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1:04 PM on 05.21.2009

Console Wars: Super Nes 'Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose' VS Megadrive 'Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure'

Back in the early 90's Konami had the licence to the fun 'Tiny Toons' cartoon. Rather than release the same game on the Megadrive and Super NES, they made 2 very different games.

'Busters Hidden Treasure' was released for the Megadrive. The game was a platformer, spread over 33 different stages, with a Super Mario World style world map you use to traverse the levels. Many levels had alternate exits leading to harder levels. The plot was basic, but ok, it saw you as Buster Bunny heading to a Island to search for treasure buried there. Montana Max also headed there, and with a Scientest's help he attempts to get to the treasure before Buster.

The game was quite typical in that you killed enemies by leaping on thier heads. If you moved long enough you would break into an insane run which let you slide tackle the enemies. The games locations were varied, and split into seperate groups of themed levels. Starting off in the grasslands with the familier Tiny Toons theme as the background music , it led to dark forests, dank caves, snowy mountains, and a big factory. The levels were well designed, and lots of variety to what you did, with underwater levels in which you swam, to levels full of zip lines, and elevators.

The end of each group of levels see you fight a boss. This usually involves one of the characters from the show such as Dizzy Devil, Plucky Duck etc attacking you while under mind control from a creepy looking scientest.

Lots of characters from the series make appearances, as bosses, special moves (think the mortar from Streets of Rage), and enemies. A real fun game.

'Buster Busts Loose' was released for the Super NES. The game was set over 6 or 7 levels. It looked really good, and had great music. As far as I can tell the game has no plot. Most the levels are set as if they are a film, so theres a Western themed level, a level set in a haunted house, and even a level which is basically Star Wars, complete with Storm Troopers, and a Darth Vader look alike boss. The problem with this game is there is a total lack of any coherance to the levels, they have nothing in common, and just seem really disjointed and random. Also some of the levels are really short, such as the bizarre American Football level.

Rather than being able to jump on enemies heads, Buster defeats enemies by doing a weird floaty somasault kick at them. In this game also he can run, and slide tackle enemies, and has a cool move whereby he can run up walls as long as his stamina gauge holds out. Again characters from the cartoon are used as bosses, and as enemies.

After each level is a randomly generated bonus game where you can earn extra lives. At the time I thought this was ace, but playing it recently I have realised it is actually really boring. You earn lives by playing bingo, or other similer style mini games.

The game is good, but is not great. Too short, and just not as fun or entertaining as the Megadrive version. The winner therefore is...the Megadrive version. Thier all so cheap nowadays you might as well get both versions though. I also remember the Gameboy Tiny Toons game being ace, and the NES one looks real good.   read

2:18 PM on 04.19.2009

My damn 360 Red Ringed again!!

Saturday morning my damn 360 red ringed again. Just over a year ago it red ringed, sent it off to someplace in England and it come back fixed. Damn annoying, but I guess it can't be helped.

This time though it is being sent all the way to Germany to be fixed which seems a tad odd. I guess I wont be getting it back within a week like I did last time.

Luckily for me it is still covered by it's 3 year warranty so will cost me nothing but time.

This is hardly a blog post, not even 10 darn lines, but god damn it. I have at least 70 games I have not yet even played for all my other systems, so its not like i have nothing to play now. A Gamestation opening close to my house has made me so broke with all its stupidly cheap last gen games.   read

5:41 AM on 03.28.2009

Games I intend to buy when I get paid

I cannot wait until I get paid. As my life is Hellish at the moment I'm looking forward to getting lost in some videogames. This isn't so much a blog post as a rambling of my hungover thoughts. But anyway, the games I intend to buy (hopefully!) are thus;

House of the Dead 2 and 3 (Wii) - I actually already have House of the Dead 2 on the Dreamcast and on the X-box, and have House of the Dead 3 on the X-box, so I'm kinda a sucker for wanting to buy them yet again.

Zombie Revenge (Dreamcast) - I'm hoping to track this down in E-Bay, I used to own it, and thought it was quite average with awful controls, but it has a level set in the mansion from House of the Dead, so that's really cool!

Silent Hill 5 (360) - I meant to buy this this month, but due to personal issues I wasn't in the mood to buy things. I love this series, obviously Silent Hill 2 is the best, but I have a real soft spot for Silent Hill 3, I feel it was under-rated. Silent Hill is still fantastic, and Silent Hill 4 I did enjoy, eventually on my third play though.

