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The Prodigal Son's blog

8:59 AM on 09.23.2009

Shortblog:: Oh, Destructoid. How I miss you... [NVGR]

[size=12]So, Fall semester is in full swing and I'm finding myself busier than ever. I'm supposed to graduate in the Spring of 2010, so it's crunchtime -- and I've still got a ridiculous amount of work left to do on my senior design (which is described in this blog, and is video-game music related, sorta). This is unfortunate, because it's cutting into my time follow the great Editor blogs and C-blogs on the site. There's an excellent community here, and it sucks that I can't seem to find the time to STFUAJPG. It's been almost four weeks since I've touched a controller, and I'm willing to bet people on PSN think I'm dead or something. I even bought a 360 this week (a day before the $50 rebate on Elites) to put in my closet as the "finish line" prize for getting through this garbage.

To the community:: This is your charge. Keep making Destructoid the greatest VG blog site on the intarnetz. For the next few months, you will all be dearly missed.

~ The Prodigal Son
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11:18 AM on 08.20.2009

Hello Destructoid (Also, Hello Destructoid...)

So, I've been here a while (like a half of a year or something like that) and figured it was time to say hello. Yeah, I know, this is something I should have done when I signed up for the Green Army. I'm lazy, and I don't usually do the online communities thing. So, without further ado,


I found my way here through Indie Nation while looking for Cave Story reviews. So, if you like me, thank Papa Burch. If you hate me, blame Papa Burch.

I like games. Particularly anything that Kojima touches, has the words Grand Theft Auto attached to them, or the nostalgic NES franchises (Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, probably others that I can't think of). I'm also decent at the Rock Band 2. I play drums and bass mostly, but am starting to drill through guitar. I suck at the "chords" because I play real guitar. Basically, whenever they throw barre chords (that chords that sounds like "rock"), a guitarist will use their forefinger and ring finger to play it. Rock Band likes to use notes next to each other, which confuses the shit out of me.

I own a PS2, PS3, GB, GBC, GBA SP, DSlite, NES, SNES, Genesis, and probably something else that's in a box in storage. Oh yeah, and a Wii -- which I forget that I have. My relationship with said Wii is definitely Love/Hate, at about a 10/90 split. I have recently discovered the joy and frustration of Swordplay in Wii Sports Resort. You guys (and girls) are lucky that shit isn't WiFi compatible, because it turns out I'm a ninja. I was thinking how much fun it would be to challenge Y0j1mb0 to that shit. Maybe one day...

I like music -- a lot. I mostly listen to stuff that you've probably never heard of. Not because I'm pretentious or elitist, but because I fancy the obscure. I write a little too. I play guitar, bass, a little piano/keys, and I'm learning drums. I plan on beginning to learn the cello and the harp within the next 3 years. The software that I use primarily is ProTools and Reason. I use Ampltiube for Amp/Effects modeling. I've already taken notice to those musically-inclined D'Toid members (Mr. North and Kauza come to mind immediately). Getting into a discussion about music is something that is a little lengthy for an intro blog.

I'm currently wrapping up my last two semesters of school, slated to graduate May 2010. I'm majoring in both Computer and Electrical Engineering. My senior design project is to create a MIDI-based engine to drive the AY-3-8910 sound chip, which was used in the Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear, a couple Ataris, and I think the Donkey Kong Jr. arcade board. The idea is to create a MIDI driven synthesizer out of this thing. If I get this thing as fully featured as I would like, I plan to sell it for a modest price (slightly above cost) to help musicians that are not code-savvy to be able to create chiptune using the MIDI standard. It should be pretty badass "when it's done". I promise that it will come out before Duke Nukem Forever.

I know my About Me is barren, as well as my header image. Frankly, I suck at Photoshop, Paint, and writing concise details about myself. If anyone wants to contribute, you are more than welcome. It took me 2 months to put my damn avatar image up. Also, I've found out that it's possible to be your own friend here. So, I am my only friend. Let's fix this: Add Me, or not. I don't think I'll be going anywhere regardless. I'm not sure how the D'Toid friend adding customs work.

Well Destructoid, it's been a pleasure so far. I imagine it will be in the future as well.

~ Ricky a.k.a. The Prodigal Son

PSN:: The_Prodigal_Son

To Niero,

Congratulations. You've created the first online community that I've felt compelled to join. That is no easy feat, sir.

Thanks.   read

12:45 AM on 05.24.2009

Re:: A post about RapeLay: Not what you think....

The following is a reply to Big Evil's blog: "A post about RapeLay: Not what you think....".

Original Blog:

I wouldn't be so quick to consider (Western) society's curiosity to be disturbing or shocking. We, as a society, are attracted to the socially and/or morally taboo. It's a common understanding in Sociology that Western culture is abundant with sadist tendencies. For example, watch how many people try to catch a glimpse of accident victims when passing by a traffic collision. Even drivers try to get a peek, putting their own safety and responsibilities (operation of a motor vehicle) aside. Look at all the people running around with tattoos and body piercings. This is a behavior that was incredibly taboo as little as 50 years ago (and still is, to some degree, today).

Whether or not people find this sort of thing (rape fantasies) curious or even fulfilling becomes an issue of culture -- which is defined socially. The Japanese do not have the same rules for sexuality, often embracing sexual fantasy and desire simply as a human need. Western culture has romanticized sex and created a stigma against sexual exploration. Hell, it's illegal in some states (U.S.) to practice oral or anal sex (i.e. oral in Florida).

In Western culture, we would assume that someone who would enjoy a game like RapeLay would probably be interested in actually participating in a rape. Japanese culture probably doesn't see it this way. I don't believe it's entirely a 4chan/internet culture thing. The net just makes this kind of thing accessible.

Amazon is a popular online retailer that sold this thing. If the internet did not exist, RapeLay would have been nearly impossible to find on store shelves in the States. Local police would have brought down the hammer, and I doubt that the controversy surrounding it would have been publicized much. If it had, people wouldn't run to their local import store to see if they had it. People who were only curious would feel ashamed, if not criminal, trying to buy this thing in a store. That's precisely why internet pornography is so huge. No more brown bags and shady parts of town.

I'm ultimately not surprised at all that this is getting attention. The news made a big deal about it and our society is curious. I find myself doing the same thing. When I heard about lolikon, I looked it up. When I heard about the Janet Jackson nipple-slip at the Super Bowl, I looked it up. When I heard about Michael Richards and his gratuitous use of the "N-word" at a comedy show, I looked it up. It's the culture we live in. It's a combination of oppressive moral judgment and repression that breeds this curiosity -- this desire to witness things that are taboo.

Take comfort that RapeLay, like most internet sensations, the majority of people won't remember it in six months.   read

4:16 AM on 05.14.2009

Shortblog:: PS3 Firmware Update 2.76

The PS3 Firmware 2.76 has rolled out this morning, so expect some delays if you plan on signing in to PSN today. It's another ambiguous update from Sony. I couldn't find any details other than the following from Eric Lempel (Director of PSN Operations) on the Playstation.Blog:

Hello, I just wanted to provide everyone with a headís up that the next PLAYSTATION 3 system software update (v.2.76) will be coming soon. This is a minor update that improves the playback quality of some PS3 format software.

For those of you who need to see it yourself:

As of 4:20AM CST (heh), the PS3 Software Update website still advertises 2.70, so the Playstation.Blog is the only information out there regarding the update. Here's a link anyways in case that changes soon:   read

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