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The Villainthropist's blog

5:29 AM on 10.11.2014

Villainthropist Voyage: Legend of Zelda and Metroid

It's been a long time since I did anything here. Considering recent events in the video game industry, I have not really been in a frame of mind to interact with it too much, whether it be the writey-all-about-it side or...   read

1:32 PM on 11.06.2013

Val Kilmer's Emergency Podtoid Conclusion Stadium Showdown Arena On Ice

The bar was silent. Uncharacteristically silent. Usually, the sound of a beatbox playing oldey-time honky-tonk piano under a piano made of cornflake boxes and the sound of a women screaming as she was chased endlessly by a di...   read

4:45 AM on 04.27.2013

Souless: The Curse of Modern Racing Games

People often like to talk about the game that got them into gaming. Whilst I had consoles from a very early age, the game that got me hooked came when I was eight years old. With my freshly unwrapped Sega Saturn, I immediate...   read

11:45 AM on 10.14.2012

Jebussaves88 Vs Bad Men and 100 games!

Well, after something of a hiatus, Iím back. I have recently upgraded my career to that of a Registration Officer (a person who helps book civil marriages and checks youíre not dodgy), and am very happy in my new position. I ...   read

5:05 AM on 07.04.2012

A blog in the making since January 2010!

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 33 Itís been a busy couple of weeks since my last update to you fine chaps and chapettes. On the last Backlog Diary update, I mentioned how Iíd finally got past a rather tricky boss fight on Chapte...   read

12:53 PM on 06.19.2012

Why am I here?

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 32 It is a question I ask myself quite a lot. Whether it be slogging away at two jobs I donít even like, or hanging out with friends I donít find interesting or even very agreeable in any respect, o...   read

10:03 AM on 06.06.2012

Why's she called Bayonetta? She has no bayonets.

I'd have called her Gunonetta. AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 31 Having just finished one more game in the backlog, I find myself at a cross-roads; a cross-roads with about thirty different exits. There are still so many games t...   read

10:29 AM on 06.01.2012

This Metro isn't what Berlin was singing about... too many mutants.

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 30 In the wake of the short film to promote Metro: Last Light, I felt a sudden urge to finish something I started over a year ago. There are many games in my collection that I have started and not ...   read

9:36 AM on 05.31.2012

Hype: My envy of a fifteen year old me.

Itís been a long time since I have been truly hyped for anything game related. Iíve enjoyed a lot of games lately, but none have had me counting down the days on a calendar to a much anticipated release date. Sure, there are ...   read

11:01 AM on 05.30.2012

Will the Vita live up to its name? - Uncharted: Golden Abyss and BF: Bad Company

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 29 Two sets of treasure hunters, rather different in their approaches. One group seeks to liberate their wealth from a group of evil mercenaries; the other from ancient civilisations. Although the l...   read

8:42 AM on 05.23.2012

Has a mod ruined Single-Player games for me?

AKA A Backlog Diary: Part 28 Davey Wreden You may have just ruined single player games for me. Davey Wreden is the man behind The Stanley Parable, a mod which, on its surface, is about a man named Stanley, who works in an o...   read

10:54 AM on 05.17.2012

A Backlog Diary: Part 27- A Tale of Honor and Skele-Kanga-Horse's

Itís been something of a busy week. In total, five games can now be ticked off my to-do list, the latter two of which I will get to shortly. Meanwhile, I have acquired some new games to take their places. Now yes, it may see...   read

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