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The Emolga Editorial
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Positive Play +: Persona 4

Hello everyone, I hope all has been going well. Some time ago, I made a post about Fire Emblem: Awakening on here and a bit of advice someone gave me was to take my writings and putting them forward into vidoes themselve...


How Haruhi Saved My Life

  My eyes quickly opened up as I felt knives digging into my knees again. Looking down my bed, my knees were propped up on pillows and wrapped in ice like they had been after work for the past few weeks. I had recen...


Why Emolga?

"Why is your title Pokémon Emolga?" It's a simple question isn't it? I can tell you right now whenever I tell anyone about this blog or if anyone ever reads my works they ask me about it. Think about all 719 of th...


About The Emolga Editorialone of us since 11:32 AM on 08.17.2014

I'm just a guy who is sharing his passion for writing and Pokémon

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