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I read some of the twitter suggestions for IW's CoD:MW2 suggestion box. Some of it was very pleasent, innoventive, progessive. Something our gen of video games actualy needs. Then we have other other portion of suggestions, the mind-numbing majority. Horrid, non-progressive suggestions that would only offer more setbacks to online gaming for all of us. Not just the competitive players, or the averages, it'd affect the casuals and any other category of gamer that is beneath. The only people it'd benifet are the ones who still need their food cut for them and use a dull pair of scissors to cut shapes out of papper in art class.

Let us begin, take note, these are direct quotes. For the overly depedent grammar whores in debates/arguements.


First, the retarded

"a perk where if someone camps in the same place for 20 seconds or more, they show up on enemy radar regardless of the campers perks "
Or how about this? How about a perk where you learn to kill someone whose better than you at holding down an area on the map? Oh wait, that's up to you and your stubby thumbs, not the game.

"a perk that stops you from getting hurt by helis and air strikes, maybe replacing a red perk?"
Would you like some warm milk with that comfort blanket? Grow up and play the game you headless chicken.

"map editor for console multiplayer please"
Could you make a map, or are we better to leave it to the developers, so they can focus more on their multiplayer? Think about it. Most CoD players are still learning to walk and chew gum.

"laser pointers"
Because aim assist and red reticules isn't easy enough?

"Drivable vehicles ...maybe aircraft this time"
Assuming you're like what most player's I've encountered on CoD/xbl. How about you learn some basic motor skillls first, maybe how to look at radar when recon is deployed? Or how to strafe in a gun fight, instead of that mindless back peddeling crap I see on the regular.

"No 1 shot kill shotguns !"
All I can say is, you're an idiot. Bet you this is the same kid who claims CoD is realistic.

"Make it so that snipers can deploy a grappling hook to climb buildings!!!!!!!"
How... Juvenile. Go play Lego Batman.


Now, the good!

"I would like to see the game require skill again like in cod1. Not like these console easy fests that have been pumped out yearly"
Skill in a console FPS is something I've wanted for... Well, since Halo 2 came out.

"Friendly nades should not give a grenade warning indicator when friendly fire is off"
I am okay wether this suggestion happens or not.

"when knifing someone you have to be beside them you cant do one of those crazy jumping knife attacks"
This suggestion got a lot of negative votes, I wonder why? No wait, I don't wonder why. People are affraid of challenge and skill VS being spoonfed heavy doses of easymode.


If Infinity Ward listend to half of this crap, CoD would sell and at the same time, fall to the scourge of online gaming. No, not the casuals. It's the people who read books that have pictures w/ no words. They don't even have a term yet, none that I know. All I know is- they are my scourge to online gaming. Just mindless subhumans.

Just for the sake of it, heres my wishlist to make CoD:MW2 more balanced/enjoyable

1. Players who leave the boundaries of the map should die, instantly. With a respawn penalty and XP reduction. Will not affect teamates.

2. Remove all baby/superman perks either entirely, or all put into the same perk slot so players can only chose one. Stopping Power, Juggernaught, Second Chance(last stand), Martyrdom, Overkill and Steady Aim.

3. Gears of War 2 setup where instead of vetoing one single mp map, we have two mp maps to vote on.(Don't get me started on Gears, I am not a fan.)

4. Bolt Action Rifles & Single Shot Rifles are always more powerful than any given spray-n-pray weapon. Meaning you can kill an SMG or HMG fanboy just as fast, long as you're a marksman.

5. Destroying Tanks & Helicopters earns you 20+ xp, because you took the initiative. Award players for being useful, for once.

6. Add a "Dodgeball" playlist. Objective based match where the only way you can respawn is when one of your teamates gets a kill. It will be 3 rounds, fast paced, NO perks NO vehicles NO Air Support. 100% guns only.

7. More penalty for players & host alike for quitting matches. Also, if a host does quit, make a record of it. Overtime, players with best connections and very little quit early incidents will host, whereas people with piss poor connections and quitter antics will be less likely.

Are you curious to see what this gen of gamers have become? Check it out yourself

The Big Bad Wolf
12:15 PM on 02.04.2009

A LONG time ago, nearly over a decade, MMOs were becomming a genre based on freedom of the player. A time when the idea of playing with thousands of others on the same server/realm/shard was unheard of and most of all, exciting.

