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7:59 AM on 12.09.2008

STtJ- Day 10

What pictures?

So one of the reasons why so many pictures have been blurry is because I'm not using flash. the reason for this is that its easier to just keep a no flash setting on, so that I don't make the people in the companies I was visiting feel weird having flashes constantly going off around them. that and in the trains, or whilst looking at art flash is definitely considered rude. As a result, I have no realistic way of telling how long my battery will last. Long story short, I took way too few pictures and my battery died. Bad news for you guys it that the text will be longer today.
(to make up for it, enjoy the link to the epic 200-something picture album from yesterday)


So today began out as a relax day...which means I slept til like 10 AM. After shooting the breeze online for a while me and my roommate headed out to the local electronic store to pick up DSi's. Then came the massive headcrab Calzonne breakfast followed by a bus ride to some little place where we did our Kimono dancing.

(They told me it was a manly fan because it has Ogres on it)

Then we went to a group shabu shabu dinner. It was basically a pot of boiling water that you throw whatever tofu/vegetables you want into it. Then you pick up these thin slices of meet and slosh it around inside until they're at your preferred cooking limit.

Well that was the uneventful day. Tomorrow is my last FULL day in Japan before I hop on a plane and time travel back to Chicago. To make up for the lack of events today- tommorow is going to be absolutely silly. I decided to organize a minitrip for the free day and head with a few of us to Osaka. We're gonna get up early and catch the express train out of the Kyoto station (3 min walk away) and head to the Pokemon Center, Jump Shop, then make our way to the epic-ness that is Den-Den town (or so I've heard). Expect to see all that is nerdy tommorow.   read

6:38 AM on 12.08.2008

STtJ- Day 9

Not Godzilla attack

So I lied to you guys- No kimono's or Japanese Dance, but I did go to the golden palace and a bunch of other really ancient cool places

Yeah, today we took off slightly early to go tour 3 places. First up was this really cool (yet oddly touristy) temple (yes I'm fully aware that I sound like an ignorant foreigner, but we're flying around places and don't have too much time to appreciate the history). There was a group of lame British School kids with blue ponchos that I avoided like the plague.

Then we went to this place with hundreds of statue buddahs. they didn't let us take pics of the statues but the outside was fair game. It was magnificent.

Next up was the epic golden palace.

Last up was the This place where they film old samurai flicks.

And as a goodbye, I present you the MEGA MAC!!!


8:04 AM on 12.07.2008

STtJ-Day 8


Today was a long day simply because of the extra early wake up and the large amounts of walking/train riding.

So we ended up almost being late because two of the kids on the trip didn't wake up until we were all downstairs waiting for them. The bullet train was REALLY cool- it was about an hour and 45 the entire ride from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Once we got here we took a few trains to...honestly I don't know where. All I know is that we ended up in some elementary school watching kids do Taiko drums. Then they let us have a go and we tried to play the things- it was pretty cool.

Afterward it was just discovering the hotel and eating.

(Moe Jong....sooooo bad)

(Kyto Tower, not to be confused with Tokyo tower)

For some reason I got a hardcore craving for some Burger King. Tommorow's plan is to go sightseeing, have a kimono wearing party where we learn Japanese dance, and hopefully burger king finding. Arigato Gozaimasu   read

7:15 AM on 12.06.2008

STtJ- Day 7

I can has hairdo.

Today I woke up and took a visit to one of the 2 Tokyo Jump Shops (Weekly Shonen Jump official shop). Got a few pics of interesting shops in that subway mall.

Afterward I went to Harijuku to get a haircut (spend lots of money in one place as opposed to several). I think it came out pretty cool.

Yeah that's it...I'm tired and need sleep for the early bullet train to Kyoto tommorow. Thanks for reading.   read

9:51 AM on 12.05.2008

STtJ- Day 6

When it rains it pours

So today was interesting. My picture taking has taken a huge hit. One reason is because I'm not allowed to take pictures inside of awesome studios, but another is because we're walking everywhere and so far walking and taking pictures has resulted in lots of shaky cam. That and its kind of bogus to stop in the middle of a crowded subway or street to take a picture of something they see everyday.

Like I said yesterday- today was really all about Namco- Bandai. It was really cool to turn a corner and see a huge building with the logo on it. Walking inside was particularly gnarly because of the awesome waterfall/rock structure. They did a great job of displaying their games (Submariner, Ridge Racer 2, Pacman, etc.) and had a really nice looking lobby.

