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5:46 PM on 05.15.2013

Bioshock Infinite: Tugging along a Legacy Part 1

*Warning this will likely contain Spoilers.*
Now that the whole Bioshock Infinite craze has cooled down now, I just thought that I'd state me opinion on the matter. Boy, I'm sure people are not going to enjoy hearing this at all.
Like a rusted gear the Shock series has continued to move forward thanks to 2k Games and the ever-popular Ken Levine. It just continues to get oiled up so that fans will love it and buy more. I will say that in a way this is somewhat saddening as the series is now looking much more rusted then it should be.
Now as you're reading this you may be wondering what I mean by that, well, the current installment of the series isn't so much of a step-forward in series as much as it is a step back.

Now, I want you step back a moment before you decide to leave, and think about what I mean. What exactly was the main point of the game? It was the story correct? That's the answer you may be thinking in your head right now, while the other answer is the gameplay. 
I feel as though there wasn't much of a leap forward, it seemed as though it was trying desperately to cling to it's original Bioshock roots instead of trying to stand up on it's own two feet. We have the title of Infinite which could mean Infinite possibilities yet these are never fully utilized throughout the game. At the beginning of the game you have a Lighthouse like in the original Bioshock, you go to a city like in the original game except it's in the sky. You have the whole "Is it someone new?" In which you get baptized by a priest in order to gain entrance into the city of Columbia.

As you make your way through the city you come upon a fair that is being held, there you gain your very first Vigor, which basically allows you to possess machines and humans! Except with the problem that you can't possess humans until you upgrade it, you can only do so with machines. You also get to the test out Bucking Bronco which levitates your enemies in midair in order to make it a shooting gallery just for you! Of course the problem with the second Vigor is that it's just a watered-down Levitation that makes things easier for you.
I guess you could say that's a problem with the new Bioshock is that it makes things easier for you and doesn't allow for you to get too inventive, which was what the previous Bioshock games were about.
You also don't have to worry too much about preparing yourself for the Handymen as you can only carry two guns and they aren't too tough to fight, unless you happen to jump on the rails in which decide to electrocute you.
Now, back to the fair they hold a baseball raffle in which you get to throw a baseball at a married couple who were tied up, mainly because one of them is of a different race.
Now I would say that this generalizes a point of Infinite in that the people who live in the city are racists. Except another problem rises up in they act really campy for racists like "Ohohoh! Better throw that ball at them sonny because it's a fun game!" This undermines the point and doesn't utilize it too well. Then you have the choice of what to do with the ball, throw it at the couple, throw it at the Announcer, or don't throw it at all.
None of these choices happen to change the game or the story, because as long as it makes you feel like a good person what does it matter? Oh but of course, at least you get a new set of clothes that 'improves' your abilities if you toss the thing at the Announcer.
Honestly, I think that's another problem, the whole clothes mechanic of improving your abilities. Why not give the player something similar to a gene tonic instead? That made more sense then a pair of pants that gave you chain-lightning. After all they already have something similar to Plasmids in this game.
A few more problems arise with our main characters of the game, but to make it easier for now I shall focus on Booker DeWitt. A character who is riddled with guilt and who just so happens kills bundles of people around the city. Oh yes Booker, we're supposed to sympathize with a general murderer who couldn't help but gamble away all of his money instead of trying to get a decent job.
He also sold his daughter who just so happens to be Elizabeth in the game, in order to payoff his debts. But at the last moment he decides "GASP, GIVE HER BACK TO ME." Right after he's handed her over. Now folks, this isn't a character we should sympathize with, heck, he's pretty much an asshole who tries to play off the Anti-hero archetype. Elizabeth realizes this some time after the two escape from the tower and runs off for a while, then she starts to become wholly immune to how terrible killing can be, sometime after they have a talk. 
It probably doesn't help that during combat situations Elizabeth isn't exactly a helper, so much as she is a tool to be used by the player along with being a item dispenser. The enemies ignore her like she isn't even there and when she does get shot it doesn't even harm her.
There's also the whole thing about when the siphon in Elizabeth's tower gets destroyed and she gains god-like powers. That is when she is no longer a character and is instead an exposition device who no longer cares about Songbird and just insta-kills him with crushing Air-pressure beneath the sea. Oh yes, now is the point that I mention how Elizabeth takes you to rapture and completely undermines it by making it one of the multi-verse. We get to view how Booker sells his child and how he denies baptism after the war of Wounded Knee. You know, it likely wouldn't have been necessary for Elizabeth to kill Songbird, she could've just gotten her and Booker away from him easily, but no. We had to have Songbird die so we could "sympathize" with him as well, even if we barely got him through the game and never even got to fight him since apparently Irrational still aren't able to make Boss Fights even though they could do so with the Big Daddies in the original one, somewhat.
Now, this is where I shall end my thoughts about the game for now. I shall talk about it more later, until then, I will see you all next time.   read

