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The Big Bad Wolf avatar 11:16 PM on 02.18.2009  (server time)
CoD:Modern Warfare 2 Suggestions... The Good and Ridiculous

I read some of the twitter suggestions for IW's CoD:MW2 suggestion box. Some of it was very pleasent, innoventive, progessive. Something our gen of video games actualy needs. Then we have other other portion of suggestions, the mind-numbing majority. Horrid, non-progressive suggestions that would only offer more setbacks to online gaming for all of us. Not just the competitive players, or the averages, it'd affect the casuals and any other category of gamer that is beneath. The only people it'd benifet are the ones who still need their food cut for them and use a dull pair of scissors to cut shapes out of papper in art class.

Let us begin, take note, these are direct quotes. For the overly depedent grammar whores in debates/arguements.


First, the retarded

"a perk where if someone camps in the same place for 20 seconds or more, they show up on enemy radar regardless of the campers perks "
Or how about this? How about a perk where you learn to kill someone whose better than you at holding down an area on the map? Oh wait, that's up to you and your stubby thumbs, not the game.

"a perk that stops you from getting hurt by helis and air strikes, maybe replacing a red perk?"
Would you like some warm milk with that comfort blanket? Grow up and play the game you headless chicken.

"map editor for console multiplayer please"
Could you make a map, or are we better to leave it to the developers, so they can focus more on their multiplayer? Think about it. Most CoD players are still learning to walk and chew gum.

"laser pointers"
Because aim assist and red reticules isn't easy enough?

"Drivable vehicles ...maybe aircraft this time"
Assuming you're like what most player's I've encountered on CoD/xbl. How about you learn some basic motor skillls first, maybe how to look at radar when recon is deployed? Or how to strafe in a gun fight, instead of that mindless back peddeling crap I see on the regular.

"No 1 shot kill shotguns !"
All I can say is, you're an idiot. Bet you this is the same kid who claims CoD is realistic.

"Make it so that snipers can deploy a grappling hook to climb buildings!!!!!!!"
How... Juvenile. Go play Lego Batman.


Now, the good!

"I would like to see the game require skill again like in cod1. Not like these console easy fests that have been pumped out yearly"
Skill in a console FPS is something I've wanted for... Well, since Halo 2 came out.

"Friendly nades should not give a grenade warning indicator when friendly fire is off"
I am okay wether this suggestion happens or not.

"when knifing someone you have to be beside them you cant do one of those crazy jumping knife attacks"
This suggestion got a lot of negative votes, I wonder why? No wait, I don't wonder why. People are affraid of challenge and skill VS being spoonfed heavy doses of easymode.


If Infinity Ward listend to half of this crap, CoD would sell and at the same time, fall to the scourge of online gaming. No, not the casuals. It's the people who read books that have pictures w/ no words. They don't even have a term yet, none that I know. All I know is- they are my scourge to online gaming. Just mindless subhumans.

Just for the sake of it, heres my wishlist to make CoD:MW2 more balanced/enjoyable

1. Players who leave the boundaries of the map should die, instantly. With a respawn penalty and XP reduction. Will not affect teamates.

2. Remove all baby/superman perks either entirely, or all put into the same perk slot so players can only chose one. Stopping Power, Juggernaught, Second Chance(last stand), Martyrdom, Overkill and Steady Aim.

3. Gears of War 2 setup where instead of vetoing one single mp map, we have two mp maps to vote on.(Don't get me started on Gears, I am not a fan.)

4. Bolt Action Rifles & Single Shot Rifles are always more powerful than any given spray-n-pray weapon. Meaning you can kill an SMG or HMG fanboy just as fast, long as you're a marksman.

5. Destroying Tanks & Helicopters earns you 20+ xp, because you took the initiative. Award players for being useful, for once.

6. Add a "Dodgeball" playlist. Objective based match where the only way you can respawn is when one of your teamates gets a kill. It will be 3 rounds, fast paced, NO perks NO vehicles NO Air Support. 100% guns only.

7. More penalty for players & host alike for quitting matches. Also, if a host does quit, make a record of it. Overtime, players with best connections and very little quit early incidents will host, whereas people with piss poor connections and quitter antics will be less likely.

Are you curious to see what this gen of gamers have become? Check it out yourself

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