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Working for the Government of Canada, DJing and writing about video games in my spare time. Finally decided to create a Dtoid account and start doing this seriously!

I also work for Gamework Canada (www.gamework.ca), bringing competitive gaming tournaments to Canada!

This blog will be doing a bit of everything, but the main feature will be thoughtful analytic pieces on important themes in gaming. That and whatever concoctions my research-addled mind thinks of sharing.

Let me know any games you would like to see in the spotlight!

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Man I'm Punny. 

Now, I know you are all probably already looking at this c-blog thinking I am crazy, but up here in the Great White North, we celebrate our Thanksgiving during early October. I’d get into the specifics of it, but let’s just say that we have to get our celebrations in before the maple syrup stops running and we’re forced to build our igloos for the season. Winter is coming, you know.

Winter is ComingBring on the Wargs. 

 Anyways, as most of you know I’ve been crazily busy for the past couple of months and haven’t been able to contribute towards the community, so here is my catch up c-blog. Because want to know one of the things I’m most thankful for? You guys. And maple bacon. Do you even get that down there? If not, I’ll hand-mail you each a package. It’s phenomenal.

I was reminded of this (missing you guys, not the bacon…) when I was a guest host on Radio Destructoid this past Saturday (look for the episode coming out this week), and after taking some listener questions and discussing recent c-blogs, I realized how much I miss all of you.  Except Andy. I got enough of him Saturday night to last me the next 3 new game releases, which by the time of posting this, will have already came out…so…I miss you Andy.

In all seriousness though, being on Radio Destructoid was amazing, one of my favourite experiences with the site so far. Although after my crazy week of work (apparently international crises don’t stop when I have other plans), and starting recording at 12:30 am, I was pretty beat. So don’t expect me to be my typical sassy self. And Gaj…I’ll meet you under the stars, with the pic-i-nic basket.

Hey there, Gaj Gaj. Keep your eye out for Ranger Andy.

So what am I most thankful for? Pretty much everything. I’m thankful for having an amazing fiancée who puts up with all of my gaming and other crap. I’m thankful for my ferret and my cats, even though one of them insists on sticking thumbtacks between my nails and my toes every morning. Asscat. I’m thankful for my new job, which may only be temporary but is one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had in my life; Department of Foreign Affairs with the GoC. FTW.

And last, but never least, I am thankful for gaming, and for all of you being a part of my life. I have only been part of the community for a little while, and you’re all probably sick of me saying this, but you are all amazing. I miss the times when we used to hang out every day. Making fun of bigots with Elsa and Occam, discussing NSFW with Dreamweaver, talking real world news with Riobux, Caim, Zero, and others, Russian affairs with Tonich. I know I haven't covered everyone here, but you all know I love you. Say my name ;). 

It’s like hanging out with your friends at recess on the playground, except with tons of sexual innuendos. So…it’s exactly like hanging out on the playground.  

I don't even have a caption, I just loved this show.

Oh right, games! I’m super thankful for them as well, but also remembering why this time of the year always made me the poorest.

Destiny is still a blast, and haters can eat me. As long as you’re with some friends, and know that it’s a shooter-MMO, with shooter coming first, the game is a blast. To each their own, right? Right.

Shadow of Mordor may actually be sitting near the top of my GOTY list. Pretty pissed about those skeezy marketing tactics, but oh man is this game satisfying. Whereas combat gets repetitive in many other similar games, the combat in Middle-Earth only improved as you progressed through the game. Middle-Earth setting, Nemesis system, satisfying and visceral combat, amazing skill tree, stayed mostly true to the canon while giving a new story? Checking all the boxes on this one.

Sidenote: You guys know how I’m a pre-order nut?  I actually ended up with 3 brand new copies of this game in my attempts to secure DLC. Was not intending this to happen, but was able to get all the DLC, and return two with no hassle. Hey Charlie Sheen, now I’m the one #Winning.

Hyrule Warriors is the best fusion game I’ve ever played. It’s like Gogeta…or Vegeto. Actually no, it’s Gotenks. That’s how badass this game is. I was afraid of too much DW vs. Zelda, but it’s a perfect mix. The narrative has done an amazing job of staying true to Zelda canon, while explaining the parallel universes/games for all those who didn’t read Hyrule Historia. Gameplay is DW at its core, but the moves are great and varied by character and still maintain a Zelda feel.

So...this is Hyrule Warriors.