4:40 AM on 05.13.2013

Oh boy, back again from the depths of the dark Abyss.

I feel like talking about a certain few things again after being gone for at least a month. Some of these things involve games, such as Bioshock Infinite for instance which I'm sure people won't enjoy. While the other involves an obscure game I was going to talk about during Halloween, which I unfortunately never got to because hey I'm a bit of a lazy jerk sometimes when it comes to articles and picture gathering.
I was as well hoping to get into a discussion involving horror games and contemplating if they should take a few notes from certain writers that have made interesting takes on writing stories that can scare you to a high degree and play with your imagination like it's silly puddy or play-doh.

Hey, maybe I'll even talk about how Retro City Rampage blew my mind as well with the demo I played. It was as good as I expected and perhaps more fun then the Grand Theft Auto games of today, but as I don't think too many people will enjoy me saying that I'll just say that to me it was, because at least I got to do some crazy stuff like kill all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The demo gave me a fair amount of content to soak in before it end, which game me quite the delight since some demos just can't seem to give you the amount of content in order to get a good impression from them. I'm considering picking up X-com Enemy Unknown since the demo was a blast for my interests. This is just like how I'm considering picking up the FPS X-Com game when it comes out even though people seem to have dusted that under the rug since it didn't suit what they were used too when it generally came to X-Com games.

Well, I think that will be all for now, I'll put something up later when I have the time and when more people are bound to be up and about here on Destructoid.   read

1:40 AM on 04.05.2013

Bioshock Infinite decisions.

I think I will be talking about Bioshock Infinite soon, and even though it it a generally good game I will be talking about what I disliked about it.

Will say though, this game did a hell of a lot better at doing a Final Boss rush then Bioshock 2 did.   read

11:16 PM on 12.12.2012

The Way of the Assassin - Hitman: Absolution

Yesterday was one of those days, a day in which it feels like it's going to be a boring day of doing nothing at all and being a pirate. But to my surprise I was able to go around and do a thing I consider to be particularly fun, game shopping. Went to EB Games looking for something to wet my gamer appetite and low and behold, I notice the newest Hitman game, with eyes locked on and a feeling of being in mood for some stealthy action I buy it and take it home with.

Only thing was that I didn't play it till really early today around 2 am and then once I started playing it I got rather instantly hooked. Sprinkling some sleeping pills in that coffee and using little items in order to infiltrate the first area of the game felt satisfying. Suffice to say I took the Silent Assassin approach and completed the area without much trouble, and restarted whenever I screwed something up terribly. I did pretty well and have so far gotten to the part where you're on top of a stopped elevator. At that point I was stuck with a rather annoying glitch in which the guy was staring in the direction of where my character was going to climb up and out of, luckily I restarted the level and the glitch became rather non-existant.

In all my years of gaming I have only played one other Hitman game and that was Blood Money, and suffice it to say I was not so good at it from what I remember. I have few irks with the Absolution compared to the previous Hitman game such as how you can't buy your equipment before starting a mission in the Story Campaign, though this can show to be a little bit of an annoyance it also shows that you have to be resourceful during your missions and search for anything that could be of potential use for you during them, which is an appreciated game mechanic along with the people of the same uniform noticing whether you're one of them or not unless you use instinct. There is the feeling though that the areas of this game just don't stack up compared to the ones of the previous games in the series, but they do feel as though they're on a rather dynamic scale here and the lighting appears to be really well done.

