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The Pax Dtoid Meetup Group's blog

10:20 AM on 04.13.2010

Pax Prime Google Group is ready for action

Boy, PAX East was tremendous. But, it is time head back to the West Coast to an old familiar place in Seattle. Ladies and Gentleman, PAX Prime 2010 is next stop for the Dtoid PAX Meetup Group. Pax Prime is set for Labor Da...   read

2:10 PM on 03.18.2010

The PAX East Collective List- Beta 1.1

This is the latest update to the Dtoid PAX East list. Now, for another song from a Boston area band that many of you are probably familiar with. Dtoid New England Sensian Zerotolo Hey Ricochet Tha Meat Rawnewdlz Diztruk...   read

11:09 AM on 03.13.2010

The PAX East Collective List- Beta Version

We are under two weeks away from one of the most fun weekends around. The weekend revolving around PAX is some of the most fun times around and PAX East will be no different. Here is the second version of the list of people ...   read

11:40 PM on 03.06.2010

The Dtoid PAX East Collective- The List (Alpha)

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are only weeks away from the Boston games massacre known as PAX East. There will be many people heading up to Boston for some fun times. Here is the first list of the individuals shipping up to Boston...   read

11:54 AM on 02.02.2010

A Friendly PAX East Reminder

This is only a tiny hint at what goes on at a Dtoid event. Hey everybody, long time no see. Anyways, the PAX meetup group wants to remind you that there are only 600 3-Day Passes left. Your chances of getting a three-day p...   read

2:14 PM on 10.09.2009

Join the Dtoid PAX Meetup Google group for PAX East

Hey Dtoiders, it is the Dtoid PAX blog back in action. We are definitely not finished with the magic that happened in September. It looks like that magic will be making its way to Boston at the end of March 2010. Planning has already gotten underway with our PAX New PAX Google Group. Join up if you are looking to go to PAX East. See you in Boston.   read

11:14 PM on 08.27.2009

The Latest List of Dtoiders Headed to the Penny Arcade Expo

PAX-bound Dtoiders, here is the latest list of people going to the Penny Arcade Expo. Dtoid Australia Fooliz The Ghost Dtoid Texas Blehman Coonskin 05 Walk Your Path Itemforty Dtoid UK Pheonix Blood Bunnyrabbit 2 Wardrox ...   read

3:27 PM on 07.31.2009

The Farestart Resturant Gathering on Sept 3rd and PAX List 0.5

Hello Dtoiders, some of us are going to be attending a very special dinner event on the Thursday before PAX begins. Here is Johnathan Ross with more details on the Farestart restaurant. Remember, if you want to join an possib...   read

5:04 PM on 07.27.2009

The PAX Dtoid Meetup List (Beta Version) and EPIC AVATAR!

Hey Dtoiders, here is the latest version of the list of Dtoid Members based on The PAX 09 Dtoid List of Attendees so far. (This list is subject to change.) Dtoid Australia Fooliz The Ghost Dtoid Texas Blehman Coonskin 05 Wa...   read

6:47 PM on 07.19.2009

The Intial List of Dtoid Members going to PAX and the new Facebook Group

Hey Dtoid people, we are less then two months away from a great weekend for many of us in Seattle, Washington. With airline tickets, being very inexpensive, now is the time to prepare for an amazing weekend with amazing peopl...   read

9:21 PM on 02.17.2009

Achievement unlocked-over 100 Dtoiders subscribed to the Google Group for PAX 09

Yesterday, the 100th Dtoider subscribed to the Google Group for the PAX 09 Meetup. This means that our PAX trip could very well be our largest one yet. We are having intelligent discussion on subjects like the difference be...   read

8:02 AM on 01.24.2009

An Introduction to the Dtoid PAX 09 Meetup Blog

Hello, fellow Destructoid members, this is the Dtoid PAX 09 Blog. This blog was created to promote the PAX Google Group, which you can now sign up for at the link below. It will allow you to get in contact with other Dtoiders...   read

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