Alien: Isolation is terrifying. It’s not the perfect survival horror game, but one thing it does exceptionally well is atmospheric tension. The environment, the music, the NPCs; the atmosphere has been exquisitely crafted and instills constant terror into the player. Or, I’m just a giant wussy.

That’s all for my most recent games. I won’t go any farther back, because this could take a while. Stoked to be picking up The Evil Within after work today though, from all the reviews so far it seems to have actually brought the survival horror everyone was expecting it to lack. Come on people, trust Bethesda.

And lastly, but actually most importantly, I’m thankful for life, and for living in Canada. Even though it means I have to be the hat to your ass. Get it? Good.

We should be a fedora. At the very least, a touque.

The world is a scary place right now. ISIL has been wreaking havoc in Iraq and the Levant, Ebola has not been curbed and we recently had a suspected case in my city of Ottawa, human rights abuses continue in a vast number of countries, and people are still dying daily from preventable diseases. Even if you spend most of your days playing video games and surfing the internet, I know I do sometimes, don’t take your life for granted. Things can change so quickly, so be thankful for everything you have.

This has ended up very long, and on a serious note, so I’m stopping it here.  Miss you all, and hope everything is going well with all of you! I know it’s early, but in the spirit of (my) season, what are you all thankful for?


You probably haven't noticed, (although I sure have) but I have been away from the Dtoid community for almost 3 weeks now.  I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you all that I already miss you more than some ridiculous gaming metaphor that I don't have the time, or mental capacity, to come up with right now.

I've started my new job with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development, and so far it's been whooping my ass.  Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely loving it so far, but it's been 10-11 days almost every day so far, which has been severely limiting my Destructoid and gaming times respectively.  

As such, I probably won't be posting that much in the next little while, as my weekends are also booked solid DJing events.  So I haven't forgot about you; quite the opposite if anything.  I think about you guys all the time while I'm doing my work, because you used to be my friends that I could always visit for 15 minutes while taking breaks at work.  

Anyways, that is all.  I'm still here, but will most likely be commenting and ghosting around for the next little while, rather than contributing my own blogs.  AFK News has also taken a bit of a hiatus because of this, but we are looking to get an issue out next week still.  Feel free to add me on Xbox or PSN @ REDterror1938, and maybe we can game a little! 

or: How I Learned to Stop Bitching and Play Everything....

And he was never heard from again.

I did it. It may seem hard for a lot of you to believe, especially with all of my vehement arguing for Microsoft and the Xbox One, but on Friday August 23rd, I bought myself a PS4.

HOLD UP. Don't go rushing to call 9-1-1 yet, it's still me here.  I just made a lifestyle choice. Or at least, I'm PS-curious now. Wouldn't say I've hopped that fence quite yet.  So without further adieu, welcome to One Microsoft Fanboy's expedition into Playstation 4,  otherwise known as, Why I don't enjoy having money. 

The Design / User Interface

So the first thing I thought about the Playstation 4 (besides that it better start offering me sexual favours for the $500 I just spent on it) was whether or not it would fit in my current entertainment center. I was worried about the size, as the Xbox One required some shifting to make everything continue to look pretty.  So I was pretty impressed when I opened the rather large box to see the petite console, which was dwarfed by my fatass PS3 and the Xbox One.  I have to say, I was pretty impressed that Sony fit all that power in such a small box.  I think that last thing we said that about was Paris Hilton.  And look how long that lasted.  

Was that in bad taste Matt? Yes it was other Matt, yes it was.  

So I unwrapped the controller, my hands already perspiring as I remembered how much I hate gaming seriously using the PS1-2-3 controllers, both because of my giant gorilla-hands, the weird feeling R/L buttons, and my annoyance that the design remained perpetually unchanged for a decade.  So imagine my glee when I held the controller for the first time and felt those wonderful contours. Just like the Xbox One controller, it fit right into my hand and felt right at home.  Ok, well done Sony.  Wait...this thing lights up different colours depending on what I'm doing AND my health in Last of Us? Ok...you get bonus gimmick points for that one.

Remember this?

Once I turned the console on, and everything set up fairly simply, it was time to lay my hammer of judgement upon the UI.  I'd been playing Diablo 3 all week as the Crusader, so I was getting pretty good at hammering judgement down.  When stacked up next to the Xbox One home, I still have to go with Xbox on this one.  While I found the layout to be fairly simple, it was all there on the one screen, with minimal separation between things. I prefer having favourites/recently played, and then going into a menu for my apps/games.  It was user-friendly, just not my preferred design.  

