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Generation 3 is known as the "advanced" generation. However, it is probably more widely known as the "controversial" generation.

Generation 3 arrived in a very transitional time for the Pokémon franchise. "Pokémania" or the intense obsession and popularity of the Pokémon franchise that was brought about by the success of the first 2 generations had come to an abrupt end when the generation 3 games were released. The kids who had played the first two generations were growing up and out of Pokemon, while the new fanbase that was first introduced to the Pokémon franchise through Gen 3 was young and undefined. Also contributing to this transitional time was the fact that Game Freak (the developers of Pokémon) had decided to take the franchise in a new direction in order to give it a fresh twist.

You see, the Pokémon franchise was supposed to come to an end with the release of the Gen 2 games.  However, considering that the fanbase for the games was so strong, Game Freak decided to push on with the series because the demand was so high.

As a result, they made a lot of changes to many of the game's mechanics, introduced a brand new region, Hoenn, on a more technologically advanced system, and created 134 new Pokémon for trainers to catch and enjoy.


Older Pokémon fans were disappointed that Hoenn held very few familiar faces

Unfortunately, many fans of the series didn't respond well to the new changes. Firstly, the games weren't backwards compatible (I'll explain why this was later), meaning that players who had trained teams of Pokémon they had grown attached to couldn't trade them over from Gens 1 and 2 into the new games. Sure, there were 134 new Pokémon to catch and train in Hoenn, but many players felt too unfamiliar with these new creatures and the new region since many of the Pokémon available in Kanto and Johto were absent from Hoenn. Not to mention that in the Gen 2 games, the player could revisit Kanto, while in the Gen 3 games, the player was stuck in Hoenn. In a nutshell, the Gen 3 games really alienated older fans of the series, while at the same time creating a brand new and innovative generation of Pokémon for new fans.

That's where I come in.

I fell into the "young and undefined" category of Pokémon fans that existed at the time that Ruby and Sapphire were released. Sapphire was the first Pokémon game I tackled and completed on my own, and I remember playing it over and over again and never tiring of it. So, when I say that Gen 3 is my favorite generation of Pokémon, maybe it is because I'm a little biased, but looking back at Gen 3 after the newer generations have come out since then, I can confidently say that in my opinion, many aspects of the Gen 3 games are superior to its successors.

  Firstly, so many new features were added in Gen 3 that the games that came before them had become obsolete, hence why they weren't backwards compatible. For instance, the developers of the game re-did the individual values system (IVs), and increased each potential number of IVs for a Pokémon from 15 to 31, meaning that any Pokémon coming from Kanto or Johto wouldn't be able to compete with the new Pokémon with 31 IVs.  They also added abilities, which forever changed the way Pokémon battle. Another new battle mechanic that was added were double battles. These double battles added a new dimension and strategy to battling Pokémon considering that two Pokémon are sent out at once. Other features such as secret bases, the Battle Frontier, and contests also gave trainers a lot to do besides beat the standard eight gyms and challenge the Elite Four. And on top of all that, the environment all this took place in was absolutely breathtaking.


Double battles added a new level of complexity to Pokémon 

Hoenn is absolutely gorgeous. The GameBoy Advance is a 32-bit system, meaning that the graphics got a major upgrade from their 8-bit counterparts on the GameBoy. The environments became more diverse and alive. The water sparkled and churned, footprints were pressed into the sand, flowers blew in the wind, ash drifted down lazily from the sky, rain drizzled to the earth below, and players could see themselves mirrored in puddles on the ground. Hoenn is a region that focuses on nature, and as a result, so many different aspects of nature are represented in the game. Hoenn has everything: deserts, rainforests, beaches, vast oceans (7.8, too much water), volcanoes, mountains, caves, and underwater caverns. The player has so many options when exploring the region of Hoenn. There are two different types of bikes to choose from, and you were able to dive underwater for the first time. I love Hoenn because I get to explore so many vast landscapes all within one region. As the story progresses, the landscapes become more diverse, which really makes the player feel like they're on an epic quest. So many locations in Hoenn are really unique as well. There's the breathtaking Meteor Falls with its sparkling cascades of water, sleepy Dewford Town on the beach, eerie and somber Mt, Pyre, the water-borne Pacifidlog Town with its floating houses, and the decrepit abandoned ship, to name a few. There's so much to see and explore in Hoenn, and it's all accompanied by a compelling story.