(A TV crew showed up and filmed this like 5 year old kid completely own at the giant drum game)

We were lead into a room and watched trailers for all sorts of games (both out and in production). They showed Soul Caliubur 4, Tekken 6, Tales of Vesperia, Idolmaster (lol), Innocent Aces, and some other JRPG that looked REALLY good but I can't remember. Then we took a tour of the really cool Sound studio, and took some company cars out to their Mocap studio like 5 min away. When we got into the mocap studio(no pics allowed of each), it began to pour outside and you could just hear it through the cieling. We sat there asking questions to our tour guides and watching pro actors motion capture a scene for a good while- it was really fun.

Afterward we went back to the "fun room" (I forgot to take a pic of the sign, I'll try to jack my friends and post it) and had a QA with one of the heads of the production team and the producer of Ace Combat (4-6 if I recall). They were really cool guys.

That's about it for today. Tomorrow I'm gonna visit the Shonen Jump Store, Harijuku (and finally get the Japanese haircut I've been trying to schedule in all trip), Shibuya, and hopefully the Pokemon Center.

I leave to Kyoto Sun morn, so expect to be seeing pictures of tea ceremonies, gardens, and castles in the future. G'day, thanks for reading.

E- Day 6 not 7, also- As prommised Cortana Shirt.


9:35 AM on 12.04.2008

STtJ- Day 5

I'm starting to loose it.

Seriously, I'm a lazy kid, I usually sleep between 11PM and 3 AM and wake up between 10AM and 1 PM. Here on this trip, I'm sleeping at like 11-2 and waking up between 8 and 9. At first I was fine, but its starting to catch up and i'm getting exhausted. So if you come to Japan- while it is important to have plans and things to do- DON'T FORGET TO SLEEP!

So today the plan was to make 2 stops- The Miyazaki Museum and Xbox Japan.

I'm going to go ahead and admit that I do appreciate the work of Miyazaki, but I've never sat through more than 10 min of any one of his animations. I respect the work, it just can't hook me. We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside, but they had a mini Lourve (aka fancy french museum) and a giant Cat Bus for kids to climb around in- it was pretty cool.

(you can't really tell, but that lady is pushing around a bunch of kids like in a giant cage-ish thing)

Next we took a visit to Xbox Japan. They had a really cool place and set up a few powerpoints. We got the see the last E3 presentation for Lost Oddesy presented by the director, only instead of it being formal we were free to ask him about anything. Turns out he was very discontent with UT3, and his team requested to make their own engine which they finished and currently work in.

(apparently Resident Evil is called BioHazard in Japan)

We also had a presentation from a girl in PR and she had us do an exercise to create a marketing strategy for Halo Wars, both domestically in japan and worldwide. Due to the popularity of the Tommy Lee Jones Boss Cofee commercials, my group decided to make a series of cartoons and merch regarding TLJ and Master Chief. The lady voted ours as the best and we got a swanky Japanese Halo 3 shit (I'll put up a pic tommorow)

The rest of the day was pretty lazy. About the only highlight was eating really good mexican food (being a mexican born american, its important for me to judge how every country I visit handles the food).

(A for spelling it right)

(Translation- What is Mexico?)

(Enchilada, Taco, and giant Tostada. Conclusion- it was fairly well done, I'm impressed)

(prof Josh Jones trying to have his Margarita with Chopstick straws)

Yeah, I'm burnt out....Japan is exciting but the lack of sleep is catching up. Good news for you guys is that tomorrow is my last official company visit (Namco Baindai), so I'm probably going to be posting more about culture and interesting things. See ya tomorrow- Thanks for reading, I appreciate actually having a reader base (even if it is only like 9 people).   read

9:39 AM on 12.03.2008

STtJ- Day 4

I can't talk about it.

I've come to conclude that some of the most interesting things in japan are the advertisements. The format of most TV shows is having commercials only between shows and durring 1 break in the middle. As a result, it appears that there are ads everywhere else, and each one is trying to get your attention over the rest.

So today was pretty much the highlight of the trip, and I can't talk about it. No seriously, I can honestly sit here and write like 3 pages or so about what was going on and how awesome Grasshopper Manufacturer was, but I signed a Non Disclosure agreement so oh well. Rest assured it was probably everything you expected and more.