Past that, there were small annoyances that I found.  My game library doesn't link to other aspects of the game (IE: the Overview, the store, download speed) like it does with the Xbox.  When playing a game, I can see my other friends, but only that they are "Playing a different game."  Now, I know their security isn't set that high, so what gives Sony?  Maybe it's me, but that seems silly.  Lastly (I think), I really still don't like the Playstation Store.  I find that on my Vita, it's fairly well organized, but it seems to be a mess on the PS4.  Take Playstation Plus games for instance.  While it's fairly easy to scroll to the right and see your two free games, you have to do some digging to find all the deals for PS+ that month.  On Vita, they're all in the same section.

The System Operation

Still too early to judge this fully, but there have been a couple hiccups.  There has been one instance that the PS4 started with no sound. I thought this was odd, and tried The Last of Us, and still nothing.  Plugged something else in to test, sound worked fine, so I restarted the PS4 and everything was gravy salad.  Not a killer, but really odd.

Next, I had some issues with Last of Us being permanently stuck on the first loading screen, and then again on a level load after I restarted.  Maybe the system, maybe the game, but kind of annoying.  Restarts fixed this, but it shouldn't be necessary.  It would be like buying a hamster, and then giving it CPR every time you wanted to play with it.  Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh staying alive, staying alive. Nothing? Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh staying aliiiiiiiii-oh, there it goes. Kind of morbid, don't you think?

"I took a class where you do chest compressions to a BeeGees song." Not Quite Homer

Now, I know this isn't really your fault Sony, but seriously, the first weekend I get this console, you suffer a DDOS?  Not only that, but these asshats apparently took down the Blizzard servers too, which stopped me from playing Diablo 3 on the X1 as well.  I don't know if you can picture this cheerful disposition ever raging, but that is probably as close as I've been in some time.  And I swear if it happens again, I'll burn it down.  I'll burn it all down.

"This stupid building is a tinderbox, and I will burn it to the ground."

The Gameplay

No complaints here.  Last of Us Remastered and P.T.  Seriously.  Ball hard.
Sony Exclusivity

I'm going to try and not smash my face into the keyboard to express my frustration at this point, so I'll KISS. Keep it Simple Sony.

Now everyone has been raging about the Tomb Raider exclusivity (which besides from the business sense, I get. Dick move) as well as some for Bayonetta 2.  What irks me though? Destiny exclusivity.  So now I own an Xbox One, and a PS4.  I also have a fiancee, but she won't be seeing much playtime for a while.

I want to play Destiny on my Xbox One, because my friends will be and because I prefer the controller.  But on PS4, gamers are treated with some sweet exclusive content just for playing it on that system.  I know this isn't the first time (AC games for instance) but this one irks me.  To me, this is the worst kind of exclusivity, besides retail-specific. They can burn in hell.  Instead of making a simple choice, I now have to decide between getting the experience that I want, or getting more awesome content (and you all know I'm a sucker for that).  I'm going to end up choosing Xbox, because nothing trumps playing with friends, but I'm still pissed off.  Apparently we may get the DLC as paid-content in 2015, but it's speculation right now.  So yeah, Microsoft pulls some shitty moves, but Sony is definitely not the Abel of this dichotomy.

This on top of the early Beta access for Sony systems, with only 4 days for Xbox?  Did you forget who made you Bungie?  And I'm not referring to Microsoft, I'm referring to all of us who played your flagship and made the series what it is today.  Or is it Activision pulling these strings?  I already have words for you map-pack hustling so-and-sos, but we'll keep that for a later blog. Either way, I'm perturbed. 

Play it First, Play it Better?  Oh I get it Sony, you're also the devil. 

DLC to Win

This is probably what annoyed me the most this weekend.  Now I know this occasionally happens in certain games, especially those of the Freemium nature, but in a serious competitive shooter, you should not be able to purchase DLC that gives you an advantage over other players.  Waste your money on unlock packs to get it quickly because you're too lazy to grind? Sure. Re-skins, or new weapons which parallel the power and effectiveness of those in the game?  Alright, fine.  Completely new weapons which are the most powerful in the game, on top of 8 new abilities which make life much easier?  Absolutely not.  Ab-so-friggin-lutely not.