Now to talk about the main Hitman of the game, Agent 47, from first glance of someone who's never played a Hitman game before, he seems like a rather bland character who doesn't talk much aside from the start of assignments. Personally, I can't help but like him even if he is a rather cold and ruthless killer. Certain things make him tick and help add to his personality traits, compared to assassins in other games he doesn't allow for his emotions to take complete control of him. How he speaks and what types of slight facial expressions he gives show his underlying emotion beneath that assassin exterior. These along with his skills show him to be a masterful badass hitman who knows exactly what he's doing. Though there are a few things that take away from the badassery that he has such as a particular cutscene in a hotel, and you guys, if you have played this game already, know what cutscene I'm talking about.

Away from all that the gameplay so far is proving to be really enjoyable, if a tad easy for my liking, then again I am playing it on normal so I don't think I can actually be considered a true assassin yet, even if I am sneaking past areas full of people and getting the Silent Assassin rank. But hey as long as you have fun with a game like this there shouldn't really be a problem, besides there's always the contracts mode if you're feeling up for a true challenge!

This has been a First Impression by the Darkerman, I hope you've enjoyed it.   read

4:22 PM on 10.27.2012

Updates and various info all around! also ridiculous ideas.

So, since Halloween is coming up pretty quickly, I thought about doing a Halloween-themed game for The Weird, the Strange, and the Bizarre series!
Of course, the game in question will be a surprise, like always, but I'm sure a few of you would know this obscure and rather boxy game.

I'm also wondering about whether I should get started on some game reviews. Along with my crazy new idea which involves me going through the world of Skyrim and writing about how my character's adventure is going, think in character writing basically with my character reacting to whatever comes across their path in the game.

So I guess, leave in the comments your thoughts about these.
Make possible suggestions on what I should review, maybe or what weird obscure games I should talk about.
Now that's pretty much it.
See you guys next time!   read

6:45 PM on 10.12.2012

The Weird, the Strange, and the Bizarre: Part 2

Well, as most of you may or may not know, this is my own little corner in which I talk about really unknown games that are rather weird and not exactly known by many.
As of recently I have taken into the account the game I will be talking about next.
But, there arises a difficult problem.
This game was never really released outside of it's native country from what I heard, yet what I've also heard was that there were some versions of it that were in fact translated to English.

The name of this game is Kowloon's Gate.

This game takes place before Honk Kong was handed back to China. Little tidbit of trivia if you would. The demolished walled city of Kowloon returns from the realm of Yin back to the streets of Honk Kong in the living realm of Yang. It's determined by the Hong Kong Supreme Feng Shui Conference that the reappearance of the walled city was a sign of an imbalance in the Yin and Yang, and if the two parallel worlds aren't separated then a great calamity would occur.
The Opening Video:

This game was developed Zeque and was released for the playstation on February 28, 1997, then it was re-released for PSN on April 14, 2010.
Your goal in this odd and quirky game is to seek and awaken the Four Symbols so that order would be revived.
Seems like a simple enough premise, for the most part. I actually hadn't known about the city of Kowloon or this game till it popped up while I was watching a video on Youtube, surprisingly enough.
This game is also an adventure game aka you must click in order to move to places or to talk with the inhabitants of the walled city and it is indeed first person.

There's some gameplay videos that should wet your appetite for a while, it's not much but it is the best I could find really since I'm not exactly good at translating Japanese at all.
Another unique tidbit is that as you saw, there are hub areas or what could be considered those, and dungeons.
Also there are bosses and they are quite freaky compared to what you might see in some games today.

And in both these videos it's shown that you need the correct item in order to practically progress anywhere in the game or to defeat any of the bosses or enemies.
This is pretty much the end of the observation, check it out if you're interested or if you can at least understand the Japanese language in order to make more sense of the game for yourself.
That's it for now and sorry that I didn't show too many pictures, since the gameplay videos pretty much sufficed for that.
See you guys next time!   read

4:10 AM on 10.05.2012

Back from the dead - A revival.

