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The Darkerman avatar 7:29 AM on 08.23.2011  (server time)
The New California Wasteland Calls~ A Review of Fallout: New Vegas

Hello and Welcome to the my review of Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Review

The game known as Fallout: New Vegas which is a sequel of sorts to Bethesda's critically aclaimed game of the year, Fallout 3.
If you go into this game thinking that's it's exactly like Fallout 3, then you will be wrong and very disappointed. This game has much of the original Fallout Mythos unlike Fallout 3, which means that you'll surprised to see that it isn't a rehash of Fallout 3. But first, let's start with the beginning of this game, the story.

The story begins with you getting shot in the head by a mysterious man in a checkered suit, afterwards you wake up in the house of local Goodsprings doctor, Doc. Mitchel
who has just healed your head and removed the bullet from it. After you exit Doc Mitchel's house is when the game truly starts, you can either follow the main campaign of going after the checkered assailant or do sidequests which have nods toward previous Fallout games in the series such as the first and second.You can go many ways with the story, whether it be that you are friend to the New Californa Republic or ally of Caesars Legion, the endings are multiple and this game is very much story based in the main quests and sidequests respectively, also a good thing to know would be that depending on what you do and who you join, the final battle will have a different outcome.


Can't talk about a game without first reviewing how well it plays. The gameplay to say the least has improved quite well, since you can now look down the sights of your firearm and acquire many new weapons and armor, some of which will disquise you when you find it necessary, also there are now many different Factions unlike there being just one faction to join in Fallout 3, depending on what Factions you join, you will get many different quests, items, and weapons. There is of something to note as when you take a certain perk, the mojave Wasteland will change abit and you'll get neat little items, though if you do take this perk, be warned! You will not be able to acquire a certain weapon, but don't worry you'll still get pretty cool weapons even when you take the perk i'm talking about.


The graphics in the game haven't really changed for the most part, but there are new enemy and character designs, a good example of this would have to be the Securitrons on the New Vegas Strip, these aren't like the robots of the previous Fallout game, these one's are big and bulky basically. Now let's look to a different thing to show how this game is slightly different, another good example for this would have to be the New Vegas Strip in all it's glory. The casinos of the New Vegas Strip have bright lights which seemed to be what was worked on quite abit, making the city actually look like Las Vegas in way, though the graphics aren't the best, atleast they aren't terrible.

Game Sum-up
Well, to say the least, Fallout New Vegas is by no means bad, but neither is it exactly the greatest game in the World. Though if you didn't like Fallout 3 you may not like this game, but it does focus on a good story more than Fallout 3 did so you may just enjoy it if you yourself like a game with a good story. I for one know that this is one of my favorite games of 2010, so I suggest that you buy it if this game appeals to your tastes or rent it just so you can see if you want it or not.
Score: 8/10

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