Maybe this existed in the original Last of Us for PS3, but I don't recall seeing it.  Either way, this is a horrible tactic.  I could not believe that there were DLC packs with weapons and abilities that legitimately gave people a substantial upper hand, both in attack power, resource generation, and other aspects.  You know me; I'm a DLC, must-have-all-content whore.  I am not supporting this.  Clearly tons of people are, because I'm being taken down by the high-powered pistol and Spectre, but I will not endorse this practice.  I've never seen something this bad in another competitive shooter, or anything Microsoft exclusive.  CoD gets new weapons occasionally, but they are not intrinsically better than the existing weapons.  I could be wrong here, but this seems like it's gone too far.

Oh my bad, I didn't realize you gave us some maps. All is forgiven.


This needs an honorable mention.  Normally, I need a minimum of three full games (that are already out) before I will buy a console.  It's what made Day 1 Xbox One so easy, there were a ton of great games on launch.  For this system though?  All it took was PT, and the rumor that I am getting a raise in two weeks, and I threw my money into a pit. 

I have been playing the past 3 nights as soon as the sun went down, with my fiancee curled up beside me under a blanket, terrified to look at or away from the screen.  This truly is a creepy, psychological, terrifying masterpiece from the mind of Kojima.  I have never been so scared at a video game, or movie now that I think of it, and if the full game is even a quarter as good as this teaser, I'll buy it Day -1. (This is me one-upping CoD's Day 0).  Going back at the final puzzle tonight.  Can't seem to get it to occur, so why not spend another few hours in the most terrifying Groundhog Day reference since, well, Groundhog Day.

Didn't realize Hideo Kojima was such a fan.


I'm happy.  Little grievances along the way, but nothing too annoying.  I expect some small hiccups, I had similar issues with game loads on the Xbox One, so I'm not too worried.  Then again, these have since been fixed on the X1.  As for the exclusivity and DLC issues, F 'em. I'm buying Destiny on Xbox One, and I'll continue executing honkeys who think just because they paid for a high-powered pistol, they're better than me.  Guess what?  Now I'm smashing your head in with a 2X4.  Satisfying.

And that about sums it up; satisfying.  So far, this console has satisfied what I wanted it to do, and I know that with some decent exclusives finally around the corner, it will truly become a stellar system.  Although, stacked next to my Xbox One, I still don't see what all the hype is about.  Yeah, Microsoft has screwed it's fair share of pooches, but when you go system to system, side by side, I don't see PS4 as having the upper hand. Xbox doesn't either (except for me personally in terms of games, which I'd argue are still better right now).  I think we really have complementary systems here.

To each their own.  But for me? Both. 

The Scholarly Gamer

Haven't really written anything in a while, either here, or on my thesis.  And actually generally speaking, I haven't done too much productive in the last little while either.  I think this may turn into a rant.  Here's me promising no edits. 

Every time I sit down to write an article for Destructoid, I find myself getting really annoyed at all of the shit that I read daily on the front page articles.  Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than reading the C-Blogs and their thoughtful comments, but when they cross over with those who only lurk the Front Page?  Holy Hannah Montana...it's almost terrifying.  Why do people say these things to other human beings? 

On that note, as a small segway because this is talking about nothing in particular, I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you that commented on my I Love Pre-ordering Games blog.  Without those initial thoughtful comments, I think that blog getting promoted would have been the end of my short-lived experience on here.  I know some of you may be thinking "just deal with the asshats", which I can definitely do, but I need some sort of balance.  Something that shows me that through everything, there are good and thoughtful people out there; and that balance is all of you.  So thanks, even to those who vehemently disagreed with me.  You did it in such a way that made me appreciate your views in a new light, instead of just insulting my personal views. 

I've always had an issue with dealing with people who just seem to attack first, because personally I just can't comprehend it.  I want what's best for everyone, in pretty much every aspect of life.  I'm no hippie, but I'm also wholly non-confrontational usually.  If you've seen my response comments, you'll know that I prefer to engage even trolls in a civil manner, to flush out what their actual issues are. "You're the worst," or "I hate you" are not productive, but beneath those, there often lies an actual reason for the ill-worded sentiments. 

So again, thanks.  I've been going through some issues I can't quite figure out lately, and that blog got promoted at the wrong time.  It just made me feel horrible about myself, and had me questioning the things that I had grown to love.  If it hadn't been for all of you, I may have left shortly after that. 

Love, Love, Love! (Has anyone noticed my affectionate images are always ME?)

