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One of the greatest parts about Nintendo is how creative they get with making cross-game references. Every main title Nintendo game has some reference of some kind to the rest of the world of their magical games. Today we are exploring the deep jungles of Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze to find such reference.

Swinging and bashing your way through a level in the game, you might go right past this easter egg if you aren't looking for it. The egg has the same shade as the background, so it actually took me a little bit to see it, myself. Looking by a tree at one point, you can see Samus Aran's spaceship from the beloved Metroid series. The space hunter must have had a pretty big bounty to invade the world of DK and friends.


When Link had to save Hyrule by bravely exploring another world, there must have been some visitors to Hyrule while he was gone. In Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES, there is not one, but two cameo appearances by characters from the Mushroom Kingdom.

In Kakariko Village, Mario must be real important to several villagers, as most of them have a portrait of the loveable plumber on display.

Also, in Turtle Rock, the classic Mario enemy, the Chain-Chomp, lurks throughout the challenges in the dungeon.

The latter is fascinating seeing as very recently in a new Nintendo Direct, it was revealed that the Chain-Chomp would be usable in the upcoming Zelda game Hyrule Warriors developed by Team Ninja. It's pretty incredible how a subtle easter egg can become an actual thing.

Photo Photo

Oh, the nostalgia...

It is almost impossible to forget the startup jingles that video game consoles have. All of the weekends we spent playing games, and all of the days to come. Every time we start our adventures into whatever worlds we dive into, there will always be the iconic sounds from powering up. Every time I turned on my trusty Gamecube to play the many memorable games of my childhood, I would be greeted by the same tune. One day, by mistake, I held down the Z button on my controller while powering up, and was shocked with the brand new sounds of what seemed like a squeaking monkey and laughter. Turns out, I had found one of my first easter eggs.

Also, if you were to hold down the Z button on the controller on four separate controllers, the Gamecube start up would be that of chants, drums, and a Japanese man shouting. Take a look here!


In Super Mario 64, there is a rather nice reference to the Mario games of old. In the Dark World, most players are too busy going through Bowser's lethal traps and minions in such a hurry that they aren't paying attention to the low-poly pillars on the platforms. If you zoom in on one, there are some interesting markings. It would appear that there is a subtle hieroglyphic marking that someone (maybe Bowser?) left for our beloved plumber. An 8-bit Bowser having an iconic battle with the moustached hero straight out of Super Mario Bros. It's a very tiny nod, but it's always refreshing to see a big title remember it's roots.


One of the sleeper hits of 2013 has to be the character driven masterpiece that is Fire Emblem: Awakening. The 3DS title was the defibrillator to the aged franchise that was in desperate need of a good title to be relevant in the U.S. (Ike fighting for his friends in Smash Bros. couldn't keep gamers interested for long). The game was hailed by critics, and the lasting legacy has been pretty immediate.

Being so thick in plot and dialogue, there was bound to be a little elbow room for Nintendo to have some fun with easter eggs for the epic. Today's easter egg is clever little nod to what must be the development team's favorite action flick, Taken. In case you haven't seen it, Taken is essentially every overprotective parent's ultimate nightmare: A secret agent's daughter is kidnapped overseas and thrown into a situation that could nothing short of terrifying. There is one scene in particular that comes to mind to anyone who has seen the film.

When the Avatar confronts Gaius in a.....questionable situation, he begins getting super defensive, and spewing out all sorts of craziness. To the untrained eye, this little gem might slip by, but he makes a reference to Liam Neeson's incredible speech. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!


When a game is made in today's times, it is almost a given that at some point in development, the game designers were sharing a good laugh from something they found online. One of the more popular things of course is the hijinks of memes. Everything from felines yearning for a hamburger with cheese or a scumbag wearing his Yankees cap sideways and informing someone of a real terrible action. One doesn't often get to experience the jump from internet shenanigans into video games, but that's exactly what we're going to find today, in one of the darkest and most unlikely places. Put on your coolest digital shades, we're heading into the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

One of the (probably augmented) legs of the journey has Adam Jensen looking for a hacker that's on the run. After sneaking/rampaging his way through the security, he will come across the work area of said hacker. While examining his set up, there will be a series of sticky notes on display. One in particular, has a phone number and a name (a very awesome name if I do say so myself) with a drawling beneath it. The drawling is that of the "Forever Alone" face on one of the internet's most well known memes. Plenty of fish out there in the sea, buddy.