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The Interweb Show is an internet video podcast that I use to collect my thoughts about gaming, tech, and modding. It airs every Wednesday and I strive to bring you the best quality show I can. On this blog you will see information about The Interweb Show as well as stuff we do including live events, gaming and tech related movies and other podcasts. If you like my writing or my posts feel free to add me as a friend on the CLOGS!

-DJ Silent
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I recently saw "King of Kong: Fistful of Quarters - Review" and I have to say this documentary is AWESOME. The storyline is that Steve Wiebe is trying to beat Pac Man and Donkey Kong Champion Billy Mitchell's high score on Donkey Kong. The documentary has a lot of great interviews with all the people involved in Steve's struggle to get the top score. You get to see a lot into the life of Steve and Billy and see exactly how each other acts to each other. I don't want to blow much about this movie but I will give my opinion on the two individuals and how they are portrayed.

I met Billy Mitchell at the 2005 Summer CPL tournament in Dallas, Texas. Billy was one of the most elitist assholes I had ever met because he had 2 world record scores. I do think that the scores are a great achievement but as with anyone that is very good at something being modest is very important. I met Steve Wiebe recently at Comic Con 2007. Steve was a very well spoken man who didn't mind answering any questions about Donkey Kong his personal life or anything. I find it very ironic how two people with similar goals can be so different. But back to the movie. If you enjoy documentaries on any level you should definitely check this documentary out. Look for show times at Billy vs Steve

-DJ Silent

Hey guys The Interweb Show is LIVE at 6pm at

Hey guys check out todays episode of The Interweb Show at 6pm PST.
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That's right boy's and girls it's time for the 5th rendition of The Interweb Show to blow thru your minds. Just click the link below to check it out! Also you can call in via skype to theinterwebshow

-DJ Silent

Hey guys we shot the 4th episode of the Interweb Show yesterday and we have it up on the site for you all to view. We decided not to do yesterdays show live so that we can have it be of better quality. In this episode we discuss the conventions we went to in the past 2 weeks; Comic Con and Quakecon as well as play our comic con videos. You need the Divx web player to view it.

The Interweb Show

Thursday was way more packed then preview night was for obvious reasons. We didn't get to meet Alex Albrecht like we wanted to and we decided to not interview Pure Pwnage because they were kind of assholes. Later that night we went to the mega64 version 3 premier.