Back to my supposed slump; the same thing keeps happening with me for my research, and for learning Russian.  I'll sit down to start on something, and then within 5-10 minutes I find myself back to browsing articles, watching TV, or doing something equally monotonous that involves absolutely zero amount of thinking or engagement. 

You know though, as someone who is fairly OCD and anxious, and gets distracted by things, I'm used to at least some small degree of this.  Recently though, it's felt like it has encompassed many aspects of my life.  It's one thing if I'm getting heavily sidetracked from research or work, but it's started happening with gaming. 

Lately, I've been sitting down at the end of my 8 hour cubicle work day, and staring at a screen.  Then, I'll toss in Titanfall as a placeholder and play a few rounds, but then that drags on me.  Alright then, I'll hop over to Persona 3 FES or Metal Gear 4 on the PS3, but then I find myself getting annoyed there too.  Maybe annoyed isn't the right word.  I find that my enthusiasm just isn't there.

Fine, hope back onto the Xbox One, try some Thief?  Some Sniper Elite? What about Mario Kart 8 on the Wii?  Even when in doubt, throwing on a huge RPG like Skyrim or the Witcher 2, which are my usual go-tos for these moods, and still nothing. 

I don't know.  I know I haven't lost my passion for gaming, because I'm still geeking out over every new announcement.  I've hit the refresh button on the Canada Post Tracking page twice a minute since getting to work today, because I can't wait to get the Ultimate Evil Edition of D3 for my XBone.  When I actually get home to it though, will my excitement maintain itself?  Who knows. (*Hits refresh button again* How long can you be out for delivery for?!?!)

Asshats got my AC:Brotherhood CE stolen. Last chance honkeys... 

Anyways, I think I'm about done here.  Sorry if this seemed like a bit of a drag, but I don't really have any other outlet for these kind of things, and it's been weighing on me lately. I wish I could figure out what's causing this slump.  Maybe I have too much on the go, and I'm having trouble focusing on something, because my mind is whirling through the bajillion things that actually NEED to get done in my life.  

New terrifying job starting in two weeks; thesis is due soon; have to learn Russian before I can submit the thesis so that I can pass the translation exam; my wedding is coming up shortly; my company Gamework in on some sort of hiatus while everyone sorts their crap out (which has allowed other game-tourney companies to swoop in with the momentum we started); even after all these things are done and my Masters is finished I still will have no job prospects; have several weddings that I have to DJ soon, which are a load of stress; and on top of it all, I just found out I have to meet with a neurosurgeon shortly because I have a cist in my spinal cord and my brain is putting excess pressure on itself and my spine.  

Holy shit...after writing that all out, I'm actually wondering if I maybe need to take a week...or two off from life.  Thanks for listening everyone, I think even writing all that out as an exercise was beneficial for me.

You know I love you all,


Hey Dtoiders!

TSG here to discuss a new project that myself and a couple others have been talking about recently!  The main point of this blog is to receive your input!

After posting some "real" news last week, I was approached with the recommendation to start up a weekly news round-up that focused on major stories that were occurring around the world.  Let's be honest: many of us do not pay near as much attention to the news because of our tendencies to focus on the (usually) less depressing world of video game news.  

Nothing wrong with that at all, but it wouldn't hurt to plug into some reality every once in a while in the form of a C-blog written by myself and other contributors.  This blog is going to occur weekly, and will amalgamate stories from around the world to give you a snapshot of our world at a glance.  There will be plenty of opportunities to draw comparisons to gaming though, and we will encourage that sort of analysis. 

So here is what we want from you:

1. We are still deciding on a name!  Current ideas are: IRL News, "Real" News Roundup Blog, What Happened While I Was OOC This Week, AFK News.  Feel free to suggest a better one! 

2.  We'd like your general thoughts on this idea! We thought it was an important thing to do, but we want to know what the community thinks!

3.  Do you want to contribute?  If you feel like you want to join us in this endeavor, or if you have something to contribute to this project, comment below or shoot me a message!  Anyone can submit either a press clipping or their own write-up of a news story, but we reserve the right to choose what will make the weekly edition. 

I should point out as well, that these will not all be serious stories.  We are just looking to do media monitoring with a weekly blog-post, which can include any news from around the world!  In fact, I personally hope the world can figure it's shit out so we can write about rescuing koala bears with snuggles. 

Normally I hate that C-blogs won't resize my pictures. This one needed to be huge.

And the World We Want.

