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Osga21 avatar 12:39 PM on 02.09.2013  (server time)
Control your touch games with a Wiimote!


We all now that with the introduction of Android and iOS mobile gaming has had a huge breakthrougfh and has come a long way since those puny awful games that came preinstalled in your phone. Today, games on mobile devices like tablets phones and phablets have reached a remarkable amount of detail, comparable to that of the Playstation 2, Dreamcast and Gamecube (last generation). And with big franchises like Mass Effect, Dead Space, Grand Theft Auto and Mas Payne making their way onto the mobile platforms it was only fair that a few games in the FPS genre would do the same.
But oh oh! FPS on touch screens suck, due to the lack of physical buttons, so the gamers were left with awful controls which resulted in bad gameplay. However, and like always, when the public doesn't appreciate the state of something, they will fix it and so they did.

What you need

-A Wii-Mote
-A Wii Classic Controller (anyone will do, I use the golden one that came bundled with goldeneye)
-An Android device with Bluetooth compatibilty (root is not required, preferrably under 4.2)
-Wiimote Controller app (it's free!)
-Some patience

Get started!

-Turn on the bluetooth on your android device
-Plug in the classic controller on the Wiimote
-Open Wiimote Controller and touch the Init and Connect Button
-Press 1 and 2 on the wii controller or the little button next to the batteries
-Wait until it displays something like this: (if this doesn't happen, try again, as many times as needed)

Connect to 1 wiimotes.
Setting LEDs…
Polling button data…

-Touch the Select Wii Controller IME button and choose the WiiController IME (when you're done playing, select the option previously selected, because this will disable the keyboard on the android device and use the wiimote as main input device.)
-Click the 3 dots on the taskbar andselect the 1st controller mappings.
- Map these controlls:

(CC1)Left stick up: D-pad up/XP D-pad up
(CC1)Left stick down: D-pad down/XP D-pad down
(CC1)Left stick Left: D-pad left/XP D-pad left
(CC1)Left stick right: D-pad right/XP D-pad right
(CC1)Right stick up: I
(CC1)Right stick down: K
(CC1)Right stick left: J
(CC1)Right stick right: L
(CC1)R: Number 8
(CC1)L: Number 6
(CC1)Y: Number 7
(CC1)A: A
(CC1)X: Number 3
(CC1)B: Number 1
(CC1)Select/-: Back XPO

- Test it!

A few notes

You can also use a ps3 controller, but you need to buy some wires, and the same goes for the xbox controller. I use the Wiimote because it is way easier to get it to work.

The looking and walking (mostly looking) will not be analog, its almost like using a dpad. Will this is not a big issue, and you will get used to it, it is still there, so I tought I should remind you.

If for some reason this does not work on a game, try screwing around with the mappings.

Games you should try out

Dead Trigger (working)
ShadowGun (working)
Mass Effect Infiltrator (unknown)
Grand Theft Auto (working, but I think uses different mappings)
Dead Space (unknown)
Max Payne (unknown)
Nova (working, but I think uses different mappings)

Note: Shadowgun Deadzone does not work, because iOS users don't have controllers available to them and because Mad Finger felt like this would give android users some advantage, they did not include controller support.

Guide based on this guide

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