playing something like God of War (or whatever game/genre youíre already comfy with) could just as easily be used to test out something different that may very well catch your attention. Those guys and girls (lol becuz gurlz dun play gaemz!!!11! lolololol!!!1) that play professional Starcraft using seemingly inhuman speed just practiced a whole bunch until they could do it. Maybe you might take longer to get to that point (if thatís what you want to do), but you could be that good/crazy too.

Remember kids: donít let intimidation happen to you! Or anyone else that you know for that matter. Encourage non-gamers to stretch out and play stuff that normally intimidates them and test your own boundaries while youíre at it. You may just find something you really enjoy! :D

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