This isn't going to be one of my regular blog posts, or even that extensive of one, but I just wanted to briefly touch base on a couple things.  As you may know, I am a historian/political scientist, and I like to stay on top of media monitoring and looking at the responses to crises in the world.

As many of you will also know, much of the world has been focused on the events in Ukraine in the past few months, as Pro-Russian separatists have been fighting Ukrainians to secede from the country and form an independent state.  I won't go into to specifics here, suffice it to say that the entire situation has been exceptionally complex and rife with violence and propaganda from all sides.  While it appears that Russia has been supporting the separatists and behind the secession vote, there are many complexities to the situation which stop it from being purely black and white.

Quiet voices sing against the choir; The majority is almost never wrong. (Ukraine, The Maiden)

As of a couple hour ago, this situation has become even more complicated, and I'd just like to ask Dtoid members to take a few minutes away from our love of gaming to look at the world around us.  I'm not saying that people on this site are not following real world events, of course not.  I just know that it's a lot easier, and more fun, to monitor the Destructoid news feed than it is to look at the atrocities going on in our world.  Many of the themes that we find ourselves immersed in while we game have real world connotations, and have come from dramatic and terrible events as recent as the War on Terror in the Middle-East.  

A short 2 hours ago, at approximately 11:20 EST, Malaysian Flight MH17 was reportedly shot down over Ukraine by a Blume Buk missile system, while on a flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  It was flying at 33,000 feet and crashed just 20 miles outside of Russia in the Donetsk region.  All 280 passengers and 15 crew members were killed.  It is still unknown if or who shot the anti-air missile at the passenger liner, but there have been speculations.

A Buk M1-2-SAM System; NOT meant for civilians.

Some have argued that it was Russians/pro-Russian separatists who shot down the Boeing 777, as there had been instances of the pro-Russian separatists shooting down smaller Ukrainian aircraft (a Sukhoi-25  and a MiG) in the past several days.  Others have speculated that it was the Ukrainian military responding to the recent attacks by staging one of their own.  Regardless of who it was, the general agreement is that it was most likely an accidental targeting that occurred because of heightened tensions, or technological failings. 

But the bottom line is that 295 non-combatants who had absolutely nothing to do with the conflict in Ukraine were killed today, possibly because someone made a mistake.  In the midst of heightened tensions, someone pulled the trigger and the entire game changed.  The situation changed.  The international community will respond, blame may be placed, but the intrinsic problem will never be solved.  No answer will ever suffice, because there was no reason this needed to happen. 

The wreckage of Flight MH17, in Donetsk.

My point of this article is that the world around us is a scary place.  In every way, it's so much scarier than any horror game or realistic first person shooter could ever be.  Where do you think all of those ideas came from?  We're pretty twisted.  

All of those girls are still missing in Nigeria.  There are still thousands imprisoned in Tora Prison in Egypt, including two Canadians that deserve to come home.  Uganda is rampantly persecuting homosexuals, and West Bank/Gaza has once again failed peace talks as children die daily.  Coups and threats in Thailand, Argentina. Ethnic cleansing in sub-Saharan Africa; and racism, homophobia, sexism, and general hate is rampant everywhere.  And that's not even the half of it. 

Fairly certain several countries in the world are using this as a placemat.

That is all, and sorry if this article has been a bummer.  I've been really bothered lately by the amount of new crises springing up, as we in the international community fail to solve the ones we are already entangled in, and I wanted to write a few words on it.  I don't know if the Dtoid community cares at all about these topics, but I urge you all to stay on top of world news as well as gaming news.  It's only through understanding the problems that we are facing currently that we can hope to avert them in the future.  

Next time you go to speak out against EA's DRM policies, Nintendo shareholders lack of knowledge on video games, or Ubisoft's SJW fights, consider taking an extra ten minutes to speak out against violence, wrongful imprisonment, human trafficking, racism, or whatever hits home with you.  Maybe not here.  Maybe not on Facebook.  Maybe just talk to a friend about it.  If we all took a few minutes to learn and teach, we could change the world. 

I'd like to close with a few lines written by Protest the Hero in a song called Underbite.  Their most recent album, Volition, speaks volumes to the issues we deal with today. 

It's bullshit, be honest, this can't be what you wanted,
if what you write about means anything to you.
Rather than pure vanity, people might connect with sincerity,
Don't just pray the next generation learns from our mistakes.

I know that it might be quite cliche,
but if all the world is in fact a stage,
than this stage-this here, god damned stage-
Might just be all the world.