Resident Evil 5 (360) - I was totally put off this game by the dreadful demo, and having no friends makes me dread having to play though the game with a hidious A.I controlled character, but I do love the series, and the story, so must get it really.

Onechanbara (360, and Wii) - I'm going to buy both the 360, and Wii versions of this game, as one is the sequal to the other (I think the Wii one is the sequal). There quite cheap (well they were, I hope they still are) and should be some good zombie mashing fun.

Left 4 Dead (360) - I have been putting off buying this game for so long, again as again I have no friends to play it with. I know it is multi-player only, but I guess I will just have to play it with strangers.

Call of Duty: World at War (360) - I thought the demo was ok, I'm more interested in the zombie modes though, plus one of my 360 friends plays the game constantly, as in all the frickin time. On a side note I have about 7 or 8 360 friends, yet I have never actually played anything with any of them (well apart from the D-Toid friends on Friday Game night).

Resident Evil: Gun Survivor (Playstation) - Lastely this one, I used to own this, despite looking like crap, it was actually quite fun, or so my memory tells me. The lack of a save point was annoying, but I remember cool monkey like SWAT team monsters, and the story is canon which is really cool for a Resident Evil nerd like me.

So there you have it, the list of games I intend to buy depending on cost (I have bills to pay). Hollow times indeed. I know this post is a mess, but I'm surprised by stoopid hungover brain was able to manage this much!   read

5:48 AM on 10.23.2008

Gongora - A Defence (*Lost Odyssey Spoilers*)

Spoilers aplenty probably, so be warned. Gongora is the main bad guy in the fantastic RPG 'Lost Odyssey'. Many many people love the Lost Odyssey game, and many people see the main bad guy Gongora as a weakness on the part of the game. Let me don my geek specs...

Last night I drempt that I was sitting at a table, I was having a debate about Gongora with 2 ex-friends of mine. I wasn't able to get my point across as I was being shouted down. So when I awoke I decided I would get my point across via a blog post.

I will admit Gongora's aim is a stereotypical one, or at least first it seems to be. He is power mad, and wants to be ruler of the world. It is apparant at least to me that he has much better true motives, and that maybe none of it is his fault anyway.

Gongora and a lot of the main characters are all 'aliens' from a different dimension. They were all sent to the world of the game via some type of magic mirror. They were given 1000 years to achieve thier goal (what ever it was), they are immortal, unable to die, and unable to age.

The game takes place at the end of thier 1000 year mission. All the immortals feel the pull of the magic mirror, as the beings from the mirror's world call for the immortals to go back home to where they belong. None of the characters want to go there, not least Gongora, he has a plan to destroy the mirror so that he will never have to leave the world he loves so much.

Part of his plan involves wiping the memories of the other immortals, so that he can carry his plan out unmolested. Sure a part of his reason to destroy the mirror may be so he can be a self proclaimed God and ruler of the game world, but also he is angry at the unrelenting urge to leave the world. What right do the other world have to drag him back home when he is having so much fun? Kaim and the others also have no wish to go back, they all have people they love in the game world. It isn't fair in my opinion that they got to defeat Gongora, but also got to stay where they wanted.

The next part of my defence of the coolness of Gongora is his personality. It is suggested through the game that when the immortals where in thier own world they had no emotions, no form, no personality, nothing. Thier experiances since arriving in the world has shaped them and moulded them into what they become. While Kaim for instance discovered the power of love, Mina discovered the power of wanting to protect her people, Gongora seems to have just become really angry and bitter about everything. It is not his fault, the world made him into this person.

Gongora can't be killed, so Seth drags him into the magic mirror and back to his own world before it explodes. I like to imagine that when they returned they lost everything, that they went back to being formless emotionless beings, and that they were able to report back on thier mission with neutrality.

The world is at fault for making Gongora power hungry, he is not a bad person, so isn't the stereotypical RPG bad guy he's been made out to be. At least thats the points I tried to make in my dream last night.

I will remove my geek specs now.   read

4:56 PM on 10.13.2008

Ys Books I and II - A cautionary tale of woe

I am not happy. I was still rejoicing over completing Book I when I got jammed into a groundhog day style death bug. This is a cautionary tale of woe.

