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I'm Kat. Born and raised gamer chick. Ever since I sat on my dad's lap and played the 1990 Winter Olympic games on his 'state of the art' PC, I've been pretty much hooked. I got my start on PC games, mainly from Sierra. Island of Dr. Brain, King's Quest, even Lemmings. During this time I also began my epic console journey with my trusty NES. (it still works, to this day.) I stuck to Duck Hunt and Disney games mainly.

I managed to skip the SNES phase, and transitioned straight into Sega Genesis. That automatically makes me an old school Sonic fangirl (none of that new 'shadow and friends' crap) I also let my dad introduce me to the racing scene at that time too. All the while, my PC gaming repertoire increase with the Gabriel Knight series and other 'suspense gaming' and TIE fighter/X-Wing flight simulators. Yeah...I rocked the Joystick.

Anyway! The N64 piqued my interest only for the Mario Kart/Party thing...and of course StarFox, but it was more for the family to hang out rather than hard core gaming. I soon discovered the brilliance that was Sony and purchased a PlayStation, however, my knowledge of 'good' games wasn't up to par, but I did stumble across this odd game called Final Fantasy VII and fell in love. I probably have one of the 2 PC versions of that game still in existence... But thus started my JRPG craze and I haven't turned back. On my 16th birthday I received the greatness that is the PS2 complete with Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy X, and Soul Caliber. My collection has since grown to over 50 games strong and growing.

I do own a PS3, however being at college prevents me from playing said machine because its 'my dad's'. I currently do not own any XBox merchandise but I do plan on getting one in the near future...I love Sony...but I miss having a variety of games to choose from... I still hold fast to my PC roots though it's getting harder to find decent games released on the PC... I still enjoy Diablo 2 and Starcraft, but I will never be caught dead playing WoW... Though you CAN find me on Guild Wars on has better graphics, and I don't have to pay 20 bucks a month to play it.

I have vast experience in the Pokemon craze from Game Boy color on... I stopped at Pokemon Gold and Silver though... the 8000 pokemon that are in circulation now are...a bit much. the DS is an addiction and i continue to play Rune Factory and similar mindless games whenever I feel like it.

What else?
I love horror games of all sorts, specifically the Silent Hill series. I suck at First Person Shooters, though I do enjoy playing them. I DO indeed play DDR, Guitar Hero, and Rock Band, but I don't feel that I need to prove myself by wasting hours upon hours to achieve an "expert" level, hard is good enough for me. Mortal Kombat is a guilty pleasure of mine, as is Harvest Moon. And Age of Empires: III is one of the funnest strategy games I can think of.

I think that's roughly it. Any questions?
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Everyone has something that helps them unwind at the end of a long day. Whether its gardening, shooting some hoops, or basket weaving...some activities are just relaxing to certain people. For many of us though, it's video games. What can be more satisfying that killing a few zombies and pretending they're those bastards known as 'customers' know... the ones that 'are always right'?

My favorite stress relief video game has been the same for pretty much as long as it's been released. Diablo 2 is probably the best game for stress relief in my book. It's a simple format, so there's little thought involved, I can pretty much stop whenever I really feel like it (no pesky save crystals or quest time-outs to worry about), and best of all: I get to kill shit! I can totally just take my frustration at the world out on Fallen Ones and Dark Lords with no consequence other than a few thousand gold in my stash and a couple flawed emeralds. Plus I can either play solo or invite a few friends to join in the fray if I'm feeling like company. It doesn't get much better than that.

Anyway. Here's my question for you: What is your ultimate stress relief video game? I wanna know!

Alright. So I've been playing Final Fantasy XII lately and I've also recently read the "Song of Ice and Fire" series by George R.R. Martin. I've noticed some uncanny similarities between some of the concepts. I'm just wondering if there's anything really too this, or just just coincidence. For example: there are a bunch of the same terms used in both stories. The "Hedge Knight" class, and "Mummer's farse" are just two that I can think of off the top of my head. Basch from XII is considered a "Kingslayer" as is Jamie from "Ice and Fire". Both characters were prestigious knights whose names were slandered by their actions (or supposed actions), and both characters are of roughly the same physical appearance. (specifically the longish blonde wavy hair). On top of these random similarities, you also can see the plot lines roughly coming together. Both consist of power hungry political figures out to control the world for a slew of reasons. Both involve a 'legendary power' (dragons/nethicite) that whoever controls it will pretty much win the endgame.

*shrugs* I just found it interesting to find random bits of congruency in things like that. Either way though, FFXII is AMAZING, and "Song of of Ice and Fire" is one of the most epic book series I've read in ages, so I'm not complaining at all. I wonder what else is out there....