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4:26 AM on 12.25.2007

I hate this kid...

What a fucker!   read

8:13 AM on 12.07.2007

I don't know what to say about this video...

...except that suddenly, I'm very glad I don't have a dog and a wii. Why would someone let this happen and laugh? Oh right, it's pretty fucking funny...

Check it out   read

4:00 AM on 10.29.2007

My Response to Boycotting Used Games

Gameboi wrote an article on comments by Free Radical's David Braben about how the purchasing of used games hurts the industry as a whole.

My response:


Has downloaded music hurt the music industry? Well, some would say yes, but it hasn't hurt it enough to shut it down or prevent crappy music from coming out in droves...

You want to know what's hurting the industry? 99% of games licensed after movies. Batman Begins? Catwoman? Fantastic Four? Please. I think that developers and publishers must take more responsibility for the products they produce. If every game had the quality of games such as the Half-Life series or Psychonauts, then I could understand why it is hurting an industry worthy of attention here.

The way I see it, gamers have always been buying second hand games. just not from a store. I had plenty of friends in the NES and SNES days that would trade games and/or sell each other games for less.

What is the real problem? Low quality games. They are lucky to be sold at all and to be perfectly honest, being able to trade in games is part of the reason questionable games are purchased at all! If you have a way to back out, through trading back in, albeit for less than half the paid price, some consumers are willing to take the risk. If this option did not exist, people would simply rent games.

Also, right now, you can purchase a used game from Gamestop and return it within 7 days for an exchange and again turn that game back in for another exchange, no questions asked. I have friends that do this on the regular until they hit a game they want ot keep.

Does anyone else feel that the purchasing of used games is not the bane of the industry it's being made out to be? Do you purchase new games over used if you know it's worth it?   read

4:26 AM on 10.19.2007

A bit of the new, a bit of the old...

The other night, I rented Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights and I must say it ended up a lot more fun than I had imagined it would be. My goal at Blockbuster was to rent a racing game, as I hadn't played a great racing game in a while. Now, Forza 2 was top of my list since I hadn't played it yet and the prospect of creating my own decals with any file I could find on our wonderful interweb was one I had hoped to indulge in ASAP. Sadly, it was all rented out and my next choice was PGR 4 and that was all rented out as well...

My mind settled on the fact that I wasn't going to get a decent racing game so I picked up the empty white box for Stuntman: Ignition and proceeded to the counter, figuring I could at least be in a car, though for a more goal oriented vehicular escapade. What I love most about Blockbuster is how much smarter the employees there seem to make me feel. The young man behind the counter, after searching for the disc for about five minutes, returns to tell me that not only do they not have the game, but that it does not even exist on the XBOX 360. Yeah...

So, feeling omnipotent in this young fool's presence, with a chuckle, I proceed back to the XBOX 360 game selections and tell myself that Juiced 2 could end up at least a decent game and worst case I'd blog about how much it sucked and have everyone agree with me.

But alas, I arrived home, popped it in and had a helluva time. Drifting in games that are meant to drift in are definitely more fun for a racer who likes to drift, than say the PGR series or the Forza series (though, as I stated, I have yet to play the second one). The drifting in the game is pretty decently done with plenty of room for error and correction, making it easier for those who are playing a drift game for the first time. For the seasoned drifter, however, there are challenges that I can honestly say I would not want to put the time in to do. Drifting damn near a whole winding track without, um, un-drifting (or some shit) is frustratingly challenging. Luckily you don't have to complete every challenge to move up in the ladder.

The car selection is good, even allowing me to live out my Starsky and Hutch fantasy of driving a Gran Torino around corners like I'm chasing the man that shot Huggybear. You have your large selection of various Asian vehicles and an acceptable amount of Domestic and European cars to choose from. Customization is pretty damn well done allowing for many changes to make an extremely unique vehicle. I like to put Lambo doors on every car I can (addictively) and every car I make has the Devil or a skull on it. The one complaint in this dept. is an overly babysitting spellchecker for your license plate. Words like Satan and Devil should be acceptable. Evil wouldn't even work and this was in the single player mode!

Which brings me to Multiplayer. Multiplayer is like singleplayer, with seperated garages and the additions you'd expect from multiplayer adding the option to sell cars online. I focused more on singleplayer though, as I generally spent more time customizing cars I had won in pinkslip races than actually racing them.

Overall, I had a very fun experience with J2 and I would urge any gamer that loves a good drift racing game to at least rent this bad boy. I give it an overall 8 out of 10 losing points for the nanny guarding my license plate and various other small issues such as confusing meters when placing bets on a race with a competing racer.

Another game I've just now had the chance to play is Viva Pinata. Never really considered it to be a game I'd want to play but I had some fun playing the game together with my fiance. It almost seems as if it should be an XBLA game, though there is a buttload of content, including downloadable content to go through.

We found the game alongside Prey for only $20 at Wal-Mart and I just can't resist a deal like that. While I'm sure my girl will play it more than I, I think it's a pretty fun game that a whole family could play together. I'm leaving out game details because I'm sure most of you have played it or know how it plays since it's been out long enough to become $20.

