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The Darkerman avatar 6:45 AM on 06.16.2011  (server time)
Defending A Game no one will Defend - Ninja Theory DmC

Hello and welcome readers to the first ever article of Defending A Game no one will Defend in which I your friendly neighborhood Blogger, Darkman defend a game in which mostly no one would defend because they basically hate it with a drying passion. Today as stated in the title, I will be defending the new Devil May Cry game being made by Ninja Theory that simply goes by the name DmC, so without further adieu, let us begin shall we?

And I can already hear some moaning and groaning as people read the title and see the game I am defending mainly because they don't like how the main character has been changed and how he now looks, well let me tell you reader that I completely disagree with your hatred for this character even though I can pretty much see at what your getting at, as I too have had beloved video game characters of my own that have been changed to look very different from how they originally looked and have not been happy about it, but overall I can live with it, i'm not going to start complaining about how my video game characters have been completely ruined by a change in design like how quite alot of you have gotten pretty angsty and furious over how Dante now looks.
But, let me tell you this reader, when I first saw the trailer for Dmc I was not filled rage, no I was instead filled with awesome emotions and feeling that I was looking at a True Badass in action. I loved the punkish music, the enemy designs, the weapons, the overall feel that the trailer seemed to be radiating with which was indeed true awesomeness! It actually fills me with hope to say that I trust Ninja Theory with making this DmC and don't care about what characters have their designs changed at all.
You see, what makes a game really great is how it's feels to play the game, and at the moment none of us have actually gotten the chance to even touch the game's mechanics and know how it plays, but we did indeed see a trailer showing how the game plays even though it might not be the final product, and I won't deny that it does look quite fun and that I would like to add that game to my own gaming collection since it looks to be a delightful experience, along with the setting looking pretty colorful and interesting.
Also, there is another thing I need to bring up which would happen to be that we don't even know what the exact plot for the game is going to be yet, since for all we know the plot could be something that we might have to look foreward. There is also one last thing i'd like to bring up before I end this Blog and that would have to be that all you "True" Devil May Cry fans have finally gotten your White-Haired Dante back, so this begs the question now, are you finally happy? Or are you just going to keep complaining some more about how this isn't YOUR Dante and how YOU want the story back to the way it was you sissies.
This has been Darkerman and I hope you have enjoyed this Blog, so long now and have very splendid day, ciao.

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