Recently I have disappeared from my blog here on Destructoid and though not many people will remember me and what not I did make a few analysis of certain games, especially of an odd one which most people have likely not heard of that went by the title of Pathologic, a russian made video game that took place in a strange little town and involved a disease.

I still have yet to continue the odd gaming segment such as that, but that's because I haven't obtained enough information on enough odd and not so noticed games.
Anyways I'm back and will be continuing making reviews and others such things on here.

Great to be back everybody.   read

7:29 AM on 08.23.2011

The New California Wasteland Calls~ A Review of Fallout: New Vegas

Hello and Welcome to the my review of Fallout New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Review

The game known as Fallout: New Vegas which is a sequel of sorts to Bethesda's critically aclaimed game of the year, Fallout 3.
If you go into this game thinking that's it's exactly like Fallout 3, then you will be wrong and very disappointed. This game has much of the original Fallout Mythos unlike Fallout 3, which means that you'll surprised to see that it isn't a rehash of Fallout 3. But first, let's start with the beginning of this game, the story.

The story begins with you getting shot in the head by a mysterious man in a checkered suit, afterwards you wake up in the house of local Goodsprings doctor, Doc. Mitchel
who has just healed your head and removed the bullet from it. After you exit Doc Mitchel's house is when the game truly starts, you can either follow the main campaign of going after the checkered assailant or do sidequests which have nods toward previous Fallout games in the series such as the first and second.You can go many ways with the story, whether it be that you are friend to the New Californa Republic or ally of Caesars Legion, the endings are multiple and this game is very much story based in the main quests and sidequests respectively, also a good thing to know would be that depending on what you do and who you join, the final battle will have a different outcome.


Can't talk about a game without first reviewing how well it plays. The gameplay to say the least has improved quite well, since you can now look down the sights of your firearm and acquire many new weapons and armor, some of which will disquise you when you find it necessary, also there are now many different Factions unlike there being just one faction to join in Fallout 3, depending on what Factions you join, you will get many different quests, items, and weapons. There is of something to note as when you take a certain perk, the mojave Wasteland will change abit and you'll get neat little items, though if you do take this perk, be warned! You will not be able to acquire a certain weapon, but don't worry you'll still get pretty cool weapons even when you take the perk i'm talking about.


The graphics in the game haven't really changed for the most part, but there are new enemy and character designs, a good example of this would have to be the Securitrons on the New Vegas Strip, these aren't like the robots of the previous Fallout game, these one's are big and bulky basically. Now let's look to a different thing to show how this game is slightly different, another good example for this would have to be the New Vegas Strip in all it's glory. The casinos of the New Vegas Strip have bright lights which seemed to be what was worked on quite abit, making the city actually look like Las Vegas in way, though the graphics aren't the best, atleast they aren't terrible.

Game Sum-up
Well, to say the least, Fallout New Vegas is by no means bad, but neither is it exactly the greatest game in the World. Though if you didn't like Fallout 3 you may not like this game, but it does focus on a good story more than Fallout 3 did so you may just enjoy it if you yourself like a game with a good story. I for one know that this is one of my favorite games of 2010, so I suggest that you buy it if this game appeals to your tastes or rent it just so you can see if you want it or not.
Score: 8/10   read

6:45 AM on 06.16.2011

Defending A Game no one will Defend - Ninja Theory DmC

Hello and welcome readers to the first ever article of Defending A Game no one will Defend in which I your friendly neighborhood Blogger, Darkman defend a game in which mostly no one would defend because they basically hate it with a drying passion. Today as stated in the title, I will be defending the new Devil May Cry game being made by Ninja Theory that simply goes by the name DmC, so without further adieu, let us begin shall we?