One of the first MMOs and my first MMO was Ultima Online. Made by the same man who designed Tabula Rasa (which failed). Unlike Tabula Rasa, UO (ultima online) was revolutionary and innoventive. The amount of freedom for one's self was beyond rewarding. The game was simple, yet complex. Reviewers were harsh due to it's 2D birds-eye-view graphics, yet the game was a major, successful hit for many, many years. Long before that of WoW.

It proved that Gameplay > Graphics and I still believe in this til this day. So if you're a graphic fan over gameplay, this might not be the read for you. But if you can appreciate a game's features, gameplay and all the beautiful perks it comes with, you may appreciate this game as much as I have...

The year was 1997 and an online MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game) was introduced to millions, literally. Ultima online, it had no significant story or drive for the player. There was no war to be faught, no quests to be made. Everything was up to you here. You had choices and lots of them.

Richard Garriot (aka Lord British) was the brains of the game. Again, the same man who made Tabula Rasa (which failed and never considered playing). He made only ONE in-game appearence in UO. Then he got assassinated by a player publically. He never logged on since.

Name me one MMO where the lead designer got PK'd in his own creation. 1 point towards UO

Many players came on with different intent. The game wasn't level-based like most MMOs today, it was skill-bsaed. The more you do, the more you progress in that particular skill. Every character had a skill cap of 700 points. You had over 30 skills to chose from. Want to be a warrior? A craftman of some sort? A fisherman? A bastard thief? Or would you like to be a shit-disturbing mage?

The more benifitial the skill you worked on, the harder it was. The reward and time spent aquiring such talent was worth every moment, drop of gold or item required necessary.

Merchants and mules aside, let's talk about combat.

You could be a warrior or a mage. A warrior, being the easiest to train in and max out a 700 skill cap in. you had many types of warrior breeds. Creativity was a plus here. There was no standard for what type of warrior you aim to persue.

Unlike many MMOs out now, this game also had player housing. Sounds spiffy, right? Well, you are right, if you're a good housekeeper. When the game first started off, the amount of freedom was intense. This also meant that if you left your front door unlocked or if I was a sneaky pete, I could break into your house and rob you blind, leaving you with nothing. Sounds harsh? Not to me, or anyone else in the game that had a front door and a key.

For the players who were unfortunate to remember locking their door, or check for stealthy players. You might log on to see this, or you might of been the guy who did rob a house (or many like me).

Since the game had no quests or significant story line, the world is yours. You will meet players you'll form alliances with or join guilds and wars. On the other end, you will make enemies. If you make an enemy, there are no gloves to take off, you are born without them. Murder, rob, grief. Make his life miserable and in return make your time on the game that more pleasurable. Sounds harsh, again? Well, only the weak seemed to feel that way.

Fear not anti-pks (player killers), there was a system in the game just for you. The bounty system, which allowed these victims and whiners to post bounties on murderers, robbers, or anyone they see fit. Posted publically at all town banks, you would set the bounty, players would seek their heads for the reward of gold.

Fortunatly for the blues (innocent players), they were safe in town by the protection of guards. Reds (murderers) were not allowed in towns that had town guard protection.

The color name of players varied from blue - grey - and red. Anyone whose familiar with MMOs will know what each color represents.

Blue Named Player - Innocent, goodie-good-guy.

Grey Named Player - Temporary criminal status. He just stole from another, looted an innocent corpse, flagged himself grey by attacking an innocent player or pet.

Red Named Player - Murderer. He's murdered at least five players and each gave him a murder count. The more murders, the more fame. Leading up to the "Dread Lord" status. So if your in-game name is "Jim Sterling" and you've murdered X amount of innocent players. Your name will promote to Lord Jim Sterling.

You may ask yourself, "wheres the rpg element of this game?" It's up to you. Look at these kids who roleplayed as orcs and spoke their own language. Don't let their swagger fool you, they are as deadly as they are numerous.

They were mostly warriors, all equipped with blunt objects and crossbows. You don't want to mess with them. If you were the unfortunate soul who has been caught in their territory, they will prompt you to "give tribute". Meaning, give us items or gold and we'll let you pass, if not, we'll settle with whats on you, including your boots.

So let's recap what UO did that most MMO's do not execute anymore.