There is much adventure to be had in Hoenn!


In my opinion, the Gen 3 games have the best story of any Pokémon game. For starters, the villain teams aren't goofy, Slowpoke tail-eating loons anymore. Team Aqua and Team Magma are environmental extremists whose plans actually succeed. They awaken Groudon and Kyogre, and the two proceed to either drown or dry up everyone to death in order to make the world more habitable for Pokémon. Granted, since they are the antogonists, their plans get foiled by a preteen, but all the same their environmental message got across clearly. I always thought it was so compelling and dark to be immersed in seemingly eternal rain after the mighty Kyogre was awakened. When I was a kid, Kyogre always seemed so maleficent to me because of its raw and ancient power. I think the emphasis the story puts on the Legendary Pokémon's power makes the story deeper. Not to mention that the designs of these teams are really awesome. I mean, come on! Team Aqua are a bunch of pirates! It doesn't get much cooler than that.


Where do I sign up to be a member?

I love a lot of the little story elements that Gen 3 introduced as well. For the first time, the playable character had two parents, with the usually absent father being a gym leader. Being able to battle and best your own father was always a touching moment in the game for me. But, for me, the icing on the cake is how great the music is.

The fantastic music makes the journey you are on feel as if it has a purpose. For the first time in the series, the music didn't consist of simple bleeps and bloops. The GBA's advanced sound allowed there to be sweeping melodies with multiple instruments, including the trumpets Hoenn is so famous for.

I love Gen 3 because of its controversies, the beautiful and diverse region of Hoenn, the gorgeous music, and the compelling story. But, I completely understand why people love to hate Gen 3.

Even though Gen 3 is my favorite generation, it's not perfect. The games (at least the first two) have a few short comings including there not being animated sprites, or as someone in the comments pointed out, day and night cycles are absent as well. I do have to admit that I don't care for many of the Hoenn Pokémon like Volbeat/Illumise, and Makuhita/Hariyama among others, so I understand when people say that the Gen 3 designs are some of their least favorites. But at the same time, my top three favorite Pokémon are from Hoenn. As a whole, I feel like Gen 3 consists of a lot of give and take, so it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea. But, if you happened to skip Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald when they came out, or if you didn't care for them when you first played them, I highly recommend you go back and give the originals or their new remakes a shot. Speaking of the remakes, I will be doing a review of Alpha Sapphire here in the coming week so stay tuned! Also, I'd love to hear about why you loved or hated Hoenn, and all about your favorite generation of Pokémon!

I'll see you all in Hoenn very soon!

Hello everyone! With all the Pokémania going on right now in light of the release of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, I decided to list my favorite Pokémon. It was really fun to go through all the Pokémon I've used throughout the years and decide which ones were my favorites. I love these Pokemon for unique reasons, so it was difficult to rank one particular reason over another. Anyways, without further ado, here are my top 10 favorite Pokémon!


#10. Aurorus


Ever since I was a kid, I've always loved dinosaurs. Growing up, I even wanted to be an archaeologist. As a result, fossil Pokémon have always held a special place in my heart. The idea of taking a rock and reviving it back into a living creature has always intrigued me. Out of all the fossil Pokemon, Aurorus is my favorite. Aurorus' design is based off of the aurora borealis, commonly referred to as the "northern lights". The northern lights are a phenomena that occurs when solar winds emitted by the Sun come into contact with elements in the Earth's atmosphere, creating colorful streams of light in the night sky. Aurorus' sail (the flaps on its head and neck) lights up in a similar way, which is a really striking feature that is unique to Aurorus. It's always been a dream of mine to see the aurora borealis, and for me, Aurorus in an embodiment of that dream. Aurorus is also such a beautiful Pokémon in general. From its cool blue color, to its colorful sail, to its pretty diamond-like ice crystals, to its elegantly curled tail, Aurorus has an awesome design. 