I'm a little slower to play games like this as I'm usually sure it'll be a waste of money, but I'll give it another 8 out of 10 losing points only because I cannot raise evil pinatas. I just like finding games my girl can play with me or without me, as she's not a hardcore gamer and I'd like to transform her into one. She even loves co-op with me on Halo 3!!! I've almost got her... MWAHAHAHA... Umm, yeah...   read

4:24 PM on 10.17.2007

2 HUM4N :P

From the looks of this video, I'm going to say that Too Human is looking like a lot more fun than I first thought. I swept it aside so long ago when it looked like another hack and slasher, but I had no idea there was even a class system. Now I gotta READ STUFF! This makes Johnggernaut VERY angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. Cuz' then I get hungry. And you REALLY wouldn't like me when I'm hungry. Where was I? Oh yeah, I might end up playing Too Human one day! :P

( EDIT: Looks like I have to just link to the video until I figure out how to add a video... :/ )   read

5:43 AM on 10.17.2007

My Very Own Personal Top 5... (Kinda Long)

OK, so for my first real post, I thought I'd talk about my very own Top 5 Most Wanted list. I have no idea how many others have written such a blog entry, and well, I don't really care. :) #1 being the most wanted of the most wanted and #5 being something I really want but is more recent news and I haven't had enough time to build up an obsession for it yet.

#5 Brutal Legend. I love all things Jack Black and this is no exception. Add in the fact that you can shop shit in half and get, well... brutal, and I've got myself one helluva a game. I'll have to see gameplay before I judge this game though, this could easily be replaced by the new Soldier of Fortune for the very same reasons, minus Jack.

#4 More Portal!!! I think the response to Portal has been heard by Valve and I pray they make a full version of this game. I'm talkin' 20+ hours at least with many ways to solve each puzzle. If you go through Portal a second time, as I did, listening ot the commentary, you can really se how much thought and detail went into this game. It's incredible.

#3 A Wii. I really have no idea why. I just... I need one. Got the PSDustcollector sitting my living room with the DVD version of Talladega Nights (as opposed to the Blu-Ray version that came with it) because the special edition DVD had deleted scenes actually put in the movie, rather than just an added option on the menu, I love then they do that. I'm on my third 360 as well, as the red ring of death seems to follow me wherever I hide it. *sigh* At least it's the Halo 3 Special Edition that I got simply because of its uniqueness. (I like Halo 3, but my boxers stay dry when I play it, so I'm not hardcore or some shit.)

#2 Fallout 3. The only reason this is not #1 is because it's an FPS. Which is not to say I dislike FPS games, there are plenty that remain my favorite. But I fear the same fate for F3 that Vampire: Bloodlines received. Much to be removed and stripped with little bug removal and a rushed release. That being said, Fallout is one of my all-time favorite series and I cannot find the will to remove it from my list of most wanted games.

#1 Hard Choice for me here... I'm gonna do the unthinkable and let #1 be a tie: MGS 4 and Spore.

First off, I'm not the hardest of hardcore fans of the Metal Gear Series. The first game was awesome. Period. The second was, well, lacking to me. Instead of playing a sequel, it was like watching the sequel as a movie you got to play here and there. As for Snake Eater? I didn't even beat it. I read a synopsis so I'd be caught up with 4 and that was it. I loved Metal Gear Online though, that was kickass fun once I found an unlagged server...

So why is MGS 4 tied for #1? It brings it all back. The names of the baddies from the first game appear to be reincarnated as Metal Gears. Are they clones of the originals? I miss Psycho Mantis :( And Ocelot was the baddest of all time, but that is for another post. :P Also, from what I've seen the game plays like a dream and I want ot see Solid Snake die. Yes. I want him to die. Not because I hate the character, but because it's time. It's time for Solid Snake to die and I want to play him up to his moment of death. Oh, and I need validity for having a PS3. That too...

As for Spore... I'll keep it short. It's going to be awesome. It is going to be delayed. It's been in development long enough for my obsession to be complete. If you know me and my gaming needs, you know I need customization. That can make a game for me. Rainbow Six: Vegas could have been just an urban GRAW that I played for a few weeks and put on the "I'll play this again in 6 or 7 months" shelf. Spore is the ultimate game of customization. I cannot foresee a time when the game would not have replay value. Another of my gaming needs.

Wow, I wanted to keep it shorter, but hey, you probably didn't even get this far, anyway :P

If you did, do you agree with any of my points? Disagree? What's your Top 5 Most Wanted?   read

3:10 AM on 10.17.2007

'ello 'ello

So after deciding that reading DTOID every day was not enough, here I am. The Johnggernaut. As you might have guessed, I am a fan of word play. I also enjoy Robotic Pimpin', 70's pr0n and other random shit.

Also I have no clue what I will be blogging about in the future. Probably something that has little to do with anything. This post actually says a lot less about me than I planned... Damn...   read

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