-Player houses ranging from small wooden shacks to castles or keeps. Show off your wealth.
-Sneak in and loot player's homes
-PvP that was skillful, balanced, fun
-Capable of looting everything off a player you've killed, including their boots.
-Dressing up or playing naked, choice was yours. Dye your hair.
-Warrior, mages, or merchants. If you don't like pvp, you can always dungeon crawl for drops/gold.
-Murderers were feared, though banned from towns. They stood tall and in most cases would fight blues, while being outnumbered 5 to 1. Blues always failed, something about red colored names intimidated them.
-Skill-based. The more you do, the more you learn that particular ability.
-Traveling by boats, spells, public gates (stargate?) was less time-consuming unlike WoW's traveling
-Your imagination will take you further than whats on your back. For both player vs player and fooling around in the land.
-RISK vs REWARD. You leave town wearing and carrying what you're willing to lose incase you die to monsters or players. You are either over equiped or ill equiped. Regardless, you're not Master Chief and you're not invincible. Your survival is based on how good YOU are- not the character model you are. The smarter and more resourceful you are, the more likely you'll outlast any foe you encounter.

Now a few pics of me in UO that I got via google, off the In Por Ylem player shard from ages ago. Can't believe I even found them. These are what inspired me to make this blog, to show you how MMO's used to be before pampering came into play. Look how different UO is from this gen's MMOs. This gen has less freedom and practically no risk vs reward.

That is me, I circled myself. To my left is a Game Master, why is she next to me? Because we're all waiting for an event to start, a tournament I think. Little did she know and everyone else in the room is, I had a bag full of explosion potions about to light the room up, taking a half dozen with me. I got put in jail for 6 hours that night, it was worth it.

That's me in a boat in town, polymorphed into a chicken. It was the only way I could go into town as a murderer. People freaked out.

I would be suprised if this read opend the eyes to WoW gamers on how simple their game has evolved due to this. Anything player griefing-related or freedom-based has been removed and put into games like WoW. Honestly, UO was the last of it's kind. Until developers started listening to the wrong people. It's a shame.
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Starting off, I am anti-cheaters, you cheat, I report you. Wether it gets you banned or not. Zero tolerance for anyone who breaks the xbox live terms of service. Especially when you're cheating in a game that is not incredibly challenging.

Last night I was on CoD:WaW via XBL, a breeding ground for headless chickens that are truly afraid of anything that moves, including themselves. So it's no wonder I run into a cheater in a match. Performing a glitch on a certain map that allows this individual to "elevate" into the air and float with the clouds, as if anyone with two eyes wouldn't notice a humanoid figure sitting there in plain site.

Well this individual was on my team, but it didn't stop me from filing a complain on cheating, submitting negative player review to avoid him and sending him a short text message saying "reported". Sending him a text message to hope that he'll stop and because I'm a dick to those I see fit. You ruin the online experience of a game, then I'll ruin it in ways your juvenile feeble mind cannot comprehend. All the "faggot" and "dick sucking" references in your pathetic arsenal will never measure up to.

Afterwards I got a voice message from this person. The jist of it was, my actions were "low" and unecessary. That he didn't cheat for "that long", so I should let it slide. Let me tell you all something with my experience on live for X amount of years... All cheaters either play dumb or are truly dumb. Comebacks, excuses, all pathetic and all make me laugh at their failed attempts to justifty their actions.

I reply back in a short voice message, basically saying "why cheat in an easy game, why cheat period? You violated the terms, I reported you. Learn to play or don't bother playing at all."

Not too long afterwards I get a voice message back (which I have saved in my inbox still). It truly is the most RETARDED message I've ever got from a cheater, let alone a player on xboxlive til this day. And that's saying a lot, because a strong strong STRONG majority of players on live cannot talk back or make sense. It's usually the cliche one-liners we've all grown to know and still serve no sting in arguements/debates.

Here is his message: "Dude, so what. It's a game! Yeah, it's easy thats why they put glitches in there for you... To make it a little more challenging... for the people who arn't in it... so... whatever!"

That was a complete quote on what he said. Halfway throught he voice message he stalls and possibly realizes how fucking retarded he sounds.

Now for anyone who doesn't get what's wrong about this message...


Game Testers, Private Betas, Public Betas, PATCHES.... Are for games to berid of glitches. Errors in the game that shouldn't be there, period.

