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The GHost avatar 12:32 PM on 05.30.2008  (server time)
Destructoid Cards: Drinking Game Rules And Booster Pack 8


If you're looking for the following:

- Information on how to play a drinking game with totally unmodified versions of the cards that I've put out.

-.rar files including the .psd and .jpeg versions of every card I've done thus far.

then head to the afterthoughts at the end of this blog entry.

Now on with the show!

Booster Pack 8: Are We There Yet?

Power Glove card notes: I have a confession to make: I hate doing research for particularly productive Dtoiders, there's always so goddamn much stuff to look through, it just makes my life that much more difficult ;) Speaking of which...

Power Glove is your one stop shop for all things Rock Band. For reals, the guy owns EVERY piece of Rock Band DLC, and is pretty much always the first one to post up anything related to music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. If you have any doubts about the mans unwavering dedication, just check out his Rock Band EU Survival guide.

Mr. Glove also drops some seriously epic credit blog entries, such as this one that he created for the community on his birthday. Thanks PG! :D

Other services that PG provide are hosting FNF and helping to co-ordinate the New York NARP group.

And if you're wondering what the Glove man thinks of the community, look no further.

Necros card notes: Another Dtoider that has so much shit going on that doing this writeup might end up being more work than the card. Boooooo!

Anywhichways, Necros is another cast member on the good ship Failcast and is famous on Destructoid for his, uh, "alternative" views on race relations. To be honest I'm not sure what to think. On one hand, you've got the word of people like Ron Workman and a dislike of British Mario, and on the other hand you've got the campaign the restore Bob Muirs good name...

Probably the single hardest part about doing this card was trying to decide which picture of Necros to use as his portrait. For reals; look here for an example of the kind of selection I had. There are MULTIPLE blog entries like that one and it made my life a living hell once I stopped giggling like a school girl.

Not that there's anything wrong with giggling like a school girl because I got laid right after, which makes me a man.


In addition to everything above, Necros also keeps track of the games that everyone has completed and compiles a massive list every month on his c-blog from information gleaned from the forum. Lastly, you should probably know about the Sunday release of Necros's (Necros'? Necros?) blog series Rantoid, which is where the Yaris reference comes from (if you ever wanted an in-depth look at Yaris and how it nearly killed a man, definitely check out that link.)

God fucking damnit, I'm like halfway through. Look, just go to blog de la Necros when you're bored and browse; you'll probably find something you like.

Oh yeah, one more thing: IRC FAP FICTION!

Samit Sarkar card notes: Once just another mild mannered Dtoider known as Br0nXb0mBr21, this young chemical engineer in training apparently impressed the robot overlord with his love of sports, love of videogames and edumacated writing style such that he was made into an editor. Specifically, Samit takes care of the sports news, which, on a site like this, is probably right up there with walking around Harlem wearing a white sheet over your head in terms of audience appreciation, but the man does it anyways. What a trooper.

Samit is also fighting what is quite possibly the most one sided battle of all time: the battle to get people to use proper grammar and spelling on the internet. Every once in a while he'll post a well intentioned comment guiding an offender towards the way of the coherent written thought, an uphill battle to be sure, but one that Mr. Sarkar participates in day in, day out.

Bahamut Zero card notes: There are those that would post what are essentially shenanigans, and then there's Bahamut Zero. If you ever feel the need to read what happens when you drink and blog, you could certainly do worse than swinging by Bahippie Zeros c-blog. He can also provide you with internet service providings, confessions about how a point break sequel makes his life complete and can regale you with his harrowing tale about Xbox Live customer service.

If you haven't read anything of Bahamut Zero's yet then you're missing out on one of the stranger Dtoiders out there. His c-blog is filled to the brim with bizarre pictures and sometimes lucid ramblings about pretty much anything you can think of, and a couple of things that you can't.

If I was making a guide book to Dtoid, I would definitely recommend stopping by BZ's c-blog, because even if you don't dig his style you won't see anything else like it on Destructoid.

Galagabug card notes: I admit it, Galagabugs homemade arcade stick totally kicks my homemade arcade sticks ASS. When he's not totally showing me up, Galagabug is flipping the bird to capital letters. I seriously couldn't find a single one in any of his blog entries. It's both bizarre and slightly unnerving, kind of like those children of the corn...

Galagabug also drops some forgotten classics on us from time to time to make sure that we aren't slacking off on our gaming duties.

And yes, not playing a particular game is good enough reason to get you objectively labeled as a terrible person; just like Mussolini and Charles Manson. They didn't play Kaboom! either...


First things first: drinking game rules for 2-1000 players.

1) Get some cards printed, pretty much any number will do.

2) Shuffle into a single pile.

3) Everyone draws a card.

4) The person that draws the card with the lowest HP has to take the number of drinks indicated by the ability with the most ability icons.

For example:

Player 1 pulls McSnow

Player 2 pulls Passionate Styos

Because McSnow has more HP than Styos, Player 2 has to take 3 drinks. He takes 3 because the ability with the greatest number of icons next to it is his "Musical Attack" ability and it has 3 icons next to it. All cards have an ability with at least 2 icons on it, so you'll never take a measly one drink, it'll be at least two and can be as many as 6 if you draw the Sterling card and lose (Sterling can only lose to Topher as of this writing).

5) In the event of a tie (2, 3, 4 way etc. doesn't matter) all tied players drink the same as they would if they had lost.

6) If you want to have a "winnable" game to add some excitement, make up disqualification rules. Whoever goes to the bathroom first loses, whoever pukes first loses, anyone that touches their face with their hands loses. Be creative!

That's it! Simple. If you can think of other rules etc. just throw them out on this forum thread, or in the comments. Go nuts.

Now for the files:


Have fun with those :)

Coming Soon

Booster pack 9 featuring...

Big Popa Gamer
Vexed Alex

Secret booster pack 4 featuring...


Random quote... EXECUTE!

“Tobacco and alcohol, delicious fathers of abiding friendships and fertile reveries.”

~Luis Bunuel

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