Aurorus' beautiful sails in action. Did I mention that its shiny coloring (pictured) is s super cool as well? It trades its normal blue coloring for a pretty snow-white color.

However, the reason it's at number 10 is because of its typing. Aurorus is a dual Rock/Ice type, making it 4x weak to Fighting and Steel. It altogether has 6 weaknesses including one of its own, Rock. I just find it really ridiculous when a Pokémon is weak to itself, and its's something that I think really hinders Aurorus' potential. When I see Aurorus, I feel both happy and sad because while it is a really gorgeous Pokémon, it's not really viable in battle at all. Since nobody will use it in battle because of its awful typing, its cool design kind of goes to waste. However, it does have a good ability, Refrigerate, which turns Normal type moves into Ice type moves. It also has Snow Warning as a hidden ability, which summons hail when it enters battle which can then chip away at your opponent's HP. I hope that maybe in the future, Game Freak will realize the injustices it put upon Aurorus and make it more battle-friendly so that it can have a chance to kick butt and look gorgeous at the same time.


#9. Lapras

My love of Lapras began when I played through Yellow as a kid. The only way to obtain Lapras in Red, Blue, and Yellow was to receive it from a person working for Silph Co. As a result, Lapras has always felt really special and rare to me. Lapras is described as being kind and gentle, and enjoys ferrying people across the sea on its back. In Gen 6, it got its own surfing sprite which makes it all the more special to me. Being able to see my Lapras as she carried me across the seas of Kalos made me feel even closer to her.


Me and my Lapras, Caspian, in Azure Bay!

Despite being characterized as gentle, Lapras can hold its own in battle. It has the highest HP of any non-legendary Ice type Pokémon, and it can learn a plethora of useful attacks, including many of the one hit KO moves. The reason it's at number 9 is because I don't really use it much in battle because there are other Water types I like more that will be revealed in this list! However, Lapras will always hold a special place in my heart no matter what. 


The fact that Lapras is also really cute affects why I like it so much!


#8. Ninetales

There are a multitude of reasons why I like Ninetales. Firstly (and most shallowly), it is obviously a very beautiful Pokémon. Secondly, the Pokédex entries about it have always fascinated me. In various Pokédex entries, Ninetales is described as being vengeful, intelligent, and able to live for 1,000 years. It is also said to have the ability to read and control minds and lay curses on those who mistreat it. Another reason I like Ninetales is because of an episode of the anime that really intrigued me. In the episode titled "Just Waiting on a Friend", a 200 year old Ninetales creates illusions in order to lure Brock into being its new owner since its old one left it. In the episode, Ninetales is shown to have telekinetic powers, which I think is pretty cool.


Ninetales is also one of those Pokémon whose shiny coloring is just better than their normal coloring. Shiny Ninetales is a grayish blue color with blue-tipped tails; what isn't there to love? Ninetales' design is based of off the Japanese mythologic creature, the kitsune. According to Japanese legend, foxes (which are what Ninetales is based off of) that grow more than one tail are said to have mystical powers and long lives. Eventually, these long living foxes take on a spirit form, which is perhaps why Ninetales can learn Ghost and Psychic type moves. 

The reason why Ninetales is only at #8 is because, like Aurorus, I think it has untapped potential. Both Vulpix (its prior evolution) and Nintetales are version exclusive to Blue, while their counterparts, Growlithe and Arcanine, are exclusive to Red. Arcanine is more offensive, while Ninetales is more defensive. This may just be my bias talking, but I'd like to see Ninetales get a boost, or maybe even a dual typing in the future, considering that Arcanine is considerably more powerful. I think Ninetales could easily be either a dual Fire/Ghost type or Fire/Psychic type. I'd also like it to be able to utilize healing moves like Morning Sun (which Arcanine has access to). As it stands, Ninetales is the only Pokémon besides Groudon and Mega Charizard Y to have the ability Drought, which is a pretty good ability in my opinion. A Drought Ninetales can instantly use Solar Beam without charging up which can make quick work of pesky Water types that stand in its way. Ninetales is easily my favorite Fire type Pokémon, and one of my all time favorites in general.