The game is really fun, and has great music. I really enjoyed doing Book I, Book II carries straight on from the end of Book I. I walked to the first dungeon type place where there were 2 stationary enemies guarding a treasure chest. To defeat them you have to constantly walk into them, wait for your energy to recharge then walk into them again until they die. I killed one of them, and then saved my game. I killed the 2nd one and went on about my business of fighting goons, until I accidently died. Never mind I thought, and I reloaded my saved game.

The enemy I had killed had respawned, exactly where I was standing when I had saved my game, so I was stuck in an endless loop of death. It was then a little part of me died. While writing this I thought that maybe someone in internet land might have out down a password. Gamefaqs saved my soul. The password put me back about 10 minutes of game and one level higher than I had been, so its usable (though about 43,000 digits long)

The morale of my story is - save on more then one damn save slot, unless you want to be screwed over!   read

9:03 AM on 10.05.2008

Splatterhouse - A review by Lord Happyhead

I was a huge huge fan of Splatterhouse 2, well, I still am. In fact I think that game was a contributing factor into getting me into horror films, it is littered with references to the classic horrors, most obvious being 'Friday 13th' due to the hockey mask the main character wears (yeah, I know it's supposed to be some ancient power giving demonic mask rather than a hockey mask).

When I got my Virtual Console...I mean Wii Splatterhouse was the first game I downloaded. The game is really good, it feels like a basic version of Splatterhouse 2, which it is. The music, graphics and everything are just as good.

The game sees you fight your way though 7 levels of monster filled madness to rescue your kidnapped girlfriend, main enemies being various types of zombies. There are multiple routes through most the levels, more routes than are present in the sequal in fact. The bosses like the sequal are fantastic show stopping events mostly. Everything from a room full of possesed furniture to a sack wearing corpse weilding dual chainsaws.

I had hoped the game would be the uncensored version, but alas it was not to be. The biggest fault of the censored version (apart from Rick having a stupid red mask instead of white) I believe is the 4th level boss. Originally you had to fight a floating crucifix surrounded by severed heads in a church. After beating it Rick walks up to an alter and church music starts playing as the church lights up. In the censored version you instead fight a floating blue blob surrounded by severed heads. After beating it Rick walks upto an empty space (where the altar should be), church music starts playing as the place your in lights up (still blatenly a church) and makes no sense whatsoever.

Regardless of this the game is fantastic. I really hope they release Splatterhouse 3 as well on the Virtual Console, that games like gold dust and I have only played it on an emulator before.   read

5:28 AM on 10.05.2008

Path of Neo - A review by Lord Happyhead

I brought this recently in GAME as part of a 3 games for £10 thing. Having played 'Enter the Matrix' I expected this to be in a similer vein.

The game spans the trilogy of films, and has you playing as Neo. The game seems to me to mostly be a scrolling beat em up. Sure there are guns in the game, but the dreadful controls make them near impossible to use. Rather I just dodged my way upto enemies with guns and then beat em up close range.

The game is quite long, and is split up with crazily edited footage from the films. Far too much of the start of the game is spent in stupid training simulations, but later levels are actually quite enjoyable.

There was a surprising amount of humour in the game. One level sees you fighting some bloke in a cinema while the Matrix is playing in the background, a man in the audience keeps shouting at you to get out the way of the screen. Another level starts with a American politician talking about violence in video games before getting swamped with violence. And just before the end of game boss theres a comedy interlude (compltly out of place) explaining why your going to fight a giant monster.

The fighting controls are cool, lots and lots of fantastic powerful looking combos and moves. The shooting controls are absolutly dreadful. The second you draw out your guns you auto lock on to any nearby enemy. Wrestle all you want but I swear it's near damn impossible to un-lock from the enemy. Even when they are dead you are still force locked onto the corpse, and the only solution is to put away the guns and then get them out again. This game really needed a free aim mode, rather then lock on only. There were several instances of being blasted in the face at very close range while I was stuck onto an enemy several miles away, annoying!

The Agent Smith levels are very fun, and especially the fantastic end of game baddie Smith, heh. But this game is about as fustrating as it is fun, so ok, but not great.   read

3:05 PM on 10.04.2008

Super Mario RPG - A review by Lord Happyhead

Whew, I've just completed Super Mario RPG, so can finally move on to one of the billion other RPG's I have yet to do.

