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The Random One
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Rantview: Ace of Spades

I have just turned twenty-seven years old. I am, as far as the internet is concerned, an old man, cynical and tired. As such, I tend to scoff when I hear game discussion centered about how games should first and foremost be '...


Endings: GTAIV's BAD END

The worst part is that I had been clamoring for years for a truly mature title, with characters that are actually well thought out and a story that actually amounts to something, and when it actually came out I had to say tha...


Mass Effect: Correction

So have you heard about how the latest Mass Effect novel apparently has a ton of errors, almost as if it was written by someone whose only previous interest in the franchise has been a list of place and race names that was be...


Resolutions: Achieve Something

The best way to describe gamification is to paraphrase Steve Butts and say itís a concept as interesting and exciting as its name is stupid, and its name is very stupid. Itís the idea that the same stuff that game designers u...


A Gaming Carol, Part I: Prologue

ĎTwas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Thatís because the house belonged to a game journalist, who was at the time getting shitfaced at his office party. ...


Jim Sterling versus the world

So last week Jim Sterling found exception with the fact that John Walker of Rock Paper Shotgun called Modern Warfare 3 an un-game, and there was almost as much vitriol flying from his loving/hating/kismesisshipping fanbase as...


Zelda Week: Good Samaritan

Majora's Mask is the best Zelda game ever. I never played it to the end, and since I started playing games on the N64 and have an irrational hatred of handhelds there are way more Zelda games that I didn't even play, but I wo...


Rantview: The Binding of Isaac

Look, up on the internet! Is it a rant? Is it a review? Itís both! Itís... a rantview! ...Well, that sounds awful. Is there no better portmanteau? A... reviant? Eh, never mind, itís already on the title. Ladies and Gentleman...


About The Random Oneone of us since 11:09 PM on 03.17.2011

The Random One was born in the middle of the Brazilian (concrete) jungles, where it was foretold by a figment of his imagination that he would become a great writer. After waiting for decades for the world to recognize his genius, he gave up and decided to actually write things that people might want to read. This is one of the things he writes.

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