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For the basics, check out my forum intro thread.

Or for the lazy, here's all you really need to know about me summed up in one picture:

Now that that's done with, let's move onto the blog itself. This blog isn't going to contain any news. Like EVER. Like NEVER EVER FOREVER NEVER. I have no intention of doing anything other than posting original content (mostly just pictures that I make with my extremely limited photoshop skills along with original stories and whatnot). The bottom line is that I think that there are plenty of people doing editorial/reviewer style content already, and so instead of adding to the glut, I'll just stick to what I know:

Dicking around :D

Now enjoy... or DON'T!

My one year anniversary: I did a bunch of traveling and met a bunch of Dtoiders whilst doing so. Here's my one year anniversary/travel summary audio c-blog.

Other work: I also write for a site called Negative Gamer which was started by Wardrox. It's super cool and full of dinosaurs. RAWR!

Destructoid Cards

I've made many a card for many a Dtoider after getting the idea from a forum thread in which Atheistium posted a template and a challenge. Currently I'm a little too busy with school/work/fighting enemies of truth and justice to make more, but I'll get another batch out eventually. Here are links to all my Dtoid card posts!

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Since I already used the word "supersized" yesterday, I guess I'll go with...


Destructoid card booster pack 3:

Bloodylip card notes: This one was definitely the toughest of the pack for me to come up with. Can't say that I'm super happy with it, but I do like the portrait quite a bit :D. The ability icons are a super-duper-mega-bad-ass pumpkin that Bloodylip himself carved. Great stuff!

Harassment Panda card notes: Every community has someone like this in it, and that's a very good thing indeed. The man writes some extremely good articles about the law and how it pertains to videogames. He also happens to be the author of another one of my all-time favorite c-blogs, which you may have seen front paged a short while ago. He also did the community a valuable service by highlighting the efforts of another great c-blogger; Mr. Conrad Zimmerman. If you don't get the OBJECTION! reference you need to go buy, borrow or steal a DS and a copy of any game from the Ace Attorney series right the hell now.

Takeshi card notes: An Amsterdam native with a penchant for giving the PS3 some serious love. Takeshi also has the same favorite game as myself:

Ability icons are Takeshi when he was but a wee-high ankle-biter, long before he started shooting people from overseas in the face.

Oh, and I'm not implying anything about XBox FNF, so chill on the ZOMG FANBOI!!11! comments. Hell, I don't even own a PS3!

Tazar card notes: Pretty ubiquitous guy whom is adored by the community, as was evidenced during the Cancun contest. Often seen making awesome videos with Ron, Cheeburga and company, Tazar provides the lulz on a regular basis, his c-blog sidebar alone will amuse you for hours on end (note: by hours I actually mean minutes, but they're really good minutes). The "life is amazing" bit refers to the following comment...

There you have it. Life is amazing so long as Tazar is around ;)

Orcist card notes: Our beloved forum admin, and also the first Destructoid editor to get a card! Note the epic star (ripped straight from an old card in the forum) and gradient coloring, both of which ensure that you know this card is serious business. Unfortunately I only really know two things about Orcist: his internets was (is?) fucked up and he uses an awesome Free Willy avatar on the forums. As it turns out, I was able to expand those two things far enough to make a card. Hurray!


Yesterday the cards were flowing out of me like crazy, I did 10(!) in roughly the same amount of time that it took me to do my first set of 5.

Wait, 10? As in ten cards? I only see cinco!

That's right, I managed to pump out all of the super secret bonus cards that I wanted to do and still had time to beat my old Ikaruga score. The other five cards will be posted in a separate c-blog entry as I figure that this one is long enough already and I feel that the bonus cards are epic enough to deserve a spotlight.

Coming soon

Secret booster pack 1 featuring...

Booster pack 4 featuring...
DJ Duffy

Hopefully I'll have those done for Monday, but if not I'll definitely have them ready for Tuesday.

Oh, one more thing: please don't ask when you're going to get your card. The comments don't really bother me, but I got a couple of PMs from people that shall remain nameless, and I gotta draw the line there. Keep in mind that I volunteered to do this, and you'll probably get a card eventually, but I may just stop doing them if I don't feel like I have the time or if they become a real oppressive chore for me.

No promises for anything people ;)

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“The bizarre world of cards [is] a world of pure power politics where rewards and punishments [are] meted out immediately.”

~Ely Culbertson

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