Also, its attack animations in X and Y are super cool.


#7. Ampharos


Next on the list is Ampharos. Not only is Ampharos really cute, but it can pack a punch as well. Amphoros is a really versatile Pokémon, as it can learn both Bug and Rock type moves by leveling up. Even better is the fact that Ampharos has good stats, and can take a hit. It can also Mega Evolve into the ultra fabulous Mega Ampharos, and gain even more power along with a dual Electric/Dragon typing. 


Plus, just look at it! Ampharos is happy all of the time; it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! It also has a really cool shiny coloring, which again is one of those Pokémon where the shiny coloring is better than the original. In fact, I'm working on breeding a shiny Mareep to evolve into an Ampharos. Overall, Ampharos is an awesome Pokémon with an awesome moveset with an awesome design to boot.


What's pink and blue and happy all over? That's right! Shiny Ampharos!


#6. Politoed

 There are a number of reasons why I like Politoed so much. Politoed is one of my friend's favorite Pokémon, and as a result, it became one of mine. Whenever I was sad, my friend would send me gifs of Politoed clapping happily and carefree like it does in the anime, and it would instantly cheer me up. Politoed's cute face coupled with its happy-go-lucky attitude puts a smile on my face every time I see it.

Politoed is adorable


Not only is Politoed insanely adorable, but it's a good Pokémon to add to your team as well. Politoed is the only Pokémon besides Kyogre to have access to the ability Drizzle, which summons rain when the Pokémon enters battle. The presence of rain speeds up Water type Pokémon with the ability Swift Swim, Water type moves are 50% more powerful, Fire type moves are weakened by 50%, and it gives the moves Thunder and Hurricane 100% accuracy. Politoed has it all: good stats, a good hidden ability, good move pool, and good looks!


My Politoed, Pauly!


#5. Gardevoir


Really, I should say that the entire Ralts line is one of my favorites. All 3 Pokémon look so unique and alien-like, which I love. I am a huge fan of sci-fi, and the Ralts line's design plays into that. But, I had to choose Gardevoir as my favorite from the line because there is so much mystery surrounding why it looks the way it does. There are many theories surrounding what inspired Gardevoir's design. It is said to be based off of a principal dancer, or the highest ranking dancer in a dance company. Principal dancers can be either male or female, which may explain why Gardevoir's gender ratio is 50/50 despite looking so feminine. Its pre evolution, Kirlia, is a Pokémon that closely resembles a ballerina, which goes along with the principal dancer theory. It is also said to be based off of a Japanese paper doll, or even a guardian angel since its Pokédex entries say that it'll give up its own life to protect its trainer. Gardevoir is also said to be based off of knights since its Japanese name is Sirknight. Gardevoir also appears to be wearing a masquerade mask, which brings us back to the dancer theory. In my eyes, Gardevoir is the perfect combination of chivalry, grace, and mystery. 

Can you tell that I love shiny Pokémon? Gardevoir's shiny coloring gives it a blue head instead of a green one, and a red chest instead of a pink one. What's even cooler is that its Mega form gets a sleek black coloring instead of white. It's a dream of mine to have a shiny Gardevoir with the move Hyper Voice. Why? Because with Mega Gardevoir's ability Pixelate, the Normal type move Hyper Voice becomes a STAB Fairy type move with 175 base power and 100% accuracy. Hyper Voice also can hit multiple targets at once. In short, Mega Gardevoir is a force to be reckoned with. Another reason I like Gardevoir is because it has two of my favorite types: Fairy and Psychic. Both are really versatile types that come in handy, especially when they're put together. Since Gardevoir is a Psychic type, it can easily take down Poison types that threaten it. It is also a Fighting type's worst nightmare considering it has both Fairy and Psychic to deal with when faced with Gardevoir. Also, whenever I played through the Gen 3 games, I would always use a Gardevoir, so it has been a staple of my Pokemon adventures for years, and will continue to be for years to come.


