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The Sama's blog

1:50 AM on 03.31.2012

Takedown Kickstarter has 41 hours left on the clock to raise $60,000.

Hi everyone, I know I've been very inactive here (as in not active at all), personal stuff's dragging me down. But I wanted to share this kickstarter for Takedown, an indie tactical shooter. I admit I don't know much about th...   read

9:38 PM on 12.06.2011

URGENT: New Xbox LIVE terms of service, following in Sony's footsteps

Ok, I've been relatively internet-less for the past few weeks, so maybe I'm just missing something. But my search-fu has turned up nothing. I'm legitimately disappointed.. anyways... Microsoft is following in Sony's foots...   read

10:49 PM on 10.06.2011

The trials of indie development.

I briefly mentioned this on my last post, but I have entered the Ludum Dare October Challenge, a 'contest' to development and release a game (kind-of-from-scratch) in one month and earn at least one dollar - donations, sales,...   read

10:06 PM on 09.30.2011

Why are we so mean to our NPCs?

So, I was just watching the footage for Aliens: Colonial Marines. From the comments, most people liked it more than me. The source of my burning rage was first every allied NPC's total lack of *actual* combat ability, and sec...   read

9:18 PM on 09.24.2011

In Defense of DLC: Map Packs

This is gonna be short and sweet. I can see the problems with DLC. The system definitely needs improvements. However, so many people throw giant tizzy fits and even the slightest hint of DLC, which is just freaking ridicul...   read

4:04 PM on 07.11.2011

Some quick thoughts on Digital Distribution

So, this last week has seen me spend almost $60 on steam sales. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. hasn't really grabbed me yet, but I think MNC and AI War have potential. I also bought 4 copies of Terraria; never have I gotten so many responses...   read

8:21 PM on 06.06.2011

Sony is owning Microsoft - and why that's bad

Yeah, there, I said it, me an xbox fanboy too. But my preferred console maker has been, as of late, ignoring a crucial element of the video game... game... yeah, anyways, Sony is clearly looking long and hard at this opportun...   read

3:51 PM on 05.09.2011

Will our protagonists ever learn... [SPOILERS]

No, probably not. Learn what? That no-one likes a silent protagonist. OK, maybe I am being a bit generalized with that, but hear me out. I can't remember the last time I heard someone say that they actually liked having a s...   read

3:36 PM on 04.09.2011

Oh My God Hawken

Adhesive Games recently released a first-person trailer for their 'mech FPS Hawken. I really shouldn't have to do anything more than embed this trailer to get you hyperventilating: However, I know that's not Destructoid's...   read

12:35 AM on 04.03.2011

IGR: Super Crate Box

So I just spent the last two-ish hours of my life frantically jumping around platforms, blowing away grinning (sometimes raging) skulls and desperately careening into crates. Ladies and gents, welcome to the world of Super ...   read

8:30 PM on 03.21.2011

Videogames are my life

Today during dinner, my mother made stated the memorable quote "What is there to respect about videogames?" While my sister tried to change her outmoded way of thinking, I promptly went down here to write an angsty blog. Bu...   read

12:33 AM on 03.13.2011

Freeware Tiberian Sun; or, as I call it, ULTIMATE WIN

Today, I learned possibly the happiest bit of gaming news I've heard in a long while: Command and Conquer Tiberian Sun, as well as the expansion Firestorm, were released as freeware by EA. Over a year ago, in fact; to promote...   read

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