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The Amazing Shenazin's blog

8:39 PM on 11.10.2013

My 7th Gen: the West got better and Japan went byyyyye byyyyyye

I remember when the generation was starting, I assumed history would repeat itself, after all we were getting a new Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo console, so it seemed fair to assume that it would be a repeat of the last gen...   read

5:01 PM on 03.07.2010

something about sex: what's the big deal?

I'm not gonna make this long because the last cblog I did was read by almost no one anyway my opinion on sex in video games is that it's not a big deal, oh sure I could write long paragraphs about the philosophicalness (a n...   read

12:40 AM on 02.19.2010

the main difference between gaming and movies: Time

ok so this is not gonna be a really long thesis or anything, but this is something that I've been thinking about a lot lately people often compare video games to movies or describe them as "cinematic", the most recent exampl...   read

3:43 AM on 10.22.2009

The Dark Tower: The Video Game?

ok so I'm a big Stephen King fan and every once in a while I like to check his official website for any interesting news well it seems that there's a mysterious new "Dark Tower project" going on complete with a trailer and r...   read

8:05 PM on 09.20.2009

The Forgotten: Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground is yet another game I loved that got a lukewarm reception by both the gaming press and the gaming public and that is a crying shame, it does have a healthy cult following though which more than I can say for G...   read

10:42 AM on 09.20.2009

The Forgotten: Ghost Hunter

*clears throat* so this is the first Monthly Musing blog post I've ever done (so forgive me if I fuck something up) and the first blog post I've done overall in a while, but here goes.... Ghost Hunter this is a game that ...   read

6:28 PM on 06.23.2008

looking kinda =D there Kazooie

I agree!   read

5:57 PM on 06.04.2008

I just thought I'd mention my gamertag

since I just realized I had a spelling error in it and fixed it anyway yes my gamertag is Orihime Inoue, yes the chick from Bleach, yes I'm a male..... so please add me if you want also peep the redhead from Operation Darkness I got as my gamerpic!   read

10:43 PM on 05.17.2008

at last I have control of your Destructoid! are you receiving me?

greetings Destructoid! you don't know me, but oh I know all of you I've been a lurker on here for awhile now and have finally decided to invade you all Red Dawn styler! BYAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! (Howard Dean scream btw) anyway let...   read

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