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The Pax Dtoid Meetup Group blog header photo
The Pax Dtoid Meetup Group
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Join the Dtoid PAX Meetup Google group for PAX East

Hey Dtoiders, it is the Dtoid PAX blog back in action. We are definitely not finished with the magic that happened in September. It looks like that magic will be making its way to Boston at the end of March 2010. Planning has already gotten underway with our PAX New PAX Google Group. Join up if you are looking to go to PAX East. See you in Boston.


About The Pax Dtoid Meetup Groupone of us since 5:29 PM on 12.26.2008

Welcome to the Dtoid PAX Meetup blog. Please join our wonderful Google Group for information on this wonderful event.

Thanks to both Rio McCarthy and Ashley Davis for creating the banner and avatar, respectively.

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