I had only ever played this via a ROM on my PC before, and had soon given up on it. I had the impression the game was too serious and boring, and I didn't realise it was the first of the Paper Mario style games (obviously the whole paper mario bit doesn't feature in this). But still I got it as soon as it appeared on the Virtual Console. It had been a game I had long been waiting for.

The game is much better than my memories of it. The game is very funny, laugh out loud funny in places, one of my favourite things about the Paper Mario series is it's unique goofy humour. I was pleasently surprised to see a lot of the mechanics which turned up in the Paper Mario games originate here. Things such as the ability to increase attack and increase defence by pressing a button at the right time, sound effects, and some music.

The graphics have dated really badly. I know at the time it would have looked fantastic, but now to me everything just looks so ugly.

The characters are cool, it's great having Bowser on your team, and not having to rescue Princess Toadstool for a change (well you do, but it's not the main plot of the game). I found the magic to be next to useless, only Toadstools healing magic I used, other than that I found it much easier just to attack with my strongest characters. One thing I really liked was that characters not in your party leveled up at the same rate as your main ones. Also if anyone died in battle they would still get all the experiance points come fights end.

I really enjoyed the game, it was cool seeing the origins of the Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi games, the plot was decent, and funny, combat interesting, and was an enjoyable experiance.   read

4:45 PM on 09.22.2008

Doom - A review of the film by Lord Happyhead

I am known for having an awful taste in films, so forgive me. This is a review taken from my blogspot, but I wanted to know what peoples views are on the film, so have put it here as well.

I wasn't keen on seeing the Doom film, but I saw it for sale cheap and so brought it. The game is based mostly on Doom 3 and takes place in similer locations, and features similer looking computers and stuff. The film could have gone either in a horror vein, or in a meat head action style. The film goes for the later.

The plot concerns a group of UAC special forces who teleport to a Mars research facility to see why contact has been lost with a research team there. They soon discover death and mayhem and high octane shooty shananigins.

The cast is quite cool. The best character is Richard Blake (he had a titchy part in Batman Begins) as Portman, who is a fantastic shady character, his eyes and teeth just seem to glow! Female lead is Rosamund pike (from Die Another Day), also Dexter Fletcher (of Gamesmaster fame!) has a secondary character part, and of course main character is The Rock.

Lots of the games weapons are used, including the chainsaw, and the amazing BFG (with it's proper name uttered by The Rock) For some reason the BFG shoots out a blue projectile rather than the games green, but never mind.

One annoying factor is the explanation for the demons. In the games the demons are literally that - Demons from Hell. In the film though there is quite a few religious references, the monsters are discovered to be a result of genetic tampering. Lots of zombies feature in the film, zombies are the best, so that made me happy.

Towards the end there is a 5 minute section literally shown in first person. Like the game you just see a gun running around corridoors shooting seven shades of hell out of numerous enemies while a imitation Doom song blares over it. This was a cool nod to the games the film was influenced by. This occurs again in the fantastic end credit sequence, this time with some great Nine Inch Nails as musical accompiment. The film is unashamably action oriantated, but a fun time.

Extras include a hilarious begineers guide to Doom 3, and a brief history of the Doom games.   read

11:26 AM on 09.21.2008

Genma Onimusha - A Review by Lord Happyhead

I brought a hell of a lot of cheap games lately, so each one I complete I create a new review with my thoughts. I got Genma Onimusha for £2.50 on X-box (was in a 4 games for £10 promotion). I didn't really know much about the game, I knew it was a survival horror game set in fuedal Japan made by Capcom, but that was about it.

The game is quite entertaining. You play as a warrior called Samonsuke who is on a quest to rescue a kidnapped princess. The game takes place all in one location - the house and grounds of the Princess's place. Your character has 3 different types of magic he gets - wind, fire and electric magic. This magic is very powerful, and there are many recharge points for it.
The game kinda feels like a lite version of the Devil May Cry games which is good, as I'm absolutly dreadful at those so a slimmed down version was much appreciated! The enemies are quite good, there were a few annoying ones, but mostly they all looked good, and were fun to fight. I also love the soundtrack to this game, excellent.