My Gardevoir, Adivina! "Adivina" means fortune-teller in Spainsh



#4. Dragonite

Sure, people may think Dragonite looks goofy, derpy, and a little chunky, but that's precisely why I like it. Dragonite was the original Dragon type Pokémon, and is also a pseudo-legendary with a hefty 600 base stats. It also has a really useful hidden ability, Multiscale, which halves all damage taken if Dragonite is at full HP. Give Dragonite the move Roost and Leftovers and you'll have a bulky attacker on your hands. Dragonite packs a lot of power and still manages to look cute and kind. According to the Pokédex, Dragonite circles the world's oceans searching for people who need rescued. Dragonite is also said to be really intelligent. Coincidentally, Dragonite is also one of my friend's favorite Pokémon as well. He has a giant Dragonite plush that would be present during our gaming sessions no matter what. I have very fond memories cuddling with Dragonite in both the real world and in the game in Pokémon Amie.


I also love how Dragonite was portrayed in the very first Pokémon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back. Dragonite acted as a mail deliverer. I love his cute little mail bag and how he flies so gracefully. I also recently bred a 5IV Multiscale Dragonite in X, so it has been a fixation of my Pokémon experience as of late and will continue to be for some time.


My 5IV Multiscale Dragonite, Comet!


#3. Milotic

Milotic is said to be the world's most beautiful Pokémon, and I am inclined to agree. Milotic is said to be the counterpart of Gyarados, as they both have the same amount of base stats, 540, and evolve from weak fish Pokémon, as Gyarados evolves from Magikarp and Milotic from Feebas. However, while Gyarados represents the transition from weak to strong, Milotic represents the transition from ugly to beautiful, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. For me, Milotic helps me realize that no matter how many flaws you may have, you can overcome them and still be beautiful. I've struggled with self-confidence issues my entire life, and seeing Feebas evolve into Milotic gives me hope. Another reason I like Milotic so much is because of how rare it was to have one in the original Gen 3 games. Feebas (its pre-evolution) could only be caught on Route 119 in 6 random fishing spots along the river that runs through it. Not to mention that the only way to evolve Feebas into Milotic in Gen 3 was to max its Beauty condition, which took a lot of time, dedication, and Pokéblocks. I can only imagine how surprised people were when their shabby old Feebas evolved into gorgeous and elegant Milotic! 

A golden Milotic statue appears in the Parfum Palace in X and Y. I would love to have one of those for my secret base in Alpha Sapphire!

In the Pokédex, Milotic is described as being able to calm combative spirits with its beauty. If only Milotic existed in real life; there'd be no more wars! However, even though Milotic is described as being peaceful, it can hold its own in battle. It has high Special Attack and Special Defense along with a high HP stat. It also can learn Recover, meaning that Milotic can be a bulky, self healing Special Attacker, and a useful addition to your party. I give my Milotic a Shell Bell, which heals a little bit of HP every time it lands an attack.  My Milotic has the ability Competitve which raises Special Attack when any other of its stats are lowered. Milotic also has a useful hidden ability, Cute Charm, which can cause the opponent Pokémon to fall in love with Milotic when it lands a hit on it. Milotic doesn't really need Cute Charm though because its so easy fall in love with regardless.

My 6IV Milotic, Rutela!



#2. Absol


Absol and Mega Absol

Absol is known as the Disaster Pokémon. Absol only appears before people to warn them of a incoming natural disaster, and as a result, people think Absol is the one who causes the natural disasters. In reality however, Absol is just misunderstood. I can relate to Absol because I'm always afraid people will judge me or misunderstand me. Also, I'd love to have an Absol in real life because I'm really scared of natural disasters like tornados and hurricanes, so being able to have an Absol to warn me ahead of time and keep me safe would be ideal. Mega Absol looks like it has wings, so in a way, I feel like it is like my guardian angel whenever I use it in battle. Speaking of battle, Absol is a force to be reckoned with. It has really high Attack and Speed stats, meaning it has the potential to be a good sweeper. Combined with its ability Super Luck, it can land critical hits easier and take out anything that stands in its way. Also, Absol is a really cool looking Pokémon. It looks menacing, but at the same time, it's really fluffy and cute as well. As a result,  Absol will always be one of my favorite partners. 


