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The GHost avatar 11:39 AM on 06.08.2008  (server time)
Destructoid Cards: Booster Pack 12 (Last One!)


Well it's been fun kids, but as of today I'm done making Destructoid cards. Unfortunately, I don't have much time, so the notes for these cards aren't going to be my usual extended commentary, rather they'll be extremely short but (hopefully) still informative, and should be enough to understand the various abilities. Sorry guys :(

At least this pack has 10 right? :D

Note: this pack was the first one made with some outside input. Thanks to everyone that was in Stickam the other night (the night of the insane nazi admin), you made my life easier :D

Before I leave the country I'll be putting up a big wrap-up post containing links to .rar files containing all the jpegs and Photoshop files that I've made/worked with, so stay tuned for that coming in the next day or two. Now enough with the babbling...


Booster Pack 12: Where's My Card Goddamnit! How Could You Not Make Me One?!

Cheeburga card notes:

- The Bedazzler (Thanks Rorsach!)
- Serious Dickbutt
- Emaul?: Think emo-maul.

Charlie Suh card notes:

- Charlie is Azn, thus Azn jokes are hilarious/original.
- When you get the Charlie card you MUST make up/yell out the longest most ridiculous attack name you can think of regardless of the game you are or aren't playing.
- Pillow fort: see his sidebar
- Ability icons: Yotsuba
- Official Dtoid photographer
- Tomopop contributer
- Asian RAGE!

Buck F1tches card notes:

- Fucking loves geese apparently (see portrait. Thanks Rio!)
- Big bad tipster for Dtoid. Respect yo.
- Master Rick Roller
- Master throat singer
- Master Tazar/Ron lover
- Fox blood?: A play on his blog banner. Not my best work, I know :(

Cowzilla card notes:

- Technically Cowzilla3
- Actual film critic
- Old school Dtoider
-Brave/crazy enough to show us his Wii Fit progress.
- Miseducation?
- Cowzillatoid and the first c-blog recapper

Dick McVengeance card notes:

- Editor!
- Until recently, was living in Japan
- Features editor, Nick Chesters secret wife (his sidebar)
- Second ability is referring to Nicks wife, not DMV's >< (I might not be able to get to a computer with Photoshop to fix the wording before I go)
- Gay for Bridget (Thanks someone in stickam! I think it was either Charlie or Rorsach, but I could be wrong)
-Fucking around on the c-blogs (I have no idea what happened. I just thought it was a weird/funny c-blog. Not a great reference, I know)

Gameboi card notes:

- Editor!
- Pretty much every reference is from his sidebar
- Likes pro wrestling skits
- Standup comic by DC is just a dumb play on words, it's about as bad as the Luke Skywalker/Jack Thompson joke.
- At least the Darth Gamer ability is alright, right? :D

Husky Hog card notes:

- Editor!
- New penus
- Hates Fatal1ty
- Yeah, the bottom ability icons are doing it.

Johnathan Holmes card notes:

- Editor!
- Rocketed to fame via appearing on Road Rules
- Hair is huuuuuuge in full portrait pic. Just look up the full one on IMDB
- RE:3 guide?: Read his sidebar.
- Loves Scud. God bless him.
- Hates the "hardcore gamer" moniker (did I use that right? :D)

Qais Fulton card notes:

- Editor triple threat!
- Tomopop features editor
- Destructoid editor
- Ectoplasmosis editor
- Q-less future?: Read the sidebar.

Last one coming up! *Drumroll*

Unstoppable Juggernaut card notes:

- Tomopop editor
- Dunno if he likes Queen or not, it's just the first thing that came into my head.
- Makes custom figures.
- Deadpool is fucking awesome. Amen.
- Helmet removal: You need more comic knowledge ;)


I'll keep this short as much of what I have to say will be in the big wrap-up post coming soon.

Total number of cards: 85

Goal: 100


Close but not quite. Rest assured that there are many people that I would still like to make cards for, but I simply don't have the time. I also would like to apologize for some of the slap dash writing and whatnot in this booster, unfortunately I was sort of rushing to get these out.

Watch for that wrap-up post kids!

Random quote... EXECUTE!

“The final mystery is oneself.”

~Oscar Wilde

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