And I can already hear some moaning and groaning as people read the title and see the game I am defending mainly because they don't like how the main character has been changed and how he now looks, well let me tell you reader that I completely disagree with your hatred for this character even though I can pretty much see at what your getting at, as I too have had beloved video game characters of my own that have been changed to look very different from how they originally looked and have not been happy about it, but overall I can live with it, i'm not going to start complaining about how my video game characters have been completely ruined by a change in design like how quite alot of you have gotten pretty angsty and furious over how Dante now looks.
But, let me tell you this reader, when I first saw the trailer for Dmc I was not filled rage, no I was instead filled with awesome emotions and feeling that I was looking at a True Badass in action. I loved the punkish music, the enemy designs, the weapons, the overall feel that the trailer seemed to be radiating with which was indeed true awesomeness! It actually fills me with hope to say that I trust Ninja Theory with making this DmC and don't care about what characters have their designs changed at all.
You see, what makes a game really great is how it's feels to play the game, and at the moment none of us have actually gotten the chance to even touch the game's mechanics and know how it plays, but we did indeed see a trailer showing how the game plays even though it might not be the final product, and I won't deny that it does look quite fun and that I would like to add that game to my own gaming collection since it looks to be a delightful experience, along with the setting looking pretty colorful and interesting.
Also, there is another thing I need to bring up which would happen to be that we don't even know what the exact plot for the game is going to be yet, since for all we know the plot could be something that we might have to look foreward. There is also one last thing i'd like to bring up before I end this Blog and that would have to be that all you "True" Devil May Cry fans have finally gotten your White-Haired Dante back, so this begs the question now, are you finally happy? Or are you just going to keep complaining some more about how this isn't YOUR Dante and how YOU want the story back to the way it was you sissies.
This has been Darkerman and I hope you have enjoyed this Blog, so long now and have very splendid day, ciao.


7:50 PM on 04.02.2011

The World of Gaming - Ideas

"And as our Adventurer left the area battered and broken, memories haunted his psyche, people dead, ghostly visions, and a heart full of sorrow.
No one remembered.
No one saw.
And no one cared."
Hello and welcome once again everyone. Today i'll be talking about my own game ideas if I were to ever make my own game.
1. This one may sound somewhat stereotypical, but this game takes place in an underground facility, soldiers are walking around armed. You play as Experiment Beta, a being that was created in the facility, he has the ability to absorb the nutrients from whatever organic thing he touches with his right hand, meaning that he could literally kill someone just by touching them, leaving the person as just a corpse if he holds to them for too long.
You move throughout the facility as you try to escape, soldiers will attempt to kill you, and Beta can die if he gets loaded full of enough lead, but, that doesn't mean the game would essentially end if you died for you see the screen would just simply show darkness, a button would appear and tell you to do an action, once you continued do the same action you world start to tear yourself our of your darkened location, as soon as you would see light you would finally escape to find yourself back in the facility, after climbing out of your prison, you would look down to see.....yourself dead, your chest torn open.
Yeah, basically you come back to life after dying, your body recreated from all the nutrients you had absorbed from your enemies, your memories would be retained along with your abilities and skills, though you would still be somewhat hurt.
Collectibles for the game would be notes on all of the experiments including Beta which you could pick up throughout the facility, essentially it would unlock bonus content along with perhaps a long ending to game, revealing secrets that may not have been known about, perhaps you'd learn your true purpose if you read the notes or what the head scientist had created you for.
Lastly, this game would likely work as being first-person, not essentially as a shooter, but as a first-person adventure game.

2.Starts out as a dream, you awaken to find yourself lying down in some enclosed space, you push your hands forward to feel cold metal, you then proceed to start banging on it till it opens, then you prepare to sit up but then you notice that you are standing up, infact, you seemed to have been in locker, but have freed yourself you look to see......that you can't walk forward, mainly cause their is no road, then something taps the locker from behind and it tips forward and you fall.
Then you suddenly wake up, yes that was a dream, this is basically how the game is gonna start out, it's a point & click horror adventure game with multiple endings, depending on what you do.
A knock comes from the door of your house, you go to check it out and find a letter on the floor, picking it up and reading it, you find yourself with a ticket, the letter being an invitation to a castle, which is strange considering how didn't enter a contest or know anybody that owns a castle, but you go anyways, well, after picking up everything you'll need when going to the castle, but you won't be packing loads of clothes, you'll just be taking stuff such as a back-pack, pencils, and paper, a journal, and other such things, just so you won't get lost.
The rest of the game will take place in the castle as you navigate throughout it, attempting to not die as creatures attempt to kill you and your nightmares worsen. Forcing your character to do something they might not think of as a good idea, may get them killed if you push them to far, especially if they tell you that it might not be a good idea.