My Absol, Sombra! "Sombra" means shadow in Spanish.


#1. Mawile


Mawile is a tiny Pokémon that packs a huge punch. Mawile is known as the Deceiver Pokémon. It lures people in with its cute face, and then bites with its relentless jaws. It may be easy to underestimate Mawile because of its small size and adorable face, but you'll be sorry that you did. Mawile may be the shortest of all the the Mega Pokémon, but it has the highest base attack stat of any Pokémon at a whopping 678 due to its ability Huge Power. Mawile also has probably my favorite typing ever which is Fairy/Steel. With a dual Steel typing, Mawile gets all the perks of a Fairy typing without the disadvantages. Mawile has 2 weaknesses, is immune to 2 types, and resists 9 types. Mawile can take a punch and deal one out as well. I see a lot of myself in Mawile because I am also very tiny and people tend to underestimate me.


My shiny Mawile, Mentira! "Mentira" is Spanish for liar. 

Mawile's design is based off of a Japanese legend. The Futakuchi-onna is a Japanese monster that is a woman with two mouths. Japanese mythology or not, Mawile will always be a legend in my eyes


 Well, I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my top 10 favorite Pokémon! I'd love to know what your favorites are, so feel free to leave a comment about your favortie Pokémon!

The Nintendette
3:16 PM on 12.11.2014

I'm back! Expect to see lots of posts about both the new and old Pokemon games


Hello everyone! I'm excited to announce that I am back! It's been a crazy two or three months with me being a freshman in college away from home. I think I've finally gotten the hang of things, and you all can expect to see more posts from me soon.

There are a few ways this blog is going to change. Firstly, I won't be posting daily easter eggs anymore as it is too hard for me to keep up with them. However, I may start it up again over the longer breaks like winter, summer, and spring. I also don't have a Wii U (yet) as a result of me being a poor college kid but I will definitely be buying one as soon as I can...hopefully before the end of the year (fingers crossed!).

That being said, I plan on doing a bunch of Pokemon posts celebrating the release of ORAS. I'll be doing reviews of the old Gen 3 games, listing my top 10 favorite Pokemon, and I'll be reviewing the new game, of course.

I've missed blogging so much and I'm so excited to get back into it! Thank you all for being so patient with me, and happy gaming!

One of the greatest parts about Nintendo is how creative they get with making cross-game references. Every main title Nintendo game has some reference of some kind to the rest of the world of their magical games. Today we are exploring the deep jungles of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze to find such reference.

Swinging and bashing your way through a level in the game, you might go right past this easter egg if you aren't looking for it. The egg has the same shade as the background, so it actually took me a little bit to see it, myself. Looking by a tree at one point, you can see Samus Aran's spaceship from the beloved Metroid series. The space hunter must have had a pretty big bounty to invade the world of DK and friends.


When Link had to save Hyrule by bravely exploring another world, there must have been some visitors to Hyrule while he was gone. In Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, there is not one, but two cameo appearances by characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

In Kakariko Village, Mario must be real important to several villagers, as most of them have a portrait of the loveable plumber on display.

Also, in Turtle Rock, the classic Mario enemy, the Chain-Chomp, lurks throughout the challenges in the dungeon.

The latter is fascinating seeing as very recently in a new Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the Chain-Chomp would be usable in the upcoming Zelda game Hyrule Warriors developed by Team Ninja. It's pretty incredible how a subtle easter egg can become an actual thing.

Photo Photo

Oh, the nostalgia...

It is almost impossible to forget the startup jingles that video game consoles have. All of the weekends we spent playing games, and all of the days to come. Every time we start our adventures into whatever worlds we dive into, there will always be the iconic sounds from powering up. Every time I turned on my trusty Gamecube to play the many memorable games of my childhood, I would be greeted by the same tune. One day, by mistake, I held down the Z button on my controller while powering up, and was shocked with the brand new sounds of what seemed like a squeaking monkey and laughter. Turns out, I had found one of my first easter eggs.

Also, if you were to hold down the Z button on the controller on four separate controllers, the Gamecube start up would be that of chants, drums, and a Japanese man shouting. Take a look here!