The static backgrounds are a problem as always in these types of games as it can be hard to see what your attacking, and especially with the bigger enemies I found they would often obscure the screen so that you couldnt tell where you were on it which was very annoying.
Another annoying factor was it was easy to see when an enemy was gonna do an unblockable attack, but near impossible to avoid, a quick back step button would have been useful.
Last thing; the floating Japanese doll has to be one of the god damn most annoying enemies in history! The damn bitch followed me everywhere, and is invincible, gah!

Fun enough, a little bit dated, but still looks good.   read

12:41 PM on 09.17.2008

Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1 Review by Happyhead

I didn't even know this game had been released on Wii Ware I long ago gave up checking Wii Ware releases as they were so abysmal. As soon as I saw it was a point and click I immediatly downloaded it (I say immediatly but it took me over an hour to download it on my super slow connection).

I have never seen or even heard of the flash cartoon (?) the game is based on, as a result a lot of the jokes feel like they were passing over my head a bit, I'm sure they would mean something to people who have heard of Strongbad before. Despite this the game still made me laugh out loud in places (for example, the training montage).

The characters were all weird, but entertaining enough, and everything was nice and colourful. The locations were quite bland, especially the outside locations which were really sparse. The music was terrible mostly, entirely forgettable, not even doing its job as background noise.

My main complaint with this game would be the length and ease of it. I know episodic games wont be as long as normal full games, but I breezed through this in just over 2 hours, not getting stuck even once. I grew up on a diet of PC point and clicks, so after spending hours working out I had to hypnotise a monkey so that you could use it to turn off a waterfall in my youth, puzzles such as using a plunger as a makeshift platform presented no challenge whatsoever to me. I just don't think the game was worth £7 (1000 Wii points).

I really enjoyed the game while it lasted, it has replay value with collecting all the awards, and the side games, but I just am hesitant about getting episode 2, especially if it's so damn easy and short as this was.   read

3:09 PM on 09.16.2008

Enter The Matrix - A Review by Lord Happyhead

It currently seems to be a golden age for last gen games. I was amazed upon going in my local Gamestation to see so many PS2 and X-box games at ridiculously cheap prices, it was like the golden age of cheap Megadrive and Super NES games all over again.

I spent around £30 on around 15 games. One of these was 'Enter The Matrix' on X-box which cost me the crippling price of £1.99.

I liked the first Matrix film, I thought the 2nd and 3rd ones were complete dross, added to that the fact that film licences are usually god awful I had never had any incentive to want this game based on the 2nd film. I had heard that the game was pretty mediocre.

I found the game almost humiliatingly addictive, I just could not stop playing the damn thing! It is real fun, despite it's many faults. The combat is really simple, but really easy to do as well, as in the close range fighting anyway. 3 different buttons and lots of different combinations makes me a happy guy.

The game is a good use of a film licence in that it adds to the film rather than just tries to emulate the film. You take control of one of either 2 minor characters from the film - a bloke called Ghost, or some woman called Niobe. I had hoped that thier levels would be completly different from one another, but it seems that they are quite identical, and only vary in slight ways, too slight for me to bother finishing the game for a 2nd time.

For the game original scenes using the actors were filmed, all very good I guess if you like your Matrix stuff, though these additional scenes all look very low budget and usually just involve a few people standing around chatting.

There is more variation in the game than I was expecting. The game is at it's best when doing straight forward 3rd person action scenes. Also included to spice things up are sniper levels (sorta good), on rails shooting sections (bit too easy, but not bad) and driving levels (damn the driving controls are crap! Twitch mania). Also there is a cool few levels in the middle of the game which turn into some Buffy clone.

Onto the not so good stuff. The shooting of which there is a lot is not that great, I never actually looked into the options to se if it was possible, but auto aiming did my head in at times.

The locations are amazingly bland. It's like the team designing the game came up with a big list of possible locations and then chucked away all the ones which sounded like they may be interesting. So lots of time is spent in sewers, factorys and other generic and dull locations.

Greys and browns are the most prominent colour in the game, nearly everything is damn grey! I swear in places I just simply could not tell what were walls and what was the floor, it all melded into one so it looked like I was groping my way through some vortex dimension. One time on a driving level I kept driving into a solid wall as it closely resembled the road so much!

As much as it had it's faults you really cannot complain at £1.99. The game is surprisingly long, and is very addicitve to its fun fighting controls, so yeah, was cool enough.   read

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