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The GHost avatar 3:32 PM on 05.19.2008  (server time)
Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack 4


Quick backstory on these cards before we begin todays installment: yesterday I went out with some friends to see the Kids In The Hall (who were fucking BAD-ASS) and afterwards we decided to go get "girl drink drunk", meaning that we would drink as heavily as we normally do, but only drink stuff like Bacardi Breezers and Daiquiris.

Bad idea.

Anyways, the point is that I got home real late feeling very sick, very drunk and too high on sugar and caffeine to sleep. I then proceeded to make a couple of cards.

These aren't them.

I don't know if I'll ever post those as they're just a fucking mess, but I may put them in a secret booster pack some day...

Now on with the show!

Destructoid booster pack 4:

DJ Duffy card notes: This lovely young lady has a very special place in my heart for taking the initiative to make a Canadian NARP group, delicious! Not content to only create NARP groups, DJ Duffy recently appeared on The Failcast and made one of my favorite pieces of Destructoid fanart for the Cancun contest: the longbot. To round out the package DJ Duffy is also the only female member of the CBM (c-blog mafia), quite an accomplishment in and of itself!

I gotta say though, this cards portrait was agonizing for me to do. I just couldn't find a source image that fit well, or that didn't turn into a blurry mess when it was expanded. In the end I used the source image that I wanted to and tried to cover up its lack of bigness by using a semi-transparent rainbow gradient layered over top. Did it work?


Elitechief card notes: The chief of the elites, or a chief that's elite? This is the kind of question that I struggled with while making this card. Elitechief has become Retro-famous for his weekly Haiku, which have become a Retroforce GO! staple, complete with music provided by Naia The Gamer. Furthermore, these Haiku of Mr. Chiefs have started a fad of sorts with several DToiders making poems for Podtoid.

Elitechief: making Destructoid more cultural one poem at a time :)

Eschatos card notes: One of the TF2 regulars, Eschatos is intimately familiar with the phrase "brb, uninstalling", the last respite when nerdrage takes over. Portrait is actually courtesy of Mr. Jim Sterling. Fun fact: Eschatos comes from the ancient greek word eásxatov, means "the last" and is generally used in connection with theology.

Neonie card notes: Yeah he's a furry, what of it?

Neonie is yet another person familiar with Kor's sexy voice, and is part of the illustrious(?) What The Furry clan along with Joel, Lucashoal and others. The whole human/furry relations reference stems from this controversial c-blog. When will all the hate stop?

Sharpless card notes: After much scientific testing, I have concluded that the average Sharpless comment has dangerously high levels of "lol" in them (scientific name: laughiferous outaldehyde loudase). I always love to read Sharpless's comments as they are pretty much always clever and original, making him one of my favorite DToiders by that criteria alone. The clowns reference and ability icons in his card is from this comic:

The Jade Raymond bit was inspired by a picture that Sharpless took while she was thinking about him and her thoughts appeared on the picture:

As per Chad Concelmo: Amaaaaaaaziiiiiinnnggg!

I tried to make a card that was just a little off kilter for Mr. Sharpless in an attempt to represent his style, hence all the crazy gender confusion.

What I'm really trying to say is that Sharpless doesn't know if he is a boy or a girl. :D


That's another pack down! Only like, uh... a million or something to go :)

Real quick before I get to what's coming soon: I'll probably be releasing cards less frequently (every second day?) because I'm going to be fairly busy in the upcoming weeks finishing my work in the lab (I'm getting published in a peer-reviewed journal bitches!) and preparing for Zambia, so please don't PM me, e-mail me, yell real loud at me etc. about when your card will get done. I'm working on them, I am but a man! You'll get yours eventually.

Coming soon

Booster pack 5 featuring:

Conrad Zimmerman
Scary Womanizing Pig Mask
Naia The Gamer

Secret booster pack 2 featuring:


Random quote... EXECUTE!

“Get well cards have become so humorous that if you don't get sick you're missing half the fun.”

~Flip Wilson

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