(shaky cam pic of me and the coolest person alive- Suda 51...stupid shaky have failed me)

(Giant sticker autographed by Suda 51 and the Art Director that's been there since day 1 of ghm)

(there are a few more pics in the photobucket. There are also a few more on my camera that I'm not sure I'm allowed to show you so I'm playing it safe)

After that amzing experience we went to Telecom Animation- the guys who did Looney Toons, Lupin the 3rd, and I'm pretty sure JLA. They're a very old school company that had people animating keyframes by hand, and doing the inbetweens by machine. The only way to describe it is sweatshop animation, only people were doing it because they loved animating. It was kind of warm, but everyone was focused on their work and did not bother with distractions.

(The chief director actually gave us the tour and took a long QandA session- it was awesome)

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to show you any of this, but I didn't sign anything so here it goes. They're working on a new Green Lantern Animation very much in the Bruce Tim JLA/JLU style. It looks like its a pretty good way into production. I'll give you a taste because I don't want to get into too much trouble.

Later a few of us went to an uber boring tour to Production IG.

After that we ate at this real good place called Mos Burger where I had a good chicken sandwich, frozen cake stick, and cold cocoa....thats not interesting really, but I can't think of anything to write and I remembered the place cause of the cute girl working there who had amazing English.

(Apperantly you can get some good speed down the street from Mos Burger)

And now the obligatory- look at neat stuff I found

(get it?)

(if you really wanted to find the photobucket with more CRAPTACULAR* pics i'm sure you''ll figure it out)

*Don't say I didn't warn you**

**Sorry guys- its been a long few days and I'm running out of steam. Hopefully the Ghibli Meuseum and XBox Japan will motivate me enough to actually write something you guys'll enjoy.   read

8:26 AM on 12.02.2008

STtJ- Day 3


E- sorry for the large images, forgot to change the upload settings to downsize my massive pics. Also- As you can tell I have ridiculously large images that take about 5 min each to upload on the Dtoid up-loader thingy on the right. and that requires me to do them one at a time, whereas in photobucket I can set it up to upload the huge batch, shower, come back and be done and happy to link away. I forgot to change a single photobucket setting to downsize the images and I'm very much sorry for it, but honest mistakes happen. I'm trying to be as quick as possible with the fixing, but the hotel has one Ethernet jack to share between 2 people, so patience would be appreciated. And QRAZ- try Chrome. That way when I make a slip you can kill the single process tab and not "kill your internet".

So today we didn't do much, in fact we were allowed to sleep in to recover from all the intense awesome of the last 2 days.

To counter not doing much (all we really did was visit Toei and go to Nakano Broadway) I do have a fair bit of information about Toei Animation for anyone really interested....oh and pictures of Toei...LOTS of pictures.

Actually, I lied, not too much info on Toei. They gave us a REALLY cool tour, and they were REALLY cool about letting us take pictures (I'm almost sure that no other company is gonna let us do that and I appreciate it)
- They showed us the new Onepiece Intro in the review room with REALLY good sound...I teared up when they left Vivi
- We saw a video for a REALLY cool 3-d animation that they're doing in colaboration with Disney called RoboDz. It has a Mexican samurai robot, evil Hercules beetles, sleeping robot old dudes, and spanking machines. Its coming out in the US in Feb and I'm really excited- it looks AMAZING.
- Some mangaka like to visit often to see how close the anime is to the manga (we were told Akira Toriyama constantly visited, wheras Eiichirō Oda, not too often).
- Toei is about 50-50 in male to female worker ratio. The directors are mostly men, but there are a good handful of female directors on projects
- Toei uses tablets for just about everything....really cool Wacom tablets.
- There are 5 animation teams at Toei, each working on a different show/movie. These teams range from 35-40 key animators per team. There are about 350 animators at Toei (combining the comparitavely small TV teams and the huge Movie teams)
- There are a lot of young animators at the company (in the mid/late 20's), but also older people (45-50) so the average age for animators is at about 30.
- Nowadays, Toei tries to have as much control as possible when their shows go overseas to get localized. They are trying to keep the animations as close to the original as possible.
- Key animators are expected to focus on the work at hand and not too much on their personal work. If an animator is doing a fast and high quality job, they are grouped with other similar animators and form 3-5 animator super teams that get the same amount of work done as a 5 or 7 animator team.
-CG is used most of the times for backgrounds. Also- companies often hire Toei for backgrounds to use in games.
- Out of the about 80 anime that come out weekly, Toei animates 5 of them. They also do 1-3 feature length animated films a year (they're currently working on 3 for 2010)
- Original ideas come from producers who then talk to animators to see if they're willing to animate it. Then the higher ups are brought in before a decision is made to go ahead with the animation
- While animators do like working on long running shows, they get tired of drawing the same characters for a long time and thus the teams are shifted and shuffled ever so often.
- 3D animation is VERY expensive. That's why episodes of RoboDz are 3 minutes long. They're trying to convince the brass to at least attempt 1 full length 3-d animated motion picture just to test the water against Pixar

(Awesome poster they gave me for being enthusiastic and kind)

After that we went to the Nanoko Broadway, which is basically like a giant flee market but its stores. There you can find all the capsule toys and random figures opened, but a little priceyer because you know which one you're buying.

