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The GHost avatar 11:51 PM on 02.03.2009  (server time)
(NVGR) The GHost's 1 Year Destructoid Anniversary Post!

Welcome to my wankfest! Consider this a fair warning: this post is all about how Dtoid has influenced me in the last year and my Dtoid related traveling. It includes the extreme overuse of the following words:






Well, maybe not so much the last one. But you get the idea.

Originally this post was pages upon pages of text. It got to the point where Iím pretty sure that even Hideo Kojima could have been more concise. So in the interest of not making you read for an hour, Iíve decided to do an audio-blog for most of the content.

10 Minutes of your life that you will never get back.

Hopefully you are either downloading that right now, or are enjoying it as we speak. Or not enjoying it. Whatever, itís my anniversary and Iíll do what I want :) Regardless, here are some things that I missed on that recording...

- Technophile, Dexter and lvl99Ron were at the Kyle/Momma Donna party too!

- I made a complete ass of myself by dancing during the LA karaoke night!

- Lips is the gayest game ever!

- Husky Hog is also fucking awesome and is the secretary of good ideas for team awesome!

- That multiplayer pac-man game at Dysons with everyone was bad-ass

- Dyson and I could not beat Ridley in Super Metroid for some reason :(

I wonít attempt to recall ever thing that I did and didnít mention in the audio portion and put it on here. Suffice to say there were many parties and lots of good times were had during my Dtoid related travels. Enough reading and listening to me blather on and on. Letís look at some pictures chronicling my journey back from Africa and into Australia!

WARNING: Iíve posted many of these pictures in various places already and you will probably hate looking at me (and by extension you will of course hate me) by the time you've seen them all.

First: hereís a great picture of Aerox doing his favourite thing in the whole world

Myself and Suff0cat dancing. Soon after this I head out to the dance floor... alone. Iím super cool.

Everyone wants a piece of Chad!

I honestly donít remember getting on stage. I was reeeeeeaaaally drunk.

Party at Kyle Gamgee and Momma Donnas place. Chad faces for everyone!

Alex shows up and I tell Kyle that either the Mexican goes or I go.

Despite my threat, we both stay. But I AM UNAMUSED.


Staying with Naia and Zero Atma. Plushies and slime hats FTW!

ZOOM! Off to San Francisco to see the bridge with Ben Perlee! (Topgear Gorilla)

Me being a tourist.

The OFFICIAL team awesome trophy!

Blurry shots at Dysons place! Husky and I look fucking retarded in the first one.

Dyson jerks off a nutcracker!

CTZ sees Gutless wonder with his pants down. Starts salivating!

Sushi time group shot!

Arcade night with Dysons friends!

IRC asks for a picture. Ben, Dyson and I deliver!

The last thing I do before leaving North America? Hug DJ Duffy.

Now Iím in Australia with Liz, her boyfriend and their friends!

Hoo boy. Iíll bet youíre sick of me after all this, arenít ya? Well fortunately for you Iím all done. I also pledge not to post another photo of myself on Destructoid for at least a few months because these last few days I've been uploading like crazy :P

Thanks again everyone (espcially you Niero!) and remember to stay classy Destructoid :)

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