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I am happy to be a part of the Dtoid community and wanted to formally introduce myself. I have been a gamer since I was able to steal the Atari joystick from my older sister. Although very young during Atari's days I really got hooked with the debut of Nintendo's NES. I was a Nintendo fanboy (yearly subscription to Nintendo Power) for most my youth, even through virtual boy (shivers), until the Playstation. I always prided myself on being able to pass all the games I ever bought with a finesse that would make Chinese Olympic Acrobats weep tears of reverence. The only black mar to this badge I wear is Wolverine Admantium Rage for SNES. Never passed it.......where was I? Now I am a jaded PC gamer.

Favorite Games of all times -

Super Mario Bro. 3 (Tanooki power!)
Final Fantasy 3(6)
Chrono Trigger
Super Metroid (they need to make a new 2D game)
Super Bomberman (multitap joygasms)
Final Fantasy 7
Resident Evil 1,2,4
Half-life 2
Deus Ex
Fallout 1/2

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I got Persona when it first came out many years ago and back then I just was not cultured enough to enjoy a good romp with such a jewel that is Persona: Revelations. The quick of it is that I got rid of it and want to get a copy. Ebay has been not been friendly to me and I am curious whether there are Dtoiders out there that are in possession of a Persona: Revelations that they would like to get rid of.