A few things
- I'm walking a lot as I take pictures, so there will be shaky cam. Its hard to stop in the middle of a crowded place to take a picture of something silly so expect "the blur" (get it, its a pun on how bad my camera skills are)
- Its going to be company visits for the next few days so expect to be hearing more tidbits of random information about companies and less about how awesome eveything is.
- The japanese haircut is going to take a while because I need some free time when a salon is actually open and i'm not busy.
- Krispy Kreme is just as, if not more, awesome here as it is in the US.

- Did I mention that SF4 is amazing? Well it is.

- the link is to big to get url'd   read

7:11 AM on 12.01.2008

Shool Trip to Japan- Day 2


Today was all about stairs...I climbed them, and I took a hell of a lot of pictures of them.
255+and counting

(Confusing subway station is confusing)

I started off the day feeling slightly under the weather so I popped on a facemask and headed out to an early breakfast. After meeting up with the group we set off towards the Sony Showroom.


It was interesting to be in a place with lots of space compared to the cramped aisles and halls of every other place we've been. There was nothing really noteworthy, it was all a giant Sony demo. They had giant Sony screens with PSPs and PS3s hooked up to them so that you can play demos. The Gundam game sucked, PattaPon was kinda fun, and Escherchrome (sp?) was pretty good. The thing is- I already knew all of that because I've seen them in the US. It was a waste of an hour.

After that we took a walk to the Tokyo Tower. Wiki it to find out what it is if your really interested. To get there we had to go through another temple, and this time we had to be quiet on the inside because they were having service. Our Japanese professor had just told us to not take pictures while inside when I turned around and saw the Animation prof with his camera propped up on a chair taking pictures of the massive Buddha in front. The place was awesome because of all the ornate gold hanging from the ceiling, but I have no pictures because I didn't want to be that much of a jerk.

After a short walk we were at the base of Tokyo Tower. Instantly we all decided we wanted crepes so we mobbed the crepe place right next to it.

(Its like "Psych" only on your food)

Afterwards we did the obvious- took the elevator up that mofo! The view up there was really cool. I looked down and saw some dudes playing soccer and instantly wanted to go join them.

Then we decided to spend our professor's money and go up to the top most floor they let us go to. It was tiny and didn't really offer a better view of the city. In short it was a waste of 6 bucks. There was actually a line to get into the elevator to let you down.

(Tokyo Bay)

(Cool looking Roof)

(not 911)

(LOL box)

Then we split up into the lucky 6 that got to go to Arc System, and the other 10 who were going to follow an old friend of our Professor around. Unfortunately I didin't take any pictures of the guy, but he was really cool. He was into baseball and was funny to talk to. He was also like 74 and walked faster than all us young 20-somethings.

We were going to go to the Imperial Garden, but when we got there it was closed. Being such a nice guy- he decided he'd take us to this old garden that allegedly belonged to this ancient highly recognized samurai guy. I took probably way more pictures than you nerds want to see (I'm a sucker for architecture and the combination of stone/wood/nature is interesting to me).

After that, he decided he'd take us to the "Michigan Ave" (or "5th Ave" for you NY readers) of Tokyo. The place looked really cool, but damn was it high class. Games that can be found elsewhere for as low as 20 bucks were on sale there for 50+. There were stores for all the high end designers- Prada, Gucci, Armani, Coach, Burberry, you get the picture. Basically I visited the UNIQLO (think H and M only cool) and this awesome toy store at the end of the street.

(players from the Tokyo giants playing with some kids right next to their stadium)

(my pal Matt and similarly tired japanese guy)

(who wants Flan?!?!)

(8 bucks each, who wants one?!?)

The night was still young so we went to some strange Sony Place where everyone inside (even customers) were wearing ties. After thinking about it I realized that it was probably the investor parlor where they show off their products and marketing strategies to try to get bigwigs to invest money into the company.