I was shocked, how dumb can someone be? He was serious in his voice message, not a hint of sarcasm. It made me feel like shit knowing people like him exist in this world. People like him that don't deserve a pair of hands, thumbs, a pulse in his body.

It was the worste attempt ever to justify cheating in a video game. It contradicts the terms of service. If what he said is true, then it'd be perfectlly fine to take advantage of glitches in games and exploit them to your fullest. Because the developers put them in their games to add challenge where there already was none... Yeah, that makes a lot of fucking sense.

I want to punch his mother in the stomach for wasting 9 months on this peice of life.

Did I mention he was around 12 years old?

***Not all people on 360 are mindless ants that are the scourge to online gaming. They are not the "masses" or "target audience" for dumbed down or just plain stupid games. However in general, on the average, most kids on xbox 360/live are DUMB as my "fellow" Americans who push pro-life and their dried up religious views onto others***

I can take a wild guess as to why.

Most do not like the fact that you cant:

1. Run and gun mindlessly, kind of like a braindead zombie?
2. Lack of ammo = player actualy having to aim precisely (aiming in a shooter? my head aches!)
3. Be a 7ft tall super soldier in 2 ton armor w/ health regen, or what I refer to as... a comfort blanket.
4. Survive & thinking, multitasking is just too much to ask for most kids on live.

So, instead of dubbing a game as crap because it doesn't pay attention to your old, piss poor habbits, or the fact that you might be afraid of change or lack the ability to adapt... Shame on you.

And for the rest of you decent folk who are outnumbered by this waste of gold accounts on XBL. Continue playing and enjoying this video game demo, wether you anticipate the release or not. At least some of us out there can handle a game, or at least if we can't, we are not ignorant enough to bash it because we can't play it. You've got a litter of other games to pick from, go back to halo or some other simple game. There's plenty available.

Know your place. Is it possible for someone to be good at a game and to still declare it as crap? YES. Is it more likely that a player who IS crap will dub the game what THEY actualy are as a gamer? You bet your coinpurse it is.

If you're reeled in by the flamebait, it's because I just described you. Again, for the people who have difficulty reading... I wasn't talking about all players on xbl, just the majority. So don't read this blog like I wrote it for only your eyes to see. That's more ignorant than the kid who dubs a game crap when they can't change or use that waste of an organ in their skull.

Call me an "elitist" for being right. I'd rather be an elitist than another peice of waste ruining xbl with their consistant selfish baby antics.

"Boo hoo this game isn't for me, it must suck!"
1. Cry me a river
2. Build a bridge and get over it
3. Jump off the bridge and drown in your own tears

This demo had an "entertaining" single player training course.

...Then I ventured onto live...

What made the online mp dreadful?

It wasn't the EA dedicated servers, graphics, or character classes (except rogue)...

It was the players.

There, I said it.

XBL community (in general on the average) can't handle most games they touch, this is another one to the list. They all pick rogue or archer classes.

Rogue, because it's a walking comfort blanket. You scared boy? Hit LB to turn invisible!

Archer, because most players are used to firing weapons, poorly. Yes, poorly. I was a Cave Troll in a hill running in cricles capturing it with 2-3 enemy archers trying to shoot me... Not a single shot made contact.. If you don't know what a cave troll is, picture a 10 foot tall boomer from Left 4 Dead.

People are trash.

The day xboxlive gets a game that takes talent and has no comfort blankets is the day Jesus comes back and isn't killed for looking like a terrorist.

The Big Bad Wolf
7:25 AM on 12.27.2008

Want to see the de-evolution of video gaming with your own two eyes? Look no further, grab yourself an xbox 360 and also, get a gold membership. Sign on to virtually any xboxlive game and youwill see it yourself. Ever wonder why games are getting more dumb with more "cookie cutter" or "comfort blanket" features as we "progress" through the years? I point my fingers at the majority of "gamers" on xbl.

I stress the word majority, because not everyone on xbl is a mindless ant with no personality of their own or self-worth.. Or the capability of taking the initiotive in objective-based games, or games in general. In general on the average, these people are not really gamers. They are just there, even in team-based games, they act like they're playing in a free for all playlist. Why? Because they are there for themselves but are too insecure to fight on their own without the reasurance that theres a teamate there to give them a piggyback ride.