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Starting off, I am anti-cheaters, you cheat, I report you. Wether it gets you banned or not. Zero tolerance for anyone who breaks the xbox live terms of service. Especially when you're cheating in a game that is not incredibly challenging.

Last night I was on CoD:WaW via XBL, a breeding ground for headless chickens that are truly afraid of anything that moves, including themselves. So it's no wonder I run into a cheater in a match. Performing a glitch on a certain map that allows this individual to "elevate" into the air and float with the clouds, as if anyone with two eyes wouldn't notice a humanoid figure sitting there in plain site.

Well this individual was on my team, but it didn't stop me from filing a complain on cheating, submitting negative player review to avoid him and sending him a short text message saying "reported". Sending him a text message to hope that he'll stop and because I'm a dick to those I see fit. You ruin the online experience of a game, then I'll ruin it in ways your juvenile feeble mind cannot comprehend. All the "faggot" and "dick sucking" references in your pathetic arsenal will never measure up to.

Afterwards I got a voice message from this person. The jist of it was, my actions were "low" and unecessary. That he didn't cheat for "that long", so I should let it slide. Let me tell you all something with my experience on live for X amount of years... All cheaters either play dumb or are truly dumb. Comebacks, excuses, all pathetic and all make me laugh at their failed attempts to justifty their actions.

I reply back in a short voice message, basically saying "why cheat in an easy game, why cheat period? You violated the terms, I reported you. Learn to play or don't bother playing at all."

Not too long afterwards I get a voice message back (which I have saved in my inbox still). It truly is the most RETARDED message I've ever got from a cheater, let alone a player on xboxlive til this day. And that's saying a lot, because a strong strong STRONG majority of players on live cannot talk back or make sense. It's usually the cliche one-liners we've all grown to know and still serve no sting in arguements/debates.

Here is his message: "Dude, so what. It's a game! Yeah, it's easy thats why they put glitches in there for you... To make it a little more challenging... for the people who arn't in it... so... whatever!"

That was a complete quote on what he said. Halfway throught he voice message he stalls and possibly realizes how fucking retarded he sounds.

Now for anyone who doesn't get what's wrong about this message...


Game Testers, Private Betas, Public Betas, PATCHES.... Are for games to berid of glitches. Errors in the game that shouldn't be there, period.

I was shocked, how dumb can someone be? He was serious in his voice message, not a hint of sarcasm. It made me feel like shit knowing people like him exist in this world. People like him that don't deserve a pair of hands, thumbs, a pulse in his body.

It was the worste attempt ever to justify cheating in a video game. It contradicts the terms of service. If what he said is true, then it'd be perfectlly fine to take advantage of glitches in games and exploit them to your fullest. Because the developers put them in their games to add challenge where there already was none... Yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense.

I want to punch his mother in the stomach for wasting 9 months on this peice of life.

Did I mention he was around 12 years old?

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