And that is all of my gaming ideas for now, ciao.   read

9:05 PM on 03.11.2011

The Weird, the Strange, and the Bizarre: Part 1

Hello, one and all.
Today I shall be talking about the truly strange and weird of gaming, the stuff that would make a person simply go "Why?" as they wondered what the creator was thinking, I hope you enjoy.

Alright, let us strat this off with a true oddity of a game known simply as Pathologic. An action adventure horror that takes place in a small town, the town has a strange atmosphere about it as soon as you start the game, and you get to understand why quite soon.

The characters in this game aren't normal at all, each one has there own little bits and pieces of weirdness, especially when the sand plague comes into the game. What you see in the above pic right now is called the Albino, by just being around it you will die, you can talk to it and it actually does speak normally, well somewhat anyways. You can choose three different characters in this game each has different difficulty level, they are the Bachelor, he's basically a well renowned doctor who comes to the town because of a mysterious death, the Haruspex who is the son of one of the town residents who has recently died, he returns to the town and is attacked and injured, he can take peoples organs, and lastly there's the Devotress, a girl who has strange magical abilities and people basically think of her as a witch, she attacks her enemies with her open palms, there are character in this game who you must make sure survive if you want to actually get a good ending, each character has there own ending, there are bonus scenes if you rescue the npcs for the other main characters.
Now, as this game moves along the town will continually go more out of it's mind, you'll have run away from clouds of infection which will attempt to kill you, the infected, thugs, and other such enemies, along with the buildings which will also become infected areas of the sudden plague, though one of the biggest enigmas of this game is the Polyhedron as seen below:

This game will make some sense if your able to atleast understand it through the bad translation, but other than that, the game might as well seem far from your average "sane" game that you see most of today, but if you are able to get the bonus scenes of the game, it will make sense to more a degree.
This has been Part 1, so I hope you will be able to join me again in Part 2, seeya then.

*Edit* Oh, dear, I seem to have forgotten to mention a few things, there are few different kinds of meters in this game that you have to keep your eye on if your playing it, they are the reputation meter, which is how much the people in the town like you, if it's really low, you'll hear the crying of infants when you kill people, though if it's higher you'll hear children laugh, the infection meter which will be very important when the sand plague occurs for if you get to infected , you will die or future enemies will burn you with fire, the Immunity meter which can be raised be taking pills or wearing certain clothes, the hunger meter which requires you to eat regularly, exhaustion meter. you must also sleep, so don't forget, and lastly there is the health bar which you likely know what that does, so heal youself up with bandages.
Also this game has a twelve day period, so a day and night cycle, basically.
Oh, and you can trade many various and seemingly useless things with people and children, yes you can trade things with children.   read

12:46 AM on 03.10.2011

First, First, First, Second. Blog of One please.

Hello, one and all, I am The Darkerman, glorious supporter of things and ideas which people may not agree with.
Let me get some basic stuff out of the way first.
I am a Nintendo fanboy, and too some degree, a Bioware and Atlus fanboy also.
But I will not outright attack people because of their opinions.
Afterall, each one of us is entitled to our own opinions, even a writer and artist such as me.
Though I won't deny that all our ego's get overblown once in a while.
Nothing wrong with that.
I'll likely be doing my thoughts of stuff in these blogs along with possibly reviews and such.
Perhaps even do some rants or something, i'm not too certain yet, sooooooo yeah.
That is pretty much it I think, so seeya soon or something like that.   read

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