(Sorry for no pictures of the lame Sony place, only of massive people on some stairs in the train station)

After a short trip home we went out to hit the streets of Shinjuku (where our Hotel is) again. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me (since I left it at the hotel when we came back), but there are some thigns that may be of interest to you.
- SF4 is fun. I'm not a big fighting game guy. I'm also not a big SF guy. In fact the first time I've ever played any SF was about a month or 2 back when I downloaded one on the Wii. I learned how to do Ryu's moves to I just used him. It was actually a blast.
- Cave is insane. there was an arcade machine with an old Cave shmup loaded so I sat down and played. It was crazy, intense and fun.
- They have arcade games that we need here. There are a series of Arcade TCG games that look awesome. What you do is you buy a pack of these cards and use those to play the arcade. Theres a table and you slide your cards around to do different thigns on screen. Its like an entire Genre of gaming that I had never heard of before, and apperantly its real big here. There are those type games for OnePiece, Dragonball, Naruto, YuGiOh, RTS types, RPGs , Soccer and other sports, etc. Its interesting to watch these people sit down and slide cards across a table as they compete against other players for victory.
- Claw Machines are evil. I don't know how many of you are into toys (or read TomoPop) but there are these brand new figures that have Luffy from OnePiece and Goku from DBz wearing each other's main outfit. I sat at a claw machine for like 30 min trying to get one. I blew through more cash than I'm probably gonna use to flat out pay for it when I'll probably order it from Play-Asia. The guy working the game kept comming by and rearranging the figures in the machines because I kept moving them to the point where they were more impossible to get.
- Camera/electronic stores are huge and you will get lost.
- While drink vending machines may be plentiful, somehow resteraunts have found a way to serve you the minimum drink possible. On the same note- Wendys and McDs looks and tastes exactly like it does in the US.
- Gashapon may seem cheap, but what your really doing is using 2 dollars over and over...basically its a drug.

Since I've already rambled on for so long, I might as well talk about the plans for tommorow,
(that is all)   read

6:27 AM on 11.30.2008

School Trip to Japan (STtJ)- Day 1

Also known as- How to spend way too much money in one day


Alright guys and gals (and anyone in between who actually read this).
Today was probably one of the most exciting days of my life. Like many geeks I have heard, and dreamed about Akihabara, and I must admit it was absolutely what I expected. But before we go into that, allow me to go through a recap of the day.

Hotel toilet is intense!

The jet lag is pretty much gone now- the only minor problem was waking up at 4 AM ready to go somewhere. After a really good breakfast in the Hotel, and a quick trip to 7Eleven for facemasks for my sick friend (you wear them so that you don't get other people sick), we all headed to one of the higher floors fo the Tokyo Metropolitan Gov. Building. View of the City ensued.

The group

Yet again I find myself in a city trying to host the Olympics

Yes they ARE working out in public

Thanks for the warning

Next up we went to the Square Enix Showcase about a 5 min walk away. I think this a good place to point out that I'm not a big FF or Dragon Quest fan, but any of you who are will probably have killed to be in my place. I ended up picking up the Chrono Trigger Original Soundtrack and a few Soul Eater figures. I can't really explain it, so I'll let the pictures do the talking.

(And I said i wouldn't take that many pics..I lied. Enjoy)

Then 2 people who work for Squenix who had tried all year to get us into the Main Square Bulding (but was rejected because the brass thinks we're all American spies trying to steal their ideas) decided to take questions. I did manage to gather a few interesting tidbits
- Square has pretty much hired their staff full time
- Enix deals with independant and freelance developers to get projects done
- Teams average around 800+ people
- They ARE working on getting older games out on the DS (Chrono Trigger now, ? later)
- The Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series were happy accidents in the global market (they were designed specifically for the Japanese market but happy that it did well in other places)
- Kingdom Hearts came about mostly because Square Enix and Disney (used to?) share an office
- Mickey wasn't in KH1 because Disney wasn't fully comfortably having him in a game like that

Next we went to some temple that the Prof forgot to tell us the name of. It was pretty cool

I took a picture of the pidgins because I wanted to point out how lean and slim they are compared to large fat lazy american pidgins

Next we went to Akihabara (translated into friggin awesome). I wish I could explain it, but I'm still at the phase where I can't put words to it. Arcades, Gashapon, Stores, stairs, lights, elextronics, and lots of very polite people. At some point when I get back to the States I'm going to sit down and do a serious reflection of what it was that I actually did/saw/experienced, but for now I'm just gonna leave it to the pictures to do the talking.

