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The GHost avatar 12:44 PM on 05.24.2008  (server time)
Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack 6 (Tales Of Etrian Odyssey)


I'm back with a brand new set of cards and an ass that just won't quit: my own. Now because it's DJ Duffy's birthday, I figured it would be a good time to do a remix of her card. So at the end of this pack there are two options for you to choose from Ms. Duffy, let me know if either of those floats your boat :)


Booster pack 6: Nihon Is Fucking Terrifying

Nihon Tiger90 card notes: Sorry if you crapped your pants, but I couldn't resist using that portrait (Neon Tiger, from Megaman X3) :D.

Nihon is definitely one of the most prolific Dtoiders; his blog is a constant stream of well-written news updates, interesting contests and original articles on every facet of games and the gaming industry (including the regular What'd You Get? series), not to mention his duties as an associate editor at Tomopop.

A noted lover of Cammy Nihon also has a ridiculous amount of retro game knowledge crammed into his skull, as is evidenced by his many, many Great Retroquiz badges. Oh, did I mention that Nihon is also Chad Concelmos official BFF?

Because he is.

Last thing: want to see how Nihon feels about Destructoid? Check this out, especially the video at the end.


Whoa, sorry. Blacked out there for a second...

Anyway, like I was saying; Yojimbo is one of Destructoids elder statesmen, a daddy that still regularly posts awesome articles (and controversial ones too), acts as a reserve c-blog recapper and leads the way for both regular PS3 poker nights and PS3 style FNFs.

Did I mention that Yojimbo isn't too impressed with the 360? Well he isn't, and with good reason. The poor guy has had five red rings now, so despite the retarded accusations of FANBOI!!! FANBOI!! FANBOI!!!! I'm sure you can at least see why he might not exactly be in love with the 360.

Yojimbo is also noted for his bad-ass movie recommendations and has a thing for both samurai and the criterion collection of DVDs. Check out his sidebar, you won't be disappointed.

Unless of course you're a seriously lame-ass person with terrible taste (no offense :) ).

Finally, and most importantly, 'Jimbo has started the single most significant group/movement/lifestyle/religion on all of Destructoid: The Destructoid Beard Club! The members of which tower in manliness over the clean-shaven.

SantanaClaus89 card notes: An ex-military man that also figured out who won the console war already, Santana is also a proud Dtoid beard club member and has a picture on his sidebar of quite the mighty beard (I just had to use it as a portrait).

Professor Pew card notes: A cool dude with a funny accent, Prof. Pew is also one of the very valuable FNF hosts, specializing in the needs of the Euro crowd.

But wait, how is it that I know that he's a cool dude? And more importantly: how do I know he has a funny accent?

Well my friend, you should take a listen to this episode of the podcastle featuring Professor Pew!

Want to get your daily, make that yearly, dose of cartoon nostalgia? Look no further. The professor's got you covered.

And yes, that's Megaman wearing a mortarboard in the portrait :D

Mecha Monkey card notes: Yet another member of the IRCartel, Mecha Monkey is a monkey in a mech.

A monkey.

In a mech.


He's also the one that made this very touching eulogytoid for the dearly(?) departed Wiisucks. The 21 firetruck salute was a nice touch :)

Also be sure to check out Mecha Monkeys e-mail to Jack Thompson and Jackos response.

On the card itself, those ability icons are metal dicks.

I mean bananas. Whatever.


I did a card for the good DJ in booster 4, but looking back on it I was displeased. See for yourself:

The writing is fine (the CBM summon is actually a personal favorite of mine), but the colors and portrait just don't jive properly, and I really should have a proper, full-sized portrait, but that picture doesn't fit well or look so good when blown up due to pixelation. So because it's Duffy's birthday I figured it was high-time for a redesign, and I came up with two different cards based on two different portraits.


Or, sticking with the rainbow color scheme...

So there you have it! So now I need a decision from you Dorian: which card, if any (I can always redesign with a portrait of your choosing quite quickly and easily), would you like to be your "official" card when I start tweaking them for use in the Destructoid CCG?


The only thing to really talk about here is what's happening with the rules for actually playing with the cards. After my post asking for help with the rules I got some excellent feedback (especially from Rockvillain, DynamicSheep and Breksher whom all came up with pretty much complete rule sets) and I'm going to be prototyping cards to see which rule set fits best. I'll also be mixing and tweaking rule sets a bit to hopefully come up with a playable hybrid of sorts that will require minimal card printing and give a game that's both easy to play and can be linked to the consumption of dangerous amounts of liquor. Once I've got some prototype cards and rule set proposal, I'll put them out there for you, the community, to take a look at and judge/vote on.

Finally: I've been getting a TON of group requests from people, most of which contain between 8 and 15 people. I'm taking SOME of these under advisement, but I've also got some stuff done already that kind of throws those groupings out of wack. I'll be trying to do some of these requests, but don't hold your breath kids.

Time for...

Coming Soon

Booster pack 7 featuring...

Evil Chad
Electro Gynecologist
Passionate Styos

Secret booster 3 featuring...

You'll just have to wait and see :D

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“I have been devoured all my life by an incurable and burning impatience: and to this day find all oratory, biography, operas, films, plays, books, and persons too long”

~Margaret Asquith

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