Lastly, I just wanted to leave you all with a picture of what COULD be you. I use this as a warning- if your a geek visiting Japan I suggest you save up money...LOTS of money.

You can pretty much tell what my favorite anime/manga are.

And finnaly a few comments
- I'm not sure whether I should stick with huge lettered or parenthesis for my photo comments.
- I'm not a great photographer...I'm just a dude with a point and shoot so I'm aware a lot of the pics are out of focus
- I don't like to take photos of myself (which I'm sure none of you mind) so don't ask. (I'm the guy in the pic with the cactus...The only time you'll see more of me is when I finally fulfill my plan of getting a Japanese haircut.
- Yes ladies I am singles.
- One of the other students on the trip just opened a photobucket for the group I'm with. I'm going to be using that for pics, but I'll continue to put as many as I think is alright here. Link at top
- I'm going to try to save a small thumbnail version of all my pics so that I can use those for this blog. For the large ones- check the photobucket
-I know I mentioned Arc System works, but they drew names out of a hat to pick the 6 people that could go and I wasn't chosen. Sorry guys, you're going to have to get your Guilty Gear info elsewhere.
-See ya tomorrow, same great general time, same great channel   read

7:48 AM on 11.29.2008

School Trip to Japan- Day 0.5

As promised guys, here I am writing on and about my first sort of day in Japan. (I have one other post on this site and if you want to make sense of anything I'm saying you might want to read it).
So I flew out of Chicago at local time 11:10AM Friday the 28th (Black Friday) 14 hours of on and off sleep on a plane later I arrived at Narita Airport in Japan at 3:10 PM Saturday the 29th. Many of the people with me on the trip were in disbelief that we were actually in Japan seeing as almost all of the signs had English translations.

Hopping on a bus we headed towards our (swanky) Hotel we embarked for a LONG ride through Japanese Traffic (rush hour I assume since it was after 3 PM). Right before we arrived at our Hotel we were bombarded with a view of blinking lights and we lit up like children on a proverbial Christmas.

^ thats whats hot out in the streets

Upon arrival, we quickly dropped our bags off in our rooms and headed out for running around the same 3 block area with our eyes wide open (despite arguable lack of sleep).

I have a few more pictures I'd like to post, but they're taking forever to upload (mostly because they need to be downsized from about 2.4 MB each to small enough to fit the Dtoid Screen). I should get around to them tomorrow night since I'm probably gonna have more time to post than today's hastily put together rant.

Capsul toys FTW!

PS- Tomorrow me and the group head to Akihabara to go bananas. I probably won't be posting many pics because I'll be too busy buying things.   read

1:15 PM on 11.14.2008

Haldo Dtoid Community

(^ ten points to those who get the reference)

My name is, as visible, The Blur. I'm an Game Dev: Production and Design major at DePaul
University here in my hometown of Chicago. I enjoy such wonderful games as No More Heroes,
Katamari Damacy , Viewtiful Joe, Banjo-Tooie (have to disagree with Chad Concelmo on this
one- 2 is the best), and the game that will probably make a lot of people give me the "?"
eyebrows- Pokemon TCG.
I've been a regular reader here on Dtoid for about 2 years now, and only recently decided to join the C-Blogs

I'm going to JAPAN!
This summer I was lucky enough to get picked out of a group of about 30 something applicants
to go on the trip of a lifetime. Me about 12 other students are going to hop on plane come
black-friday and spend 11 days in Japan visiting game an animation companies to see how
business and development strategies in the land of the rising sun are different then from the
As of now, the companies that I'm going to visit are Toei Animation, Arc System Works,
Namco-Bandai, Grasshopper Manufacturer, and Xbox Japan.

Since this whole shebang counts as a college credit, I'm required to do a fair share of
"homework". One such assignment is to have a journal or blog for at least 8 of the 11
days I spend there, and thats where my friend
Theplanman suggested that I use this as an
opportunity to dive right into the Dtoid community. So here I am writing my intro on
what will become the place where I will share my foreign adventures to anyone willing to read.
I'm a week from my finals, and 2 weeks from a trip that has be both extremely nervous and
excited beyond belief.

As a fun little outro, I'd like to ask everyone reading- what question would you like to
ask a Japanese game developer?

(on a side note- sorry for the formatting issues, I'm only now getting used to